Thursday, February 28, 2008

more killings!: a SIMULBLOG!...

Four more human sacrifices are on tap for tonight. I think this is still the only place where the murder (of hopes and dreams) is legal. And celebrated.

We are such benevolent folks.

Anyway, benevolence aside, this is a SIMULBLOG, which means I'm typing fast and furiously as the action is unfolding on the east coast, so, if you don't live in that time zone and want to be shocked, you need to leave. Now. Because I'll be hitting the publish NOW button at every important stop. And if you want to be totally spoiled, just keep hitting the refresh button. New stuff will appear. Eventually. Unless I'm thoroughly engrossed in a commercial. (And if I am, I'll critique it too.)

Because THIS is American Idol!

Let the group sing begin!!


Has anyone yet seen Taylor in the opening credits? Just askin'.

Ryan tells us that 31 million votes were sent in last night - unprecedented, he says. And then there is the requisite unnecessary banter between him and the panel. Yawn.

GROUP SING! It's a 70s medley! And, despite a band that is far too loud and some rough transitions, it's really good! This group seems to actually know how to sing as a group. We haven't seen that in a lot of seasons.

We get the pointy pose ending and it's a cut to commercial.


Ryan has the guys on the sofa of death and destruction. We are treated to the highlights of Tuesday's performance episode. I'm liking the little bits of the off-stage moments that we didn't get to see.

Ryan makes the back row of Michael, Jason C., Chikeze, Jason Y. and Danny stand. Michael is told to sit. So is Chikeze. Jason Castro is told to relax, in a roundabout way.

Danny looks about to throw up. And Jason Yeager is told he's singing tonight. He doesn't look shocked. Neither do we.

Ryan asks him if he knew he was going. He gives the obvious answer. Then they begin to fill time as the judges give him parting advice.

He performs the Doobies about 50% better than the last time, and the guys give him big guy hugs as he waves bye-bye.


Now it's time for the highlights of girls night. Were there highlights?

The girls are lined up on the sofa. Ryan stands the row of Kristy Lee, Amanda, Asia'h, Alexandrea and Brooke. He sits Kristy down. Asia'h is safe. Brooke is told to sit.

Alexandrea is told she's hitting the road. This is not right.

The judges give her the "keep trying" speeches, and Alexandrea tries to keep it together as she sings her last song.

So long Alex-and-Rea. You shoulda never sang a song about leaving. Happens every time.

David #1 is near breakdown when she rushes from the stage to give him big loving hugs. Aww. That was sweet.


Now Ryan is asking the front row of women to stand. Carly, Kady, Syesha, Ramiele and Alaina do what they're told.

Carly is told to sit. So is Ramiele. And Syesha. Alaina and Kady are called to the seal. Kady is told she's safe and Alaina looks shellshocked. That is totally wrong. She's crying so hard she refuses to sing. Ryan explains that people have to leave. Paula tries to cheer her up. Alaina apologizes for crying on television. Ryan gives her the choice to sing or not. The girls surround her and offer to help. That's cool. Everybody is crying, including the guys, and swaying to the music.

Bye Alaina. You're right - your eyes are not the first to cry.


Ryan tells us that Ruben has recorded a new see-ya song for the kids. And he tells us that the theme for the top 12 - because they're the BEST EVER - will be the Beatles songbook. We then get reminded of last year's Idol Gives Back because - yes, hold on to your checkbook - it's gonna happen again. Hopefully they'll remember that we watch this show for the idols, so they'll invite more than just Kelly and Carrie back for this celebration. (Actually I already know that Elliott Yamin is going to be one of the African correspondents, so hopefully that's a good sign that Idol will remember what got them here.) Wednesday, April 9 is the date.


The three Davids, Robbie and Luke are on the firing line as the last of the executions begins. God, I hope whoever it is doesn't cry. I don't know if I can handle any more tears.

Luke and Robbie are called to the seal. The Davids are told to sit.

They are reminded of their reviews, and Ryan says it's the end of the line for Robbie Carrico. Robbie blames bad song choice and the judges offer advice, which, I don't think, makes him feel any better.

All of the dead people gather on stage to watch their collected funeral video.

Next week we'll reduce the field - finally - to twelve. Are we safe in presuming that they'll be singing the songs of the 1980s?

See you then. Unless somebody else's mug shot appears.

