Wednesday, May 20, 2009

it's all come down to this: a SIMULBLOG!...

Five months in the making. We've survived auditions, bad performances, Tatiana, too many judges, too many commercials, not enough minutes in an hour, food fights, heartbreak and the crappy coronation song.

Somebody's gonna get a confetti shower at the end of two hours, and the rest of us get to reclaim our Tuesday nights, breathing a sigh of relief that the madness takes a hiatus until next year.

Because THIS is American Idol. And this is the finale extravaganza, where it takes two hours plus to crown a champ and cheese is at a premium. And we wouldn't miss it for the world.

Remember, this is a simulblog, so if you want to wait until the show airs where you are, now's the time to go research the works of Picasso, or something, because the show is about to start!

Kris and Adam are dressed in white, naturally, as the show starts. Just under 100 million votes were phoned in last night. The first order of business is to take a humorous look back at the judges over the course of the season.

Kris and Adam are introduced, arriving center stage to a standing ovation. As usual the sound guy is asleep in the booth, and neither of their microphones work. Mikalah Gordon is in Conway at Kris' hometown celebration. (Conway may never recover.) Carly Smithson is stationed in San Diego with Adam's hometown fans.

We get our first cheesy group number, with the whole group performing So What. Yes, they are all dressed in white. Can't tell if they're lip synching, but Scott is pulling off some rad dance moves. I love these group numbers, and aside from a clunker of a solo from Jasmine, it was very well done.

David Cook takes the stage drenched in green light. He's performing Permanent, in memory of his brother Adam. It's one of the best songs on his CD. (Itunes downloads of this song after tonight will benefit cancer research.) He is such a classy guy.

Oh dear. They're bringing back the Golden Idol Awards. The first award goes to the best (worst) male auditioners. I didn't miss these awards last year. Now I know why. Normund Gentle wins the award, naturally, and he gives us the show we knew he would.

Time for the first duet: Lil Rounds and Queen Latifah.

Anoop opens the show after the commercial break, joined by Alexis, who introduces Jason Mraz for an enjoyable trio, ultimately assisted by the rest of the idols.

The Kris fans applaud as we watch his journey throughout the season. Kris then takes the stage with Keith Urban. (Note to self: download this.)

Time for the girls to take the stage. Allison introduces Fergie and the girls serve as window dressing for Big Girls Don't Cry. The Black Eyed Peas then join her while Megan does some scary gyrational dance in the aisle.

Back to the Golden Idols. This time it's Best Attitude. And time for Bikini Girl, who, naturally, accepts her award wearing a swimsuit. She has had some enhancements in the last 10 months. And yes, she sings, joined mid-song by a bikini-clad Kara, who shows her how it's done. This is about the only time all season I've enjoyed Kara.

Allison takes the stage with Cyndi Lauper with Time After Time. Awesome.

Ryan chats up Kris' parents. All of the parents this year have been so cool. Ryan finds the Lamberts. Mom Lambert says both of the boys are winners. How true cool mom.

Danny's turn. He's paired with Lionel Ritchie and sings Hello seated on the big staircase, before introducing his partner. Nice pairing. Good performance.

Ryan asks the Lambert fans to applaud as Adam's journey reel begins. Adam then takes the stage to sing Beth, proving the rumor of a KISS duet correct. Awesome-ness.

Shaping up to be the best. finale. ever.

Carlos Santana brings us back from commercial. Matt joins him with Black Magic Woman. The rest of the idols show up, including the two guys, because they're Smooth.

I always like the last Ford video when it's a retrospective of the past videos. This one was good. And Kradam sing well together.

David Cook presents the guys with their new car keys on video rather than on stage.

Megan and Michael are joining Steve Martin and his banjo on stage. I think this is good time for me to visit the fridge.

The guys are all dressed in suits to set up Rod Stewart, who sings Maggie May.

The last Golden Idol award (thankfully) highlights the worst of the female auditioners, which means it's time for Tatiana!! By the look on Ruben Studdard's face, I don't think he watched the early part of this season. The joke is clearly lost on him.

And for the traditional finalists' duet, Kris and Adam front QUEEN with We Are the Champions. Oh hells yeah! Freaking Awesome!

Finally the time has arrived. The guys are standing with Ryan center stage. Simon tells both of them, basically, that they're swell.

The result bringer-in dude shows up and ensures that Danny Gokey's name is not in it. (Okay I made that part up, but what he said was boring.)

The lights are dimmed. The winner of American Idol, 2009 is...

Kris Allen.

He gets the winners trophy. And he doesn't know what to say. Poor Kris, the winner, has to sing the crappy coronation song. Adam, the runner-up will get to record a kick-ass first single.

