Wednesday, March 19, 2008

beatles, part that english?

Back by popular demand?

Tell popular to mind his own business.

Ryan introduces the top 11 performance episode explaining that a second week of Beatles tunes is on tap because somebody demanded it.

When I find out who that was, I will hunt him down and kill him, because what prevailed on Beatles Part Two night was a two-hour celebration of boring mediocrity. Everything the Beatles weren't about.

But enough of my moaning about the theme. It was what it was.

And here are my reviews, as always from worst to first, and they are what they are.

Kristy Lee Cook (You've Got to Hide Your Love Away). I flirted with putting Kristy Lee first this week, because the girl's got more lives than 14 cats. But I can't. At least she didn't haul out the steel guitar and fiddle for this, but she didn't do anything with this song to merit placing anywhere other than last. Hey, the girl couldn't even make HEY! sound interesting. How many lives do 14 cats have anyway?

Michael Johns (A Day in the Life). The judges rightfully panned the arrangement. Instead of trying to deliver a 90-second buffet of the entire song, he should have just stuck to one of the verses. As a result, it was an off-key, errant, erratic mish-mash of a classic song that left me asking why the guy I originally picked as a possible winner has left absolutely no impression so far - good or bad.

Chikezie No-Longer-Eze (I've Just Seen a Face). Oh boy. Everything that went right with his breakout performance last week went wrong with his second trip to Beatle-land. What started off somewhat strong was suddenly blown (pun intended) when he whipped out his harmonica and shifted into bluegrass mode. It was perfect last week. This week not so much.

Jason Castro (Michelle). Who knew Ma Belle was French?? He thought it was English. It's fortunate that Jason has an adoring fan group, because his high school talent contest treatment of this song - thoroughly devoid of meaning or emotion - on its own certainly wouldn't garner him any. If there was any doubt, there isn't now: Jason without his guitar is kinda like Oreos without milk.

Ramiele Malubay (I Should Have Known Better). Ramiele still is struggling to find the right song. She hit every note, she appeared somewhat comfortable on stage, it was far better than the snoozer she turned in last week, but, even with the more up-tempo number, she just sang the lyrics, and, much like Jason, basically sleepwalked through the whole performance. And like Jason, it wasn't bad. It just was.

Amanda Overmyer (Back in the USSR). I wonder how many parents had to explain to their kids exactly what the USSR was. Simon tells Amanda that she's falling deeper into the predictability pit, and she tries to explain that in only 90 seconds a week, she is trying to advertise what people will see when they sell out a Lafayette bar. Good point, Amanda. And, personally, I hope she doesn't try any melodic ballads anytime soon, because she is the performer that she is, and, as she proved at points of this performance, she struggles with melodies. They get in the way of the growl. But I actually enjoyed this performance somewhat, not as much as previous outings, but in relation to the evening, her kick-off number left some of the others in the dust.

Brooke White (Here Comes the Sun). In a yellow dress that reminded me of a Goodwill commercial, Brooke woo-woos and whoas her way through this yawner then makes the ill-conceived mistake of trying to talk over the judges as they give her her first (justifiable) criticisms of the season.

Carly Smithson (Blackbird). My first thought as Carly took the stage was that the producers must have fired the clothing staff to pay for the new set, primarily because I'm trying to steel myself for one of my least-favorite Beatles songs. Simon calls the choice "indulgent" and I'm still trying to figure out what he means by that. Randy calls it a word that can be found only in the Randy dictionary, and Carly explains that the song represents the Idols as they fix their broken wings and fly above the mosh pit. Or something like that. I'm too distracted by the tattooed "7" on her finger to really try to understand the metaphor.

Syesha Mercado (Yesterday). When I first heard Beatles night, my first question was which Idol would pull out possibly the most iconic of songs. Syesha was never my pick. But, sitting on stage alongside a single guitarist, looking quite lovely, she does an admirable job with the most beautiful of songs and in the process probably saves herself a repeat trip to center stage.

David Cook (Day Tripper). I spent the first half of this performance waiting for him to pull a Terry Fator, considering he took the stage with two microphones in addition to the return of his guitar. But he pulls out a Peter Frampton instead and voice boxes through the middle of the song. It's a cool gimmick and Paula tells him he's ready for a Geico commercial, pleasing David to no end, I'm sure. (Where does Paula come up with these things? Rhetorical question, I know.) It's not one of Cook's best performances, but this Cook's worst is better than the other Cook's best.