So...your assessment of the evening?

10 girls, 8 spots: i sing opera...

The 1970s was a good decade. Too bad Wednesday night's girls got totally cold-cocked by them.

I've seen some bad semi-finals rounds. And last night ranks right up there, once again making me loathe this unfortunate need for gender equity on this show.

Let's hope it was just the flu. Or Mercury in retrograde. Or global warming.

Because THIS is American Idol.

And these are my impressions, after subjecting myself to two viewings of each performance, and, as always, from worst to first.

Kady Malloy (Magic Man). Honestly, I didn't think anyone could or would deliver a more out-of-tune, poorly-chosen and poorly-delivered performance than the rocker nurse. Boy. When I am wrong, I admit it. If Kady continues past tonight, it's on the basis of pity. And I'm going to stop there while I'm still being kind.

Amanda Overmyer (Carry On my Wayward Son). Holy Mother of God, what has this girl done with her hair? And what has she done with her skill? Maybe she was distracted about being this year's first scandal victim, but I can count on one hand how many notes she delivered that were actually in tune. I've seen bad, and this ranks right up there. In fact, if I knew how to spell the sound of agony, I'd be able to describe the sound that came out of my pup during this performance. If Amanda stays past tonight, it will be on the strength of the VFTW vote.

Alaina Whitaker (Hopelessly Devoted to You). I was hoping we'd get through the night without having to hear this oversung song. Nothing was right with this performance, from the hair to the wardrobe to the song choice to the song delivery. But following Amanda, it wasn't all that noticeable. Now will somebody please remove all songs from Grease from the available songlist? Thank you.

Kristi Lee Cook (You're No Good). Kristi Lee is a tomboy, she assures us in her pre-performance clip. Maybe she was too busy fishing to dig deeper in the 50-title deep catalog. I didn't like this song when it was first recorded; I detest it now. Even the growling didn't rescue this effort, even though, as the judges pointed out, it was light years better than her effort last week. Simon reminds her that she's this year's token country music rep. She promises to represent next week. If she's still there, that is.

Syesha Mercado (Me and Mr. - formerly Mrs. - Jones). This was just dumb. The key to the song - the thing that makes the song make sense - is the Mrs. And Syesha tries to turn it around. She loses points just for that. And then she didn't sing it all that sexily, but again, on a night like this, she's better than most.

Asia'h Epperson (All By Myself). After totally swallowing the second note, Asia'h tries her best to rebound, taking what should have been the Eric Carmen version instead of attempting the diva version. Simon informs her she's not a good enough singer to take on Celine. I'm not sure she's a good enough singer to take on Eric Carmen.

Ramiele Malubay (Don't Leave Me This Way). Geesh. And I really thought we'd get through the 70s without having to hear disco. Everything that Ramiele kicked butt with last week she seemed to leave in last week. But I still love her and firmly believe she's in no danger of leaving anytime soon.

Alexandrea Lushington (If you Leave Me Now). Something about Alex-and-Rea's outfit (which was FAB) and this song just didn't match. But whatever. Up till now, I've liked the richness and strength of her voice, but this performance came across as too thin. Randy whips out the "safe" attack. He's exactly right.

Carly Smithson (Crazy On You). Carly starts the show whipping out this Heart song because she says she loves them and this song is one of her all-time faves.. And the anointed one, who served up massive disappointment last week, redeems the judges (and producers') faith in her. It wasn't an Idol-winning worthy performance, but on a night like this, it was good enough. Simon says she's the girl to beat, but he prods her to find better songs. Note to Simon: they sing what you let them sing.

Brooke White (You're So Vain). She's just so cute! Brooke needs to find any and every reason, excuse and loophole to keep getting those Carly Simon/Carole King songs. She is perfect in that mold, and, with guitar in hand, turns in the best performance of the night, virtually assuring herself a ticket to the big stage.

So who's staying and who's leaving. I think VFTW will save Amanda, so my money is on Kady, who should be kicked off twice just on principle and - geesh just flip a coin - either Alaina or Asia'h.

So, who's on your short list?

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

let the girls sing!...

By all spoiler accounts, it's not going to be a good night for the girls, but, since we don't always agree with the judges, we'll be the judge of that.

It's time to criticize, condemn, crucify or cackle about the remaining 10 girls and their 70s songs.