Good show.

The confetti falls as the idols join Kris behind the judges table.

Another year ends. See ya later.


Anonymous Julie said...

Agreed on the download!

8:43 PM, May 20, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I made the same comment about Kara! This is the first time this year I have liked her, but that was AWESOME! And bikini girl's attitude and eye rolling during the whole thing was unbelievable...

8:59 PM, May 20, 2009  
Anonymous Julie said...

That was the best moment by far!

9:00 PM, May 20, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an upset!!!
Go Kris!!!
And Simon is a such a JACKASS.
He didn't even STAND UP for Kris.
Rude and RUDE!!!!
No class.

10:23 PM, May 20, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Simon didn't stand because he knows BS when he sees it. I am done with Idol, NO WAY Kris could beat Adam anywhere on THIS PLANET. The Danny GOOKEY fans dorked out and voted for Kris. What a sham! Good news: Kris gets Idol contract. Adam signs 5 million dollar contract. What a despicable ending. For shame

10:54 PM, May 20, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree about the Kris win. Evn Kris said ON THE SHOW WHEN HE GOT THE WIN that Adam deserved it. I am very disappointed, but the winner usually never does as well as the runner up.

10:57 PM, May 20, 2009  
Anonymous chrisROCKS said...

I'm surprised, but not shocked. Kris definitely benefited from the Gokey vote. But he still deserved to win. (Not saying that Adam didn't deserve it...he did! I loves me some Adam!) I wish him all the best. Personally I think he's a very good singer and musician, as evidenced by his duet with Keith Urban. WHAT?! That was awesome!

As for Adam, I think it's way better for him that he didn't win. Just like with Chris Daughtry. He's not saddled with a crappy contract that'll force him to sing crapola songs in some weird way that isn't him. Now he can make an album chock full of eastern-tinged "Ring of Fire" sound-alikes. It'll be rad!

The BEST part of the night for me was Adam singing with KISS and Queen. I've been saying all along that Adam is the 2nd coming of Freddie Mercury and that Queen should snap him up to be their new front man. Nobody...and I do mean NOBODY...could take Freddie's place but Adam. That would be totally wicked!!!

Anyway, fun finale, I'm happy for Kris, I love Norman Gentle, and I want to snap bikini-girl between the eyes with a wet towel.

Thanks for all the fun, folks! See you next time around...


4:51 AM, May 21, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its been a interesting year. I liked Kris from the beginning, but I really didn't expect him to win.

Adam grew on me. I'm not a huge rocker fan, but when you have the talent he has you can't help but take notice.

I guess all of Danny's fans voted for Kris. I've talked to a bunch of people about the show, kind of a mixed group in age. They all agreed he was talented, but the one thing that stood out was they didn't go for his look, the black nail polish, makeup etc. The youngest was 15 and the oldest was 60 something. Plus he's from Ca., and I don't thing he had the backing Kris did. H--- everyone in Ca. wants to be a star. The same thing happened to Katharine McPhee.

Its probable a blessing he didn't win because he won't have to sing that terrible song. This year may just end up like season 2, but I hope not. I'd like to see both of them do well.

Jennifer thanks for this blog, I love it. I haven't had as much time to chat this year, but I do check in as much as I can.


9:00 AM, May 21, 2009  
Anonymous JJ said...

WOW.. what an amazing finale. I'm still smiling. Kris singing with Keith Urban was awesome and I think Kris even has a better voice than Keith. However, the absolute, most amazingly fantastic point of the evening was Queen!!! OMG.. when Adam was singing with Kiss my husband and I were saying too bad it wasn't Queen because Adam would fill Mercury's shoes very well. Imagine our shock and awe when there they were.. it was so exciting and yes, Adam did Freddie proud. Did you notice Brian May just gaping at Adam with a huge smile on his face!! It's like he was thinking "Freddie's back" I just loved it. I also liked how Kris started out.. doing very well too.. and then handed it off to Adam with a "here's the real deal" kind of attitude.
It really was an awesome finale. I really really liked Danny with Richie.. that was great. Allison and Cindi Lauper was weird but wonderful! I was delighted that Santana showed up too and Matt could have, could have been great if he just hadn't succumbed to his need to twirl all the notes!! I was also thrilled Mraz was there and I thought Anoop did a fine job.. not Alexis though.. I think her confidence has faltered. Mean and Michael was kind of odd too but enjoyable. All Megan needs at this point is some vocal training.. she has the raw material, she just needs to learn how to use it appropriately.
Bikini girl and Kara were freaking hilarious... Kara was obviously a better singer but she also has a better body, despite BG's enhancements (funny line from Ryan re: what's new?).
Tatiana was pretty darned funny too... it was obviously staged but she was a good sport about it.. made me wonder if her entire American Idol career was staged.. But there's no denying she can sing. I even liked Nick.. ok.. not much, but I enjoyed him. The only bum note of the evening (no pun intended) was Lil.. her performance with Latifah just didn't work.
All in all I'm happy with the final outcome. I hope Kris finds a manager who will help him make the right decisions. Adam is destined for stardom.. I love the idea of him being Queen's front man. He needs a band I think.. he's always better when he performs with others and he pulls them up to his level.
Finally, David Cook was incredible.. I was bawling my eyes out at the lyrics of his song and the heartfelt way he sang it. Beautiful.

