Tuesday, March 04, 2008

the guys sing the 80s!...

And that means it's an open thread to critique, cry, criticize, condemn or whatever makes you feel good.

I'll be back tomorrow, provided this ice storm doesn't leave me in the dark, to give my impressions.

Have at it...


Blogger Kristi Mantoni said...

Farewell my dear Luke. You were wonderful to behold just not to behear! LOL

8:19 PM, March 04, 2008  
Blogger jennifer said...

Oh, how I do love me some David Cook.

8:50 PM, March 04, 2008  
Blogger Dave said...

Michael was the class of the night. Danny was surprisingly entertaining (notice I didn't say he was good).

It will be interesting to see how the David H. thing shakes out. Simon said he was a lock for the Top 12; surely that means the show was taped before the latest scandal broke.

9:04 PM, March 04, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just love Jason Castro. He is really different...

9:09 PM, March 04, 2008  
Blogger Sunshine said...

As I suspected, the 80s theme would be awesome! I was thinking of some other songs for tonight (ie Against All Odds) but the choices were pretty good!

Luke is definitely going home on Thursday, but the other person could be anybody. David's 1 & 2 are safe for sure, so is Michael, but I think any of the other guys could be the 2nd.

My favorites tonight were David C., Michael, and David A., in that order. I didn't know that Michael Hutchins was in Simple Minds. Was it before INXS? Well, that's what Randy made me believe when he commented on Michael's song. I don't know. The David's both changed two okay 80s songs, and made them incredible!

I thought David H. was ok, but Jim Steinman songs are incredibly difficult.

As much as Jason's dreads turn me off, his singing makes me like him a little more and more each week.

Chikezie sang the song that he auditioned with, and he wasn't as bad as they thought. I thought it he made an old soul song sound pretty current.

Surprisingly I liked Danny tonight. I don't know if I can take his personality any longer, but I love Soft Cell!

Luke was awful, and I feel bad cos he's so damn hot!

Let's see what the girls do tomorrow. Hopefully they don't butcher any Heart or Whitney. I'd like to hear a few certain songs. Maybe I'll make a list tomorrow...

9:25 PM, March 04, 2008  
Anonymous GCK said...

I loved David H tonight. I think he's an amazing vocalist, but he wasn't alone. Wow...Jason was really god. Where did that come from, seriously?
My favorite was David H...but the best vocal was probably Jason/David C. David A didn't do as well tonight. He's my future husband and all, but its just really hard to live up to the standard he put last week!

9:39 PM, March 04, 2008  
Blogger Kristi Mantoni said...

Dave! I've been trying to leave a comment on your blog but it's not letting me.

Anyway, I'm not joining in on the Michael-love. I didn't think he did a good job.

My favorites: David C. and Danny! That boy has sass in spades!

9:41 PM, March 04, 2008  
Blogger Dave said...

I think if you're going to try and portray yourself as a "rocker", don't pick Lionel Richie songs.

David H. was very Constantinesque tonight.

9:54 PM, March 04, 2008  
Blogger Sunshine said...

Dave, I love you! You reminded me of my favorite idol in the whole world. Constantine got stuck in a season with Carrie and Bo, but if he were in season 3 or 5 or 6, he would have won!

~Sunshine (still Missing Constantine)

10:04 PM, March 04, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the show isn't taped; it's live...

david cook did a fantastic job of putting an updated spin on a lame old song, which he pulled off because he really can sing.

unlike luke, poor thing.

loved david c. and jason c., and i thought simon was very unfair to chickeze, who sounded a lot like luther vandross.

10:04 PM, March 04, 2008  
Blogger DrillerAA said...

If sass is all you got, you got nothing! Send his butt home.

10:35 PM, March 04, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Luke goes home. He was terrible from day 1. I hope Danny Noriega goes with him. The kid makes me nauseous. I think he's a terrible singer, and he STILL reminds me of Sanjaya.

11:34 PM, March 04, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being on Idol is as bad as running for president. If there's any dirt on you they will find it! It will be interesting to see what happens with David H.

