Thursday, March 17, 2005

my comment policy...

I love comments. Readers love comments. Why else have a blog? I often tell people the best stuff here can be found not in the main script, but in the comment threads that accompany it, because some of the smartest, savviest people stop by here during the season.

My comment policy is loose and, fortunately, doesn't get broken often because, well, the people that hang out here are FAB!

Here are the rules:

I am a benevolent and patient moderator, and I allow all opinions here, even the ones that don't seem to fit the mainstream mode of thought by other readers. If I have a favorite, I'll tell you, out of a sense of fairness, because when I am in lurve with one particular contestant, sometimes it's tough to be unbiased. But you will know that going in.

I don't edit or remove comments because somebody may have gotten his or her feelings hurt. However, I WILL permanently remove comments that:

1. Criticize or attack other posters. You can counter another poster's opinion without attacking the person who wrote it. There is a difference. (Going after me is the exception. I write this thing. I am fair game.)

2. Leave links to sites that are not AI related, and that includes in your signature. I have all of the free Viagra I need. I don't want to meet Russian girls. And all of my porn is bookmarked. I don't need your links, and I don't want them. Go spam somebody's else's blog.

3. Are vulgar. Hey, this ain't a church social or anything, but even I have my limits on the use of language. If they can't say it on network television, don't use the word. Besides, the true test of effective ranting is if you can do it without using profanity.

That's pretty much it. Got questions? Leave them in the comment thread and check back for the answers.



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