David Archuleta (The Long and Winding Road). David laughs at his disaster of the previous week in his pre-performance clip, assuring tweeners and their parents that the most vulgar work in his vocabulary is "dang." Somehow I actually believe that. He then delivers my favorite of all Beatles ballads without missing a note. Or a word. And while technically it was flawless, I think I finally know what is bugging me about him, aside from the lick-lipping which he seems to have controlled somewhat. It's his eyes, which don't fully reflect the emotion of his vocals. I know it's a nit-picky point, but it's a night where I have to find a nit to pick with everybody.

So who's staying? Depends on who's leaving.

Who I want: Kristy Lee, Michael, and somebody else.
Who should: Kristy Lee, Michael, Amanda
Who will: Kristy Lee, Michael, Ramiele

I have called for Kristy Lee's ouster now for approximately three weeks, and the voters are determined to drive me to drink. But, considering the alternatives, I honestly believe it's time to cut her loose. The ones who remain, after all, go on the tour, and all of the ones remaining deserve those spots.

So we'll see.

Who's your bottom three?

See you tonight.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

what, no comment on kristi lee's promise to Simon to "blow you until your socks come off"!!??!!!

What's with so many of the contestants talking back to the judges so much? They were downright sassy and impudent!

how could you say that ramiele "hit every note in tune"? she was all over the place and sounded awful. Kristi hit every note in tune, surprisingly.

I would much prefer that Amanda went home before either of them. She will be very successful at her soldout bar in Lafayette.

9:40 AM, March 19, 2008  
Blogger MP said...

I'm really surprised you think Michael will be in the bottom three. I think the bottom three will be Kristy Lee, Ramiele and Amanda. Bye Kristy or Amanda

10:25 AM, March 19, 2008  
Blogger jennifer said...

My stupid DVR didn't record, so I am going off memory this morning. But I just rewatched (listened?) to Ramiele's performance, and, although she struggled on the held notes, it was pretty much in tune.

Kristy, IMO, was flat throughout most of her performance.

Hell, the whole night was flat. Very disappointing.

10:25 AM, March 19, 2008  
Blogger jennifer said...

And you don't know HOW BAD I wanted to play with Kristy blowing Simon's socks off. But better judgment prevailed.

Dang it.

10:27 AM, March 19, 2008  
Blogger Dave said...

I thought about it, but I run a family-oriented blog!

11:54 AM, March 19, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it will be Kristy and Amanda for sure. I'm not sure who the third one will be. Its a toss up.

I loved the expression in Simon's face when Kristy said that. LOL


11:58 AM, March 19, 2008  
Anonymous i'm a jennifer junkie said...

I'm not so sure it will be Kristy going home tonight but I'm betting she'll be in the bottom three... again... is this a record?? How many times has someone been in the bottom three w/o being sent home??
Even though I love Michael I think he may be in the bottom three tonight but not, hopefully, going home yet.
I think it will be Amanda, Kristy and either Ramielle or Michael with............ Amanda going home??? I hope!!

12:51 PM, March 19, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with you Jennifer, I want Amanda to go home too.

I think Kristy and Amanda will be in the bottom three for sure, but I was thinking it would be Chikezie or Michael with them. I don't want it to be Michael or Ramiele.

Have no clue who's going home.


1:02 PM, March 19, 2008  
Anonymous Getting Curious said...

Ok, I'm going to go in alphabetical order cos that's how they're placed ve to the right there... =)

Amanda - I enjoyed it. She was ok. But nothing great. I think her and David Cook are going to go the Chris Daughtry route and both end up boring me to death. I know, I know, I'm the only person on earth that doesn't LOOOOOOOOVE Chris Daughtry, but reall, he just yelled a lot. Even if you have a great voice, that gets boring after a while.

Brooke - I hated it. It was boring and her voice didn't transfer well to the song. YUCK.

Carly - Blackbird. Oh my gosh, I love this song, and oh my gosh, did she ever ruin it. Ugh. Terrible. Her voice was too low for it and she was just plain weird. Awful.

Chikezie - I actually thought this was ok. No as good as the previous week, but still fun to watch.

David A - I unbelievable love this kid. Aside from last weeks debacle, he is completely amazing. I've never been a huge fan of Long and Winding Road, but David A made me swoon like I was a teenager again. LOVED it. And who cares if he licks his lips?!? Fred Savage does the same thing, but that doesn't mean I don't still have a mad crush on Kevin Arnold.

David C - Already discussed... boring. Better than Amanda, but boring.

Jason Castro - Not nearly as good as the week before, but I still REALLY liked it and thought the judges were WAY too hard on him.

Kristy Lee - HEY! You've got to go home tonight.

Michael - This guy is great, but Simon's right, he's just not picking the right songs to show the talent that he obviously has bottled up in there... That song was way too long and too great to chop up like that. It was a total mess.

Ramiele - UGH - Horrible and boring. she killed a really beautiful song.

