Thursday, March 06, 2008

and then there were 12: a SIMULBLOG!...

We're learning the names of the 12 kids who will take the big (and brand new) stage tonight! YAY! But first we have to hear from last year's runner-up Blake Lewis.

Okay, he's an alumnus, so it's okay.

Because THIS is American Idol.

And this is a SIMULBLOG, where the typing is happening as the action is unfolding on the east coast, so if you don't want to know, go. (But come back.) There will be publishing at every break, so if you want to be spoiled, stay! And chat along with us.

Blake is still singing. Ho hum... He keeps promising to "let me go" but he won't. I want a group sing, dang it!


Random thought: those promos for that moment of truth show make me want to vomit. Just had to say that.

Now back to the show. Ryan shows us the empty 12 seats, just awaiting 12 butts. And, in a continuation of last night, the judges remind us that the show is really just all about them.

So after the shameless self-promotion for Paula's new video, we get to see a retrospective of the guys' performances from Tuesday.

Here we go.

David Cook is given his reviews and is told Lionel Ritchie loved his performance. He's in the top 12. No surprise.

David Archuleta (oh...the suspense) is reminded of his reviews before being sent to sit with David #2.

Jason Castro sounds nervous (why?). He's given his reviews before being sent to sit with the Davids.

And it's time for a break.


It's time to seat a few of the women on the stainless steel stools.

We get a memory reel of Wednesday's performances. Oh goody. It was last night for heaven's sake. I haven't forgotten.

Brooke White is reminded of what the judges told her last night before being sent to sit with the guys.

Syesha Mercado is told to stand. The judges say 100% that she's going to have to sit on that cold stool. And she does.

It's Kady Malloy's turn. And she's told to hit the road, she bit the dust, she's a has-been before she was ever a could-be. She's gone. Toast. Roadkill. I gotta save some of these delicious words for the next victim.

Kady's gone. And I will not even try to begin to describe the quality of her last song. But it makes last night's performance grammy-worthy.


We're back to the guys.

David Hernandez is reminded of his critiques. And he's told to take a stool. Something about that just doesn't sound right. But that's what Ryan said.

Michael Johns hits the floor. He's not told to take a stool (thank heavens) but he's told to go sit with Jason and the three Davids.

Luke Menard, and all his hawtness, is the next to die. Sorry Luke. You're cute. You just gotta learn to sing better.

Danny and Chikeze are left waiting. And wondering. Ohhhh. The suspense.

But first a Domino's commercial!


It's back to the women.

Ramiele Malubay is told to listen to her critiques. Then she's told she's made it through.

Carly Smithson still hasn't found her sleeves, but has a cold, shiny new place to sit.

Amanda Overmyer is told to stand then told to sit.

Kristy Lee Cook and Asia'h Epperson are told to stand together. One will stay; one will go, but they have to wait until we sell more products to unsuspecting and naive viewers. Cause we're all about product at American Idol!


The judges are asked who should get a stool. Randy picks Asia'h. Paula rambles and says both will be stars. Sorry, Paula, I don't think either will be.

They get their reviews. Neither looks happy to have gotten this far. And Asia'h is told she's on her way home. Via Greyhound, no doubt. Kristy Lee takes her seat as Asia'h watches her funeral video.

Ryan gives her the choice to sing. She gives an emphatic yes. She sings as Danny cries.


Danny and Chikeze are called to the stage. Danny is still crying. They are reminded of their Tuesday reviews.

And Chikeze is told to sit on a stool. Danny has more to cry about.

But he ends the show in pure Danny style. Good luck Danny.


The big stage next week! I can't wait!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bless her heart, Kady just sang the worst sing-off in the history of AI. But she's beautiful and sweet and will do well at whatever (else) she does...

8:33 PM, March 06, 2008  
Anonymous gavintiegirl said...

Kristy robbed Asia'h. This show sucks!!!!

8:54 PM, March 06, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Luke and Danny left...I keep telling you guys that Danny reminded me of Sanjaya, and one twit was certainly enough. Luke cn't sing. Kady deserved to be homeward bound, but picking horse faced Kristy over Asia'h? WRONG Well there's always next time, Kristy's not long for the competition. But I hope the next victim is Amanda Overbearing ...she's a one trick pony, who growls her songs; someone has GOT to tell her Janis Joplin died. No use to resurrect her again, couldn't stand her the first time around. Amanda is channeling her... comparing her to Grace Slick is a travesty, Grace had talent.

10:01 PM, March 06, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tonight was no surprise. I think they got it right.

Ryan sure likes to drag it out. lol


11:05 PM, March 06, 2008  
Blogger Sunshine said...

I was happy with the results tonight. I probably scared the whole neighborhood, when I screamed when Asia'h got the boot. I think I was the only one (besides Dori) that didn't like her. I felt bad for Ramiele cos she lost her friend Danny. But I don't think he could have done any better, especially with his little attitude. (I still can't help but laugh at him making fun of Simon's moose antler though.) Luke and Kady definitely knew they were on the chopping block tonight. They both should have left last week.

I can't wait till next week. Now, I get to put my Beatles list together, hooray!

11:29 PM, March 06, 2008  
Blogger DrillerAA said...

I don't Kristy robbed Aisa'h. I thought Amanda should have been in the cab to LAX tonight. Last night was the only good performance she had. She will finish no higher than 10th.