It's an open thread, and I'll be back tomorrow afternoon with my assessment.

Have at it...

10 guys, 8 spots: just be better...

Sixties night didn't do a whole lot for most of the guys last week, so this week the producers decide to fix that. By giving them songs from the 70s from which to choose. YAY!

This week was worse.

Because THIS is American Idol.

And the pack of dudes is clearly aligning into the pimped and the non-pimped, the good and the really ugly. And guys that had impressed didn't. And those who didn't did.

I think I just confused myself.

Alas. Anyway, here are my impressions, a day late but not a dollar short and, as usual, from worst to first, complete with [gap]s to separate their ratings.

Jason Yeager (Long Train Runnin'). Jason introduces us to all of the instruments he has mastered over the years, despite the fact that he's not drug any of them on stage yet. Somehow, after this performance of the Doobies, I doubt that he'll have any chance to drag any of those instruments anywhere but home, even getting the rare Paula pan. There was nothing I enjoyed about this performance, from first note to post-performance interview.

[big gap]

Jason Castro (I Just Want to be Your Everything). I have no objection to a Bee Gees song, even one recorded by the little bro. Ever. (Unless it's Grease, but that's a whole n'other story.) Jason even hauls out his guitar and takes on most of the instrumentation himself. Randy reminds him it's a singing competition and calls his performance karaoke. Actually, I've heard better in a karaoke bar. I adore Jason, but this vocal was so thin and week. Paula suggests he drop the guitar. For once, I agree with Paula.

Danny Noriega (Superstar). After last week's Jailhouse disaster, Danny decides to dip into the ballad bowl and rescues a bit of his pride. Wisely, Danny goes with the Carpenters version of this 70s hit and avoids the inevitable comparison with season two's Ruben. Randy is exactly right, though, when he tells the VFTW poster child that, while the vocal was miles better than his previous outing, it lacked any soul. And, in his post-performance interview, he shows, at least for now, that he's not the complete little hissy-fit-throwing diva he came off as last week.

Robbie Carrico (Hot Blooded). Robbie explains his drag racing addition in his pre-performance clip (and it dawns on me that I already know more about these kids than I learned of all of last year's, but whatever.) He's determined to "prove" he's a rocker, despite Simon's doubts about his true rocker persona. After this performance, even I am questioning Robbie's true musical style.


Luke Menard (Killer Queen). Luke, who is hawt, decides to do Freddie Mercury during the semi-finals? He gets points for guts. And despite a panning from Simon, who calls the performance theatrical and whiny (because, perhaps, he's not among the anointed group?) I think it's the best we've heard from him. And, as the third performer of the night, his was the first bright spot.


Michael Johns (Go Your Own Way). Michael, who took my performance of the night awards, albeit in a near tie with one of the Davids, said just performing Fleetwood Mac was his dream come true. Perhaps. But that doesn't explain why he decided to phone it in. I did not like any bit of this performance, perhaps because I expect more from him, but it seemed as though he got caught just behind the band and was never able to catch up. He's better than that, and I won't accept mediocrity from someone capable of better.

Chikeze No-longer-Eze (I Believe to my Soul). The orange suit is replaced by a polo and the cheesy lounge-lizard act gives way to a soulful rendition of this Donnie Hathaway classic. He may have just saved himself, at least for one more week. (And yes, Chikeze, we know that's Kenya Hathaway singing backup.)


David Hernandez (Papa was a Rolling Stone). Wow. I was not expecting this. David #3 actually impressed me, from all perspectives, and, provided he survives this week and turns in a comparable performance next week, may just make it to the big stage.

David Cook (All Right Now). We learn that David #2 is a "word nerd," who likes crossword puzzles and, one would assume, a cutthroat game of Scrabble. And then we are convinced that he's really the only true "rocker" in the group of guys, slaying this delicious Free classic. (And I thought that even before Randy said it.) And it's David #2 that brings out a testy retort from Simon, that was both ridiculous and unnecessary.

David Archuleta (Imagine). David #1 gets the "pimp spot" and closes the show with a perfectly on-pitch, unique and lovely rendition of John Lennon's signature tune. He clearly wins the night, and obviously has won the hearts of screaming women who are getting on my last nerve. I don't know that I would go as far as Randy in calling it one of the best vocals in the history of the show, but top 25 perhaps. Simon tells him he's the one to beat and, honestly, based on the total performances so far this season, I can't disagree. But it's very early.

