Wednesday, April 22, 2009

from seven to five: a SIMULBLOG!...

Might we be in for a shocking double elimination? Might we be in for one shocking and one not-so-shocking boot?

This is about the time in the season where the unpredictable predictably happens, and with no "save" to protect the favored who knows. That's what makes the show fun. And maddening.

Because THIS is American Idol. And this is a Simulblog, where I'm writing as fast as I can, typos and all, while the action is happening live in the east, so if it's not on where you are and you want to be shocked at the result, then time to go elsewhere. But come back when you know and dish with the rest of us.

Because the show is about to start.

Ryan opens the show wishing us all a Happy Earth Day! Green Power! There were 45 million votes tallied last night.

Paula is the choreographer for tonight's group sing. This could be interesting, considering the highlights of the rehearsal session.

Well, it's definitely ugly with polyester leisure suits. (What were we thinking in the 70s?) But they look like they're having fun and it wasn't half bad. Paula is called to the stage and the kids present her with a flower bouquet approximately the size of Utah.

The Crappy Ford Commercial celebrates Earth Day.

The lights are dimmed.

Lil is told to stand. She's reminded of her really bad reviews from last night. She's sent to the far side of the stage.

And she's sent home. WOW. That was a quick kill.

They make her sing again.

Freda Payne is on the stage. Okay, now that's one non-Idol related artist I can welcome on results night. She sings Band of Gold, of course. Thelma Houston is next and sings Don't Leave Me This Way. K.C. without the Sunshine Band (but with some unidentified singer/dancers) shows up with Get Down Tonight.

The kids are back on the sofa, and Ryan is back at the podium.

Kris is told to stand. They rehash the whole ladies department/clothing nonsense from last night. And he's safe.

Adam is next. He's safe.

Danny's turn. He's wearing his contacts again. And he's safe too.

Anoop is told to stand. He's in the bottom three and takes a stool.

Allison and Matt are told to stand. Matt is safe; Allison is sent to join Anoop on the naughty stools.

Archie has returned! Is it possible that he looks even younger than last year? Or is it just me. He's keeping his eyes open! Yay Archie! Can't say I'm fond of the song, but I hope he sells a gazillion copies of it.

Anoop and Allison are standing center stage. Anoop is told the bad news. He gets a big hug from his castmate. The crowd stands, obviously appreciating this classy young man. He reprises his song from last night and this time hits his final note and properly puts all of the lyrics in their proper places. Much nicer.

We get to watch two funeral videos as we say goodbye to Anoop and Lil and hello to the top five who will sing two songs each next week.

See you then.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really? No comments about the disastrous disco singers? Wow. There is a way to have classic singers come back and not look ridiculous,but this was not it. I could not even watch without laughing at them. Especially the very OLD K.C. trying to act like a young superstar with the 20 year-olds dancing around him... Wow. Those were the worst guest star performances I've ever seen on Idol...

10:47 PM, April 22, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure the producers could have found better "guest" stars than what was on offer tonight.
But I digress...
No surprise about Lil and Anoop, I they were pretty much done three weeks ago.
Sad thing is Anoop is a much better singer than either Danny or Matt, IMO.
And Lil is nowhere near as good as she THINKS she is, or what TPTB tried to make the voting public think either.
I can't see Matt getting past next week, and frankly he's overstayed his welcome as well.

11:48 PM, April 22, 2009  
Anonymous chrisROCKS said...

I'm sorry, but if any of the contestants got up and "sang" (I use the word loosely, and for lack of a better word) like either Freda or Thelma did, Simon would crucify them! He's spare no mercy! Oh my gosh that was painful. At least KC somewhat resembled his vocals of yester-year. He's moving a bit stiffly these days. Maybe Gokey can give him a few pointers. ;P

On the upside, we're down to the final 5...without Lil. I'm sorry to see Anoop go this week, but he was living on borrowed time anyway. I wish them both well. I'm sure they'll have a great time on the summer tour. :)

Cya'll next week!

5:16 AM, April 23, 2009  
Blogger Dave said...

Freda was the only one who was awful. Thelma's big floppies were about to pop out of her dress. KC looked like Cheech.

I was just happy that the musical guests weren't there to pimp their latest CD, tour or project (except for Archuleta, which was okay since he's an Idol alum).

Matt ought to know that he's the dead man walking, but if next week is Rat Pack week, he could actually do a good job (as long as he stays far away from "the false"). I continue to worry for Allison because the last couple of themes have not been kind to her.

7:30 AM, April 23, 2009  
Anonymous JJ said...

I thought I wouldn't care if it was Matt or Anoop as long as Lil also went home last night, but after it happened I sort of wished it had been Matt. Anoop has improved a lot and really has a good voice. Matt is too... I don't know how to describe it.. but basically he's just as consistent as Anoop. He seemed happy to be going back to Chapel Hill which is a beautiful town, especially this time of year. Flowers everywhere!
The way Ryan was talking with Lil at first I thought he was yanking her chain and she was safe!! Whew!
So I guess it will be Matt next week unless it's Allison! I wonder where Anoop's and Lil's votes will go now!!!
Thelma was entertaining but OMG Freda Payne (Pain) and KC were dreadful.
Goodbye Anoop, good luck and GO UNC!!!!!
See ya Lil... maybe!

9:04 AM, April 23, 2009  
Anonymous chrisROCKS said...

I think Kris will benefit from Anoop's demise more than anyone. Matt could also get a boost. But I don't see any of the others benefiting.

Matt could inherit some of Lil's votes since he's the closest thing to R&B/Soul they have left. And since Allison is the sole female left in the competition, she could share in the windfall.

It will be interesting, but it won't surprise me if Danny finds himself on the bubble next week. I hope not, but it's possible.

What I really don't want to see is Adam be in jeopardy. I guess I'm gonna have to start voting! I *really* want to see him in the finals!

7:35 PM, April 23, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know none of you will agree with me, but I rather enjoyed last nights show - or it was just a good time of the month for me. I have always loved Kc and the Sunshine band (because I am old like them and they were huge when I was in high school)and I think little archuletta was cuter than ever. I also was half impressed with the group dance although I hate the lip synching.

8:33 PM, April 23, 2009  
Blogger Vivian said...

I happen to know that tomorrow (April 25th) is your birthday. Since I hope you'll have better things to do tomorrow than be here on your blog, I wanted to wish you an early Happy Birthday and to thank you again for this awesome AI blog! You're the best.
Happy Birthday!

7:52 PM, April 24, 2009  
Anonymous Julie said...

I forgot we share the same birthday!! Happy Birthday to you and thank you for making Idol even more fun and interesting.

BTW I'm celebrating the 21st anniversary of my 21st birthday and will be celebrating at the wedding of a very good friend of mine. Celebration to come afterwards!

Hope yours is great!

11:52 PM, April 24, 2009  

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