9:24 AM, May 21, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that Adam certainly could be the front man for Queen, but he can offer a wider spectrum that perhaps being a front man for a "classic" band can offer him. He brings so much personality he could easily be a one man show, host his own show, be a solo artist OR simply fit in anywhere. His wonderful style really grew on me and he had a way of making even the conservative viewers comfortable. He is pretty much disarming! There is no doubt that he is headed for super stardom.

Thanks again Jennifer! I know that blogging becomes a ball and chain - so just know that you are still appreciated. Even after "all these years". Where does the time go?


9:50 AM, May 21, 2009  
Blogger Dave said...

I just wished Kris and Adam had sung something different than "We Are the Champions" out of the Queen catalog. There are so many good songs to choose from and "Champions" is overplayed so much.

Also, I know they've got Paul Rogers (from Bad Company) fronting for them right now, but do you think they'd consider dumping him for Adam or going on Rock Star to find a permanent replacement?

10:01 AM, May 21, 2009  
Anonymous tracyintpa said...

Best finale ever. Thats all I can say. It moved along so quickly, and not too much foolishness and not too much from the judges. Jennifer I agree with you, its the first time all season I like Kara. The judges looked disappointed that their "chosen one" didn't win. I think they were shocked. Good for Kris, I love him and think he has a beautiful, understated talent that is refreshing, and have you ever seen more of a contrast between 2 finalists? Even more so than Ruben and Clay.

10:10 AM, May 21, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I'm from Billboard and I just found your blog. I think you'd really like our website, which has great coverage from this season of Idol. There are photos, videos, stories, and more. Check out the banner and Special Features sections, too. If you want to get linked up to us, feel free! And congratulations Kris!

11:38 AM, May 21, 2009  
Blogger Becky said...

After letting my blood pressure fall a bit, I think Adam will be better off without the win...but I have to say I scared my children with my reaction to Kris taking the title. I must have screamed WHAT?!?! at the top of my lungs 5 or 6 times. LOL

5:34 PM, May 21, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is the season over????

Jennifer, will you be doing periodic updates on the the tour?

8:18 PM, May 21, 2009  
Blogger alphawoman said...

This is the only show I watched all season. Did Paul from Kiss fall on the floor or just stumble or miss his mark? Did Rod Stewart stumble to the mic? Cyndy L. was very wierd, could she get her skinny legs open any wider (lol) it was all I could concentrate on! I thought the guy who lost was sensational. How did he loose? Was the other guy nicer or something? Anyway, my husband commented that there were so many old rockers on the show that maybe they were trying to re-introduce them to the younger audience...maybe.

Miss your "other" blog.


10:36 AM, May 22, 2009  
Anonymous chrisROCKS said...

Hey, I just may get my wish!! Looks like Brian May is at least interested in starting a conversation with Adam Lambert about fronting Queen. A girl can dream...

8:43 PM, May 25, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i say just leave it go!


5:02 PM, May 27, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL, TWoP threads have been blowing up!
Adam's thread was de-activated (temporarily) by the mods, Kris thread has been locked.
I agree Connie, let it go already!!!
It's a TV Show for pity's sake!!

11:09 PM, May 29, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



5:45 PM, June 22, 2009  
Blogger beachmom15 said...

Hey Jennifer!! I wanted to share this with you. I couldn't find a e-mail, so I figured I'd just share it here. I know you have a few of these, there are some that you don't.

got them from Entertainment weekly..
Lisa (lisita15)

2:43 PM, June 24, 2009  
Blogger andy said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:12 PM, July 12, 2009  
Blogger AlbGlinka said...

Hey Jennifer! Thanks for the comments on my blog and I hope you are well! If you want to be invited to *be my friend* on Facebook, let me know your email address-- you can send it to me at

I couldn't figure out how to do the link to FB on my Blogger page. I'm sure there's a way.

ps: I agree that Allison was robbed, but Adam was even more robbed!

10:23 PM, August 01, 2009  

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