12:02 AM, March 07, 2008  
Anonymous chris(daughtry)rocks said...

YAY-NESS!!! I got my wish! The Three Davids are in the top 12 and Jessica Alba is gone! (Although I really did love his rendition of "Tainted Love.")

As for Asia'h going was a coin toss between her and Syesha. Things might have turned out differently had Asia'h not sung a Whitney song. It didn't help that she went first, rather than getting the pimp spot.

No worries for Kady; she'll have a huge career in Hollywood. Just not as a singer. She kinda reminds me of Jenny McCarthy; beautiful blonde with an unexpectedly quirky sense of humor. She'll be just fine.

Kristy better go full-tilt country if she hopes to survive.

The only girls I really like are Carly and Brooke. The rest can go in any order.

As for the guys, the 3 Davids are my faves. Cook for favorite performer, Hernandez for favorite vocalist, and Archuleta for favorite cutie-pie. :)

TOP 12 WOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Can't wait for next week!

(Can you tell I've had too much caffeine?! lol)

1:05 AM, March 07, 2008  
Anonymous JessiJames said...

overjoyed that DN is gone. He was definitely going to be this year's Sanjaya, and would likely have been worse due to his attitude.

I was sad to see Kady go though, she just didn't have any moments during these 3 weeks to make much of a good impression. I also like Asia'h a lot, but unlike Randy, I thought her song this week was horrible. Not that she didn't sing it well, in tune, etc., but that it was completely wrong for her voice. Simon nailed it, it was a 2nd rate Whitney.

Asia'h should have stayed and Amanda should have packed her bags, but there's no way Amanda lasts much longer. Her voice is so hard to listen to, I can't imagine buying her album and listening to that voice for an hour. It's too scratchy. Or something. Harsh maybe.

Otherwise, i think this is a good bunch, I will say right now Michael Johns is my pick to be a surprise early out (not in the top 6). From what I've seen so far, he seems to have less range than some of the others, along with less showmanship. The more I see of him, the more he seems to be, at least so far, limited. Cook is the one I expect to really surprise us and go far. DA is almost sure to be in the top 4 unless something crazy happens.

I'm guessing Carly in the top 4 also. And Syesha is my darkhorse. She definitely has the pipes, but can she consistently pick the right songs and arrangements. Castro is my guy dark horse. he seems to shy and nice, but if he can come out of his shell, I can see him wow'ing everyone.

Overall, just really glad DN is gone :)


2:51 AM, March 07, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad Danny N is gone though I'll miss the entertainment value he brought to the show -- I too LOVED the moose hand thing!!
Of course Luke had to go.. he was simply not good enough.. not even for the top 24! The crybaby guy.. can't remember his name now, (lived in his car??) was way better.
I knew Kady would be gone too but I did like her non-singing personality. She'll do well. Dreadful final performance though!! I was squirming in my seat on Wed night while she sang but last night was sooooo bad!!
The one somewhat sane comment from Paula last night is when she talked about how difficult it is to sing after being booted off!! I have to agree and know there's no way I'd be able to.
I was sorry to see Asia'h go though. I enjoyed her performance on Wed and she did even better last night. That song took me back to a bad time in my life and hearing it on the radio back then (which was often) cheered me up somewhat. Asia'h was fun and bubbly (not like Paris who always annoyed me though they do have the same bobble head thing going) and she does have a good voice. I wish her luck and a future singing career somewhere!
Kristy Lee escaped a bullet last night and will really have to bring it from here on out if she wants to stick around.

8:19 AM, March 07, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad Danny left, he was entertaining in a obnoxious way.

My favortes for the girls are Ramiele and Brooke.

I can't get into Carly. I figure she had her chance already. Didn't she some million dollar deal that bombed.

For the boys I like David A and David C.

Michael is easy on the eyes, but I don't think he's as good as the David A or David C.

Can't wait for next week, they'll be on the big stage. Party!


12:17 PM, March 07, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think I remember Carly saying she was 15 or something when she got that recording contract.. does blowing an opportunity at that age mean you're done??? I don't think so! I kind of see what you mean though Dori, I just can't get a sense of her as a person.. I just can't read her!! She can definitely sing though!!

12:32 PM, March 07, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't realized Carly was 15 when she got the recording contract. I thought she was older. I really haven't paid any attention to their ages. I did just look them up and was surprosed that Carly was 24 and Amanda 23. I thought they were both about 28. They don't seem that young to me.

I think she was very lucky at 15 to get such a deal.

She does have a great voice, we'll see how she does. I just don't feel all warm and fuzzy about her. lol


4:03 PM, March 07, 2008  
Blogger Harland Crom said...

There were no surprises but that’s good. I want the top 12 to be the best 12. Now is when it gets fun.

We wait until the 12 and play a game where you have to predict the final 2 over the next couple weeks. It sounds easy but it’s hard. It was pretty hard last year too. There’s a website that actually tracks it so we’re not bothered by managing everyone’s picks. We just created an office pool which is free. The site also offers an open game to the general public where anyone can just join. Dang, I sound like a commercial ; ) Anyway, check it out. It makes watching more fun.

10:00 PM, March 07, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kristy Lee Cook, one of the last 12 finalists on this season’s American Idol is in a provocative video for a toothbrush. Check it out here.

12:44 AM, March 12, 2008  

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