Syesha - She was ok. Better than she's ever been before, but that's not saying much.

Who should: Ramiele, Amanda, Kristy
Who will: Ramiele, Syesha, Kristy
Going home: Kristy, PLEASE!

ps - It's terrible what some of the kids are doing to these classic songs, but I'd rather they do the Beatles every week than ever do latino week ever again. I HATE those weeks!

2:03 PM, March 19, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's how Joe R. over at summarized last night's performances, which made me spew coffee all over my keyboard (not really, but you get the idea):

Rundown: Amanda giving what was, in retrospect, one of the night's best performances; Kristy Lee sounding much better in rehearsals; David Archuleta being on a totally different show than everyone else; Michael being vaguely unappealing, yet again; Brooke having a sunshine-induced seizure; David Cook losing me, for a week; Carly doing herself no favors with the "horseface" crowd by wearing an actual wreath of roses around her neck; Jason being a weird little street performer; Syesha feeling a whole lot of emotions, none of which are real; Chikezie failing to catch lightning in a bottle; and Ramiele refusing to push that hair out of her face so we can see her pretty eyes.

3:20 PM, March 19, 2008  
Blogger jennifer said...

Well, that pretty much sums it up. Except for the snoring.

3:29 PM, March 19, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think that David A's father looks like Ron Silver?

4:50 PM, March 19, 2008  
Blogger DrillerAA said...

Botom three, Kristy, Amanda, Ramiele. Going home, Amanda.
Kristy will live to sing one more song and be gone next week.

5:19 PM, March 19, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think they all were pretty awful, with the exception of David A. and David C.

I really dislike Janis Joplin wannabe Amanda. Still a one trick pony who can't sing on key, and annoys the hell out of me with her schreeching and growling. If I wanted to hear that, I'd visit a zoo.

7:13 PM, March 19, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im getting tired of David A..He has become boring.....I really liked David A...I believe the best of the night...!!!!!Carly go home....not interesting....all in all it was a pretty boring night...except for dAVID COOK

7:43 PM, March 19, 2008  
Anonymous chris(daughtry)rocks said...

"Kristy Lee - HEY! You've got to go home tonight." LOL!! Best comment of the day!

My picks, worst to first:

Michael Johns - I like this guy; he's very appealing. AND he has a really good voice when he's doing that soulful ballad stuff. But he just plain out botched this one. As Simon would say, "Sorry!"

Kristy Lee - She's reminding me ever more of Faith Hill. I know that comes as a huge compliment in some people's books...but I don't like Faith Hill. Be that as it may, she *did* do a much better job than last week. But still not good enough to rate her any higher than "bye-bye" in my book.

Amanda - I like Amanda. I like how comfortable she is performing on that big stage. But I didn't like how she was out of tune a lot of the time. And I don't like "Back in the USSR." That's why she's in my bottom 3.

Ramiele - She just looked so uncomfortable to me. Doing that song did her no favors. Still, she's got an impeccable voice. When will she choose the right song???

Brooke - Hated the dress. Hated her dancing even more. If she knows she can't move, she shouldn't move! Everything she did right last week, she did wrong this week. And as self-deprecating as she was trying to be during Simon's comments, I was getting hyper-annoyed with her talking over him. Ugh!

Jason - Ho-hum. One of his biggest strengths is connecting with his songs. He didn't connect at all last night. :( Still, I can't help but like this kid.

Chikeze - If you don't play an instrument, don't learn it that day and try to perform on that instrument! It was such a gimmick. And it didn't work out. Still, I love his vocals.

Carly - I love this song. And I actually liked her singing it in her lower register. But I really wanted either Jason or Brooke to sing this and play their guitar along with it. Still, Carly just has a great voice. She's going nowhere tonight.

Syesha - One of my favorite Beatles songs. And she did a very good job. What a smart thing to do... just her and that solo guitar. Well done. She, too, is going nowhere tonight.

David C. - I didn't care so much for the vobox, but I LOVED the rest of this song coming from him! He's cocky and he knows he can sing. But I don't care. I love his voice! And I love that he's living the dream! And I'm a rocker! So he's my favorite.

But best performance of the night goes to...(drum roll, please)...

David A. - Another of my favorite Beatles songs. He did an amazing job with this! He's got such a fab voice. And the way the girls were screaming over him, I said to my husband, "He's the 5th Beatle!" He did a great job. :)

Who I want: Kristy, Kristy, Kristy
Who should: Kristy, Michael, Amanda
Who will: Kristy, Amanda, Ramiele

Bye bye ... Kristy. (I've been wrong every time. I figure if I keep putting her name down, *eventually* I'll be right!)

7:55 PM, March 19, 2008  

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