Wednesday, April 20, 2005

SIMULBLOG: when disco attacks

And so we are still licking our wounds from the tragic disco ball encounter. It crashed. We burned.

But someone is gonna be burned tonight. Which, of course, begs the question: has anyone yet found a cure for the disco fever?

Oh who cares. We'll worry about that next season. Ryan tells me to check my watch. What if I'm not wearing a watch. Do I have to turn off the show? These rules are getting silly.

Ryan then sets up Bo so that Bo can set up Ryan to watch a clip of the Hollywood Star ceremony, followed by a blooper sequence. Well that is just special. How much do those Hollywood stars cost these days?

Requisite humbleness ensues followed by the requisite hawking of the Tsunami Tsingle and an original song for the kids, written by a disco composer extraordinaire, whose name I've already forgotten. I think it's called Shine, and Anwar, Carrie and Bo are all playing instruments while the others are in various positions of stance belting out a tune that is better than all three of the songs put up for auction to benefit the Red Cross.

And it's the Ford Commercial! Rock This Town. And to think the muppets freaked some people out. What are they serving in the Coke room, anyway. Actually I thought it was kinda cute, but I'm weird that way.

Time for a second helping of last night's disco dish. And they're still hyping Bo. Hey folks, voting is done.

Oh, no. They're doing it again. Ryan is separating them into groups A and B again, just like last year, only he's not calling it by letters. Yeah, right. Far side and Near side is far superior. If they drag George Huff out, I am over this show.

Vonzell is in that group, Anthony is in this group. Bet Anwar goes with Anthony. And, yep, he does. Constantine is next, and he's sent to the group with Vonzell.

So we have Vonzell and Constantine on the left and Anwar and Anthony on the left. And it's time for a break.

Hey! The weiner on a stick show is still on the air. Does anyone actually watch that dog?

Carrie is sent to stand with Vonzell and Constantine and Scott is ordered to the Anwar/Anthony club. Bo gets told he's safe. (Yay!) Oh no. They're not going to do it again.

Yes they are. Bo is told to Hustle his adorable behind to the group he thinks is the top three. What a crock. Booing commences.

Massive applause ensues, because Bo stands directly in the center of both groups, joining neither.

What a set-up. Aren't they just the clever ones.

Break. Weiners on sticks.

Bo is sent to join the obvious top vote getters. Paula mumbles nonsense about America voting and everybody being good. Then Ryan sends Scott and Anthony home to the sofa, leaving a stunned Anwar to watch his own funeral tape and sing us out with the song which killed him.

Thanks Anwar.

Till next week...

Simulblog out.


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