So, who's going to leave? If Jason Yeager hangs in there, it will be a crime. I don't think he will survive, and, since I have to predict, I wouldn't be surprised to see him exit stage right with Robbie Carrico.

Tonight the women throw on the polyester and Hustle to the tunes of the same decade. Cool.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

open chat time: it's the guys x 10...

Ten guys remain. Some are great. Some aren't great. Some aren't even good. Or weren't. Last week.

One more chance to make a first impression.

Because THIS is American Idol. And as long as you stay in you have a chance to, well, stay in.

And because I'll be ranting, raving and reviewing tomorrow, it's an open thread for all of us to comment, criticize and overall critique the last remaining dudes as they pathetically pander for our votes.

So have at it...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

the first four killings: a SIMULBLOG!...

It's been a long drought between official executions, but the time has finally arrived! We're knocking off four tonight, two of the dudes and two of the dudettes.

Because THIS is American Idol.

And killing hopes and dreams is what we do.

And this is a simulblog, which means I'm watching in the East and blogging as I'm watching, complete with incoherent thoughts, misspelled names and, basic craziness, with publishing at every significant break, so if you want to be surprised, this is NOT the place to be. Until, maybe, tomorrow. Then come back and dish with the rest of us.

Because the show's getting ready to start!

Everyone is dressed in black and white as Ryan reminds us that this is the most talented group of contestants we've ever seen in the whole history of the universe. Sorry Ryan, but the last two nights have totally disproved that notion. But whatever.

Paula tries to justify the experience criticism that has been levied at the show of late by charging that if the kids haven't tried to break into the business by this time, they don't deserve to be in the show, or something of that nonsensical nature. And they're still pimping Daughtry as they present us a music video of the kids to yet another Daughtry soundtrack.

Note to Idol: Daughtry was 4th. Two seasons ago. He's a star now.

And it's a group sing! YAY! This explains the wardrobe coordination. And the hairstyles. I would try to explain this, but it defies explanation. It must be seen to be fully appreciated. Seriously.

Peace man. Totally groovy.


And we're back and down to business. First up in the firing squad are the guys. Yippee.

We get shown a retrospective of the first night of competition. Geesh Idol, that night is ingrained in my mind. No need to refresh my memory. But whatever.

The guys get one more round of applause before Ryan calls Garrett to the stage, where he's drop kicked from the show amid idle chit-chat. Good call America. He gets to re-sing the song that done him in. The guys stand; the girls dab tears. It's so sad. So sad.

I love this show.


Now it's time to excise one of the ladies. And, once more, we're reminded of the flu-ridden, semi-decent episode that was last night.

Kristy Lee gets called to the stage, but is told she's safe. And as she's sitting, Amy gets the tragic news. She's yesterday's star. Good call America.

And, lucky for us, she gets to sing us to sleep, bravely trying to keep from falling apart. Poor kid.

Sometimes I hate this show.


Maybe you've heard. Paula has a new single and a video. Randy produced it. They pimp it. Enough said.

And they're back to the women, and Ryan calls up Joanne and Amanda. He warns them that the remaining girls are safe, leaving one of them the dead woman singing. And then he breaks. I hate when he does that.

waiting... waiting... I like the dog tail-wagging commercial... waiting...

And as we return from a half-hour of commercials, Ryan wastes no time in reminding the girls of their critiques before telling Amanda that she's safe, leaving Joanne on the stage to sing her funeral song, while the girls on the sofa cry and cry and cry.


The guys are back on the sofa of death. Ryan calls for Chikeze and Colton. Both are reminded of their reviews from the night before. Ryan admits it's a tough night before telling Colton to hit the road.

He's trying to hold it together as his family looks on and Paula gives him the rah-rah speech.

I'm not having problems with three of the four, and Colton was bound to leave before the finals, but I think he deserved at least one more week. Alas.

So, agree? Disagree? Share your thoughts.

12 girls, 10 spots: it's like christmas...

The flu was the star of Wednesday's first female semi-final, as many of the ladies were reported to be at death's door just prior to belting out the songs of the 60s in the hope of advancing to next week when the theme will be heaven knows what.

