Tuesday, April 21, 2009

we will survive...

Grab your polyester and dig out the platform shoes.

It's DISCO time on American Idol.

Get the Tylenol (or your favorite adult beverage) while you're at it. Yes we will survive it, we always have, but this is one night that promises at least one trainwreck.

This should be the perfect platform for Adam Lambert (but honestly, what genre hasn't been or could be?) and could possibly give Lil a last-minute gasp of survivability (but what makes us think she would choose the right song this week when she's got a perfect record so far?) Allison Iraheta could surprise us, but I can't help but cringe at the thought of Anoop and what he might choose.

Let's hope that without a mentor to eat up valuable time with the pre-performance clips, they've been able to streamline the show to bring it in on time.

I'll be sharing my thoughts on the night sometime tomorrow, so for now, the comment section is an open thread to blast away.

Even though You Should Be Dancing...


Anonymous Melissa in TN said...

I was hoping Adam would sing "Hot Stuff." :)

8:43 PM, April 21, 2009  
Anonymous Julie said...

I actually am enjoying Disco night, so far the only one I haven't liked is Lil.

8:43 PM, April 21, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Based only on tonight's performances, I think the bottom three should be:

Lil, Danny and (I hate to say it) Allison.

Why do the judges love Danny so much? He was shouty and "karaoke".


9:15 PM, April 21, 2009  
Anonymous Julie said...

I liked Danny, Allison, Adam and Kris. Bottom should be Lil (going home) and Matt and Anoop. Hopefully it will be Lil and 1 of the boys not both of them.

9:31 PM, April 21, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoyed, Adam, Allison and Kris.
Anoop and Lil (she stayed waaaaaay past her time) will be saying goodbye tomorrow, but Matt deserves to go as well.
He just isn't that good.
Something about him reminds me too much of Chris Richardson--but less nasally.
I have too much respect for Jennifer to say what I'd like to about Danny.
As soon as I see or hear him the little hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

9:54 PM, April 21, 2009  
Anonymous chrisROCKS said...

Worst to first:

Lil - I think that was her best performance to date, but it still wasn't good enough. I don't know WHY Randy keeps insisting she can sing. SHE CAN'T!!! Well, she sings better than I do, but that ain't saying much.

Matt - Unless you plan on singing exactly like the BeeGees, don't even try to sing "Stayin' Alive." It's way too iconic for anyone to take on...except maybe Adam. I think Matt should've gone with something like "How Deep is Your Love." I like Matt, but I didn't like this performance, and I think his time is up.

Anoop - Ahhhhh...he started out great, but then upped the tempo and it was downhill from there. Simon was right. And Anoop could be in danger because of this misstep. Too bad, really. Unlike Lil, he really CAN sing.

Danny - I've finally figured out why I'm not completely yippee-doodles about him. He's got a great voice (for which I will definitely buy any cd he puts out), but he never seems completely comfortable up on that stage. It's like it's too big for him and he doesn't know how to work it. That's the only criticism I have for him. Otherwise, I loved what he sang.

Allison - No 16 year old should ever sing a song about being a lady-o-the-night. If it weren't for the fact that she has such a mature voice and presence onstage, I'd have hated this performance. But she makes me forget her age every time out! And as such, I loved her take on this Donna Summer classic.

Kris - He's like one part Jason Mraz, one part Jack Johnson, one part James Taylor all rolled up into one cute little package. The more I hear/see this guy, the more I love him. I was very scared when he said which song he would sing. But I was surprised! I loved it! What I love about him is that he has a signature; I always know when it's him singing. That's a good thing.

Adam - Another stellar performance. What more can anyone say? He's simply FAB!

Who I want: Lil and Anoop
Who should: Lil and Matt
Who will: Lil and ... Matt

My prediction for final 3 is Adam, Allison and Kris, with a Double A finale.

5:11 AM, April 22, 2009  
Anonymous JJ said...

I'm with you ChrisRocks on the final three!

9:38 AM, April 22, 2009  
Anonymous JesseJames said...

Hi everyone,

I'm pretty much in agreement with CR.

Adam is amazing me more and more. They need to do an Elvis night again, because I think Adam may be the first person since E to be able to sing E! The 'scream' would be weird, but with his vocals, and look (is it me, or is he not a young Kurt Russell/Elvis mix?), I really want to see his tackle Elvis.

Kris, what more can one say. He is the only contestant getting dramatically better and more comfortable (Adam isn't getting better, he was there from the get go, we just didn't know it). Last night's choice has to rank up there as one of the top 5 original interpretations of a song across all 8 seasons. I can't think of a top 5, but I suspect there would be one of Adam's earlier songs (like the first time he came out with this slick look), one of Cook's, Blake had a couple that were off the hook at the time, and I can't recall now who, maybe Bo or Daughtry, someone did an amazing A Capella a few seasons back. I am more and more amazed with Kris, he's like Eliot, only without the teeth issue, and a bit more confidence. I really want Allison to make it to the end, but the more the weeks go, the more I believe Kris is the dark horse.

For me, Matt/Anoop/Lil are goners, if ANY one else is in the bottom 3, voters have to stop thinking the good ones are auto safe. I would like to see Matt stick around until next week, but based on how things have been going, we should see Lil and Matt getting axed tonight and Anoop next week.

My top 4 I'm beginning to sense will go like this:
4th - Allison (just not sure she's building enough base to beat the boys)
3rd - Danny (simply because I think Kris is doing/will do more to make himself stand out)

Finale - Adam vs Kris, and seriously, if it comes to those 2, I'd imagine it will actually be a very close vote since they are such different singers. If Kris does arrangements like last night, and Adam does what he's been doing, those 2 would make an amazing finale. If Danny makes it, I suspect it would be Adam in a landslide. Adam not making the finale, that would be a travesty about 10 times as bad as how people felt when Daughtry went out 4 (he really was a one style singer albeit very good at that style, so 4 made sense).


10:18 AM, April 22, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Kris is getting better and better each week and I truly think he could be this year's surprise winner! As good as Adam is, I really don't think he will win. Two back to back rocker guy winners? I just think that won't happen. But AI has not had a winner like Kris yet. And everyone likes to vote for an underdog. I think he just may crash the party at the finale! I hope he does...

11:08 AM, April 22, 2009  
Anonymous chrisROCKS said...


It was Bo Bice who sang a capella. The song was Badland's "In a Dream."

I love my rockers!

So here's a thought: if Adam doesn't win...or heck, even if he does!... Queen should invite him to be their new lead singer. I swear the guy is the ONLY person who could ever fill Freddie Mercury's double-platform suedes!

1:28 PM, April 22, 2009  
Anonymous JesseJames said...

funny you'd say that, I said the same to my wife. I was thinking of that CBS show where they found lead singers for like INXS. i could definitely see Adam fronting a modern Queen.


1:30 PM, April 23, 2009  

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