Monday, April 14, 2008

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The remaining seven contestants will be celebrating the force that is Mariah Carey. That's right: after years of being scolded for even attempting to sing the songs of the "big three" divas, now the kids, including three guys, are being forced to be divas for the evening.

I can't even begin to predict which of Ms. Carey's songs Jason Castro will ukulele to.

But while we wait, here's some of what's going on in the inter-web...

There might be a few tears shed Tuesday night as David Cook's brother, the one battling brain cancer, will be there in the audience. It was a big effort to get him there, considering his health and the fact that the doctors prohibited him from taking a commercial flight. But take someone's determination to get Adam (the AC on David's guitar) to Los Angeles and add to that the generosity of a community, and dreams do come true. Now that's really "giving back."

Read about Adam's great adventure here.

Jason Castro's version of Over the Rainbow has soared up the iTunes charts and is currently the number one downloaded studio number, followed by Archuleta's Angels. Okay, I'll admit. I was one of the Rainbow downloaders too, and the more I listen to it, the better it gets.

The great American Crappy Coronation Songwriting Contest (ACCSC) has commenced. Votes are due like, uh, yesterday. There are 20 songs from which to choose. You can listen to all of them then rate them. There are some that are - wait for this - actually not crappy. And there are others that I couldn't get through the required introduction before rating lower than the law allows.

Visit, listen, vote. Enjoy. Or not.

People are still ticked off not only about Michael Johns' dismissal last week, but about the way Ryan chose to target him and offer a morsel of hope that the elimination, like last season, was just a prank before hitting with the "you're outta here" sign. Johns says he has no hard feelings.

This is American Idol, where cruelty is raised to an art form. In fact, most long-time viewers are expecting the traditional "Huff" elimination Wednesday, commonly referred to as getting "georged." It's the perfect setup with seven - placing three safe people on one side of the stage and the three bottom feeders on the other side, leaving one poor misguided, but safe, fool to have to choose which group to stand with. The first contestant to have to choose was Season Three's George Huff, who obviously had been given no prior warning, and, given the choice between the group with Fantasia and Jennifer Hudson and the second group with Jasmine Trias and John Stevens, chose the obvious, but wrong, side of the stage.

Imagine having to hurt the feelings of three of your colleagues in front of gazillions of people on live television. It was tough to watch George being put in that position, but at least he knows that his name has now become a verb.

Three guys remain. Four girls are hanging in there. Anybody want to take odds that it's not going to be a good week of one of the ladies?


Didn't think so.

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wasn't it bo bice who, when asked to choose between the two groups, stood in the centre and refused to take sides?

9:55 AM, April 14, 2008  
Blogger jennifer said...

Yes, Bo was anticipating it, I think. And he stood exactly between the two groups. Taylor was expecting it too, so after shaking Daughtry's hand, he went to stand with Elliott. I don't remember last year, because I wasn't paying attention to last year.

I went fishing through my archives. (It was kinda fun.)

Here is the way I described the Bo moment:

The Woes and the Prose of an American Idol Junkie: SIMULBLOG: when disco attacks

And here's the Taylor moment:

The Woes and the Prose of an American Idol Junkie: it had to be you: a simulblog...

10:09 AM, April 14, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

last year Melinda Doolittle sat down on the stage in between the two groups and refused to choose.

2:37 PM, April 14, 2008  
Blogger jennifer said...

Ah yes. I remember it now. I knew I remembered somebody sitting on the stage.

I choose to forget that last year happened. It's less painful that way. :o)

2:43 PM, April 14, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

GOD those are 20 of the cheesiest cheeseball songs with cheese on top that I've ever heard in my life. I feel like I need to go listen to some Metallica just to balance things out. My chi is all screwed up after listening to 20 seconds of each of those miserable songs.

Seriously, they all sounded as if the little midi-song recorder in the electric keyboard I had 20 years ago made them up. Or like they're made of Similac Formula, extra mild. There was not ONE that I would listen to on the radio, and I have pretty diverse taste.

I'm just surprised that after 7 seasons, the producers haven't figured out that people won't buy something like that.

3:20 PM, April 14, 2008  
Blogger DrillerAA said...

AI seems to be committed to gender equity this year for some strange reason. They have always liked a male/female finale, but this year they seem to be intent on keeping the odds even throughout. I think the loser of the AI Diva War between Carly and Syesha is going to get the cab ride to LAX. Syesha seems to have a larger fan base than I gave her credit for, but she may still be the one counting the clicks on the meter tomorrow night.

4:19 PM, April 15, 2008  
Blogger DrillerAA said...

You just know that they're gonna pick one of the "Crappy" crappy coronation song entries. I will here it too often on finale night, so I think I will save myself the pain of wading through 20 entries to determine which one will get the nod. I just can't go there this year, but I do appreciate your dedication to the cause.

4:25 PM, April 15, 2008  
Blogger Dave said...

If Syesha gets whacked tomorrow, this season will officially be just as white as "Friends".

4:56 PM, April 15, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Castro's rendition of "Over the Rainbow" was the most insipid version I've ever heard. I can't believe it's the number 1 download.
These must be the same people who will vote for Barak Obama.

6:53 PM, April 15, 2008  

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