Some of them pretty much assured themselves of moving into next week and possibly onto the summer tour, while a couple pretty much assured themselves of having next Wednesday free.

Because THIS is American Idol.

And this is my assessment of the first female outing, a little late, as will be the custom this season, but, as always, from worst to first.

Amy Davis (Where the Boys Are). This song can be done well. It can be. It wasn't. At all. Enough said.

Kristy Lee Cook (Rescue Me). Kristy Lee, who has sickness written all over her face and gets zero sympathy from the judges, has to lead off and fulfills the prophecy. She's begging to be rescued. So am I.

Joanne Borgella (Say a Little Prayer for You). No mention of illness for Joanne, and that's too bad, because it would have been a plausible explanation for what she did to this Dionne Warwick classic. Randy says the first half was bad, but the second half okay. Simon says the second half was worse than the first half. I put them both together and call the whole thing wrong.

Kady Malloy (Groovy Kind of Love). Kady picks another one of my favorites, but slows it down to the point that it took a few bars to recognize it. This is not a ballad, Kady. Randy is exactly right that the song had a start, middle and end that never varied. That equals boring. The most enjoyable part of Kady's stage appearance was the look that could, shoulda, woulda struck Simon dead.

Brooke White (Happy Together). Another retread from the boys night before, but no complaints from me because I love the song, and I enjoyed both performances, although I think Brooke could have ended with a word other than "baa."

Alexandrea Lushington (Spinning Wheel). While Randy and Paula were drooling over this performance, I found myself siding with Simon. I love Alexandrea's attitude, but the vocals and the arrangement of this number just left me unsatisfied. But Alexandrea (and I'm practicing saying the name) should advance based on the poor performances that preceded her and her winning style. I'm sold.

Alaina Whitaker (More Today than Yesterday). With only 50 songs from which to choose, it was inevitable that some of the gals would repeat selections from the guys. Alaina drop kicks Chickeze Eze's version, and, for the first time, leads me to think that another teenager could just slip through to the finals.

Syesha Mercado (Tobacco Road). My biggest issue with Syesha is her need to sing at the constant level of loud. She has proven she's got a great voice but she, like Amanda, needs to color it up a bit. But I don't think she has any fear of leaving anytime soon.

Carly Smithson (The Shadow of Your Smile). I love this song. And with as much hype that Carly has gotten since day one of this season, I really was hoping for a great rendition, especially since the apparent anointed one was given the pimp spot, and after Ramiele had already proven that staying true to the simplicity of the melody can pay off ten-fold. Randy and Paula's drooling aside, Simon was right: it just didn't live up to any semblance of expectation.

Amanda Overmyer (Baby, Please don't Go). Amanda tells us pre-preformance that she's going to boycott the Janis catalog, on the advice of Simon. So she scats through, impressing once again and, for the first time, delivers a friendly, funny and animated post-performance interview. I really hope, though, that she switches up the hairstyle, because I find it distracting.

Asia'h Epperson (Piece of my Heart). Asia'h picks up the Janis catalog that Amanda threw aside and delivers, possibly, the best big stage version of this song that the show has seen, both vocally and performance-wise. Simon calls it his favorite of the night, and on a night that Simon is being stingy with praise, that's saying a lot.

Ramiele Malubay (You Don't Have to Say You Love Me). This performance may have just plopped her at the top of my favorites list. Proving that ballads don't always have to bore, Ramiele grabbed my attention and never lost it. Excellent.

And here I didn't think the girls could be any worse than the guys. They weren't worse, certainly, but they weren't a whole lot better either.

So who leaves? With any luck, we will be waving bye to Amy Davis and Kristy Lee Cook. But, my money will be on Amy and Joanne, since Kristy needs to buy back her horse.

So, who leaves tonight? I will be simulblogging the results, so, if you want to join - or want to be spoiled - stop by and dish with me.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

let's chat about the ladies...

Twelve women - two will fall into flames by the end of the evening. Or at least tomorrow.

Comment away. Who was great? Who needs to be put out of our misery? Does Carly the anointed show up (since she was a no-show last night)?

I'll be back tomorrow with my assessment. Until then, the comment thread is open for business!

Have at it.

12 guys, 10 spots: hey, you don't suck...

Well, some of them didn't suck on Tuesday night as the top 12 men kicked off the seventh season of America's favorite karaoke contest.

Because THIS is American Idol!

And it was 60s night with a limited catalog of song titles from which to choose (and considering some of the choices, I swear the editor of the catalog was smoking something slightly illegal.) Nonetheless, it was a potpourri of total suckiness and relative brilliance and everything in between.

Anyway, here are my impressions, a little late as they probably will be this season, but as always from worst to first:

Chikeze No-longer-Eze (More Today than Yesterday). Yikes. If there was ever a poster boy for Lounge Lizards, I think he's been found, orange suit and all. There was nothing - nothing - enjoyable about this performance, and any charm he may or may not have had that might have saved him he lost in his infantile banter with Simon.

Danny Noriega (Jailhouse Rock). Luckily for Danny, he shared the stage with the lizard, which boosts him out of worst place. There was nothing redeeming about this performance, from the first note to the post-performance interview. I commented earlier that this kid would soon get on my nerves. Soon came faster than even I thought.

Garrett Haley (Breaking Up is Hard to Do). This kid kinda scares me. I don't know if it's the hair, the voice or the personality, but I predicted he would be first out, and nothing about this out of tune performance makes me want to change my mind.

Luke Menard (Everybody's Talkin'). Luke is hawt. Now if he could only sing better. In his defense, it was a terrible choice of song. I hope he gets a second try, though, because he's hawt.

Jason Yeager (Moon River). The bestest thing about Jason is his adorable lookalike son. But I wish for him he had waited to dedicate this sleepy ballad until he had already made a first impression. It wasn't snooze-inducingly bad, but it wasn't American Idol-worthy. I hope, though, that he gets a second chance. Cause I love his kid.

David Hernandez (Wait Till the Midnight Hour). David #3 gets credit for putting his own twist on this song, just enough of a credit to equal out a bum note at the end. Starting the show, I was ready to call him gone, but in comparison to many of the others, I think he's got at least another week left.

Colton Berry (Suspicious Minds). Unlike Colton, I don't love this song, but he didn't murder it, and by the mid-part of this performance episode, not sucking is good.

Robbie Carrico (One). The former boy-bander has decided he's a rocker, complete with a Daughtry wallet chain. He turned in a perfectly-enjoyable performance, one that should easily secure him a second appearance.

David Cook (Happy Together). Okay, I'll admit a bit of bias right off the bat: I love this song. So, shoot me. And I really enjoyed David #2's rendition, enough to boost my faith that he'll be singing into March, where the hair stylists will be in heaven.

Jason Castro (What a Day for a Daydream). Jason is the only contestant to haul out an instrument, in this case a guitar, and delivers one of the better performances of the night. And he deserves to advance on hair alone.

David Archuleta (Shop Around). Seems that people either love or hate this kid, David #1. He's 17. I think he's adorable and finally we seem to have a teen boy (he's 17) who has actual talent. And he's 17. No joke.

Michael Jones (Light my Fire). The guy who I think is going to win this whole show gets to wrap up the night, which guarantees his advancement, but he could have delivered this in the lead-off position and still be guaranteed to move forward. Heck, why don't we already put him in the finale.

So who's going home? Any two of six could leave Thursday, and I wouldn't shed a tear, but I'm going with my first hunch of Garrett and joining him with the VFTW poster child, Danny Noriega.

The women will take the stage tonight. They can't be much worse.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

let's chat about the guys...

Because I will be half-watching and fully-recording, and won't be able to moan and groan about the guys until tomorrow, we're having an open chat thread. Who's bad and who's good? Who's hawt (Luke) and who's not? Who should stay and who should take the first bus out of California?

Let's dish...

You first.

Monday, February 18, 2008

so many kids, so little time...

We get to start killing hopes and dreams tomorrow! It's been awhile.

The top 12 guys take the stage for '60s music night (the first-ever themed semi-final episode with a songbook of just 50 titles), followed by the final 12 gals on Wednesday and, well, you know what's gonna happen... four of them will get shot right between the eyes on Thursday.

This appears to be a pretty evenly-matched group of contestants, with the requisite few for which the pimping started early and the traditional "who are they?" entrants that are usually fodder in the opening few rounds.

So with that, and a hit and miss viewing of the audition episodes, it's my duty to try to predict who's gonna fall when. That way I can keep this as a historical record so that I can look back and laugh at my own stupidity in May.

It's tough to predict failure when I haven't really had the chance to hear all of them, but hey, it's an annual tradition.


Chikeze Eze. Catchy name. He'll be gone before I can learn to spell it without looking it up, but not in the early rounds.

Colton Berry. He'll be gone before Chikeze Eze. There's not enough room on the big stage for a ton of "boys." He'll be the casualty.

Danny Noriega. Cute kid, but I think he's going to get on my nerves. And if he gets on my last nerve, well, it's not unlikely he'll get on other people's too.

David Archuleta. I won't be surprised if David's around for the second version of Idol Gives Back, if not beyond.

David Cook. There will be two Davids in the final 12. He'll be one of them.

David Hernandez. Three Davids in the final 12 is one too many Davids. Sorry David.

Garrett Haley. Might be the first one eliminated. If not first, then second.

Jason Castro. He could make it through on the power of the hair alone. I said that about Anwar Robinson too.

Jason Yager. He will join Garrett in the kiss and cry area after the first show.

Luke Menard. Somebody has to make it through on the basis of the superficial and shallow voters who just think he's hawt. But enough about me.

Michael Johns. This Aussie could win the whole thing.

Robbie Carrico. I hope he has plans already for a summer income.


Alaina Alexander Whitaker. Don't get used to that name. You won't hear it for long.

Alexandrea Lushington. Long name; little time.

Amanda Overmyer. She'll make it through to the top 10, but no guarantees after that unless she remembers that this is American Idol and Big Band Night does not call for a growl.

Amy Davis. Of course the easily-spelled people are going to be history sooner rather than later.

Asia'h Epperson. Top 10.

Brooke White. I love this girl. Love, love, love her.

Carly Smithson. Arguably the most-pimped of all of the contestants, it could lead to an early exit for the Irish lass with the tattoos.

Joanne Borgella. She's no Melinda Doolittle. She's not even LaKisha.

Kady Malloy. Early exit.

Kristy Lee Cook. She won't be roadkill too early, but she won't make it as far as I think some people think.

Ramiele Malubay. Top 10. Easily.

Syesha Mercado. She could sneak through, but she needs to tone down on the power. Subtlety Syesha, please! Not everything has to be at scream level. Otherwise it's going to get old fast.

My top 12?

Remiele Malubay
Kristy Lee Cook
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Thursday, February 14, 2008

and then there were 24...

For a better look (complete with names!) visit here.

I'll be back with my assessment later.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

oh the woes of hollywood...

Okay, so there weren't any group numbers (bummer), but there were instruments (hmmm). And there were tears. Yay! There were plenty of tears.

Because THIS is American Idol. Season Seven.

And it's going to be a good one, I think. Or at least I hope. And while it's going to take me awhile to learn the names, the talent is impressive. And I already have my favorites, including a rocker nurse (who does need to listen to Simon and switch up her style to survive), a 16-year-old boy who I remember as a kid on Star Search and has gotten even better, an Irish belter, despite her tattoos, which I find distracting, an Aussie cutie, and the girl whose name will be tough to learn but one I still remember from Philly - the one who lost her dad just days before auditioning. (I am hoping the whining kid from the car gets a gas card East, though.)

It was a different Hollywood, certainly, devoid of the traditional group in-fighting that has become so traditional, but after my initial disappointment over having to do without, quickly faded into an enjoyment of more camera time spent on the stage than on the hotel hallways. And, while I found the instruments distracting, I'm going to withhold my condemnation of them until one more keyboard has driven me completely batty.

Maybe this show has some life still left in it. Time will tell, but tonight's elevator episode is certain to be chock full of drama, as usual.

Now if I can only learn all of these new names.

Let's see, there's Carly, Amanda, Michael and David and David and David...

Who's your early favorite?


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

hollywood chat post...

YAY! We've made it to Hollywood!

I didn't think we would ever get here.

Hollywood ... the land of catfights, hot tubs, bar visits, forgotten lyrics, hissy fits and poor dancing. I love it!

But because I am being forced to watch it the next day, I'm leaving the comment thread open for anyone who wants to chat, comment, criticize or just plain make fun of the golden ticket holders, as they pathetically try to become one of the hallowed 24.

Have at it...

Thanks Rob for the awesome image!