Dave, I didn't know they taped the show's. I thought Simon said that because he wanted us to judge David singing and not what he did. I should of know better, Simon's not that nice.

Drilleraa, I like your new picture.


1:27 AM, March 05, 2008  
Blogger SuzS80 said...

David Cook was “cooking” with fire tonight !!!!! (excuse the pun!) Best of the night I think.

Michael was good, not his best, and even little David A didn't do his best, but all are shoe in's for the top 12.

David H can SING !!! Who cares if he stripped,,, just wish it had been for women, I would have been there !!!

Jason was ok, and Chikeze has gotten better.

Bottom 2 have to be Luke & Danny. Luke you are sure pretty to look at, but once you open your mouth,,, yucka!!! And Danny.. PLEASE,,, enough is enough,,, can't hold a tune, but does have a good head bob! Yet, Danny does have the "Vote for the worst" votes,, so it may save him, which would sacrifice someone who can actually hold a tune. Hope America got it right !

2:25 AM, March 05, 2008  
Anonymous chris(daughtry)rocks said...

Well, I'm glad that Strippergate will come to naught for my favorite vocalist of this season. And speaking of, I thought he did a great job with his song tonight. I think Meatloaf was the artist who originally recorded it, but was made uber-popular by Celine Dion in the 90s. I just couldn't get her voice out of my head when David was singing it. But he still did a great job!

Danny, Danny, Danny... I actually liked him tonight for the first time. His version of "Tainted Love" was very fresh, albeit pitchy in most spots. Still, it was fun!

Michael Johns was ok. He reminds me so much of Jim Morrison. His voice, the way he moves about the stage. Total Doors.

Jason Castro. If ever there was a time he *should* have had his guitar in hand, it was tonight with that song! Still, he did a creditable job. But some of his pitch problems made me only like his performance, rather than love it.

Which brings me to David Cook. LOVED it! (Except for the opening where he just sort of strummed what sounded like an out-of-tune guitar.) But once he hit the chorus and the tempo picked up, he proved why he's in this competition. Brave choice; great job! He's my favorite *performer* this year.

Not so great job...Luke Menard. I do NOT know what all the fuss is about. He's okay looking, and his vocals bite. Why is he in the top 24???

I liked Chikezie. I couldn't decide if he was more Luther or Jeffrey (Osborne). Either way, he did a great job (even if Simon doesn't say so!).

David A. Every time he opens his mouth to sing, I'm just blown away. What a fabulous instrument. And I liked his choice of songs, even if it wasn't up-tempo. He's my favorite cutie-pie. :)

I can't decide who I liked best tonight. But I know who I liked least.

Who I want to go: Luke and Danny
Who should go: Luke and Danny
Who will go: Danny and Jason

3:36 AM, March 05, 2008  
Blogger DrillerAA said...

Glad you like the pic. It's the grandson. There's a larger one on my blog.

I do think that Luke is going home and probably will the the first one eliminated Thursday night. Danny needs to go as well. I actually believe that the rest of the guys performed well enough to separate themselves from these two and good enough to stay.

7:42 AM, March 05, 2008  
Blogger Phinney said...

i've been lurking long enough, just gotta come out and say that David Cook gave me goosebumps, made me whoop&holler, and then i melted into a puddle all over my sofa. David Cook...i don't think he'll win, but I've fallen in love!

8:49 AM, March 05, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My faves from last night are:
Jason C (guess we don't need the C anymore) I just loved this even if he kind of lost it a little at the end. And he's so gosh darned cute. His most embarrassing story was the best too :-)
David C. Loved it even though I've not been a huge fan 'til now. But that was awesome.
Michael and David A tied for third
David H came in next
Then Chickezie
Danny has entertainment value even though he's sooo annoying.. his dance moves are so quirky!!
and last of all 'cos he sux
Luke (I'm not even that fond of his looks anymore)

9:43 AM, March 05, 2008  
Blogger angelof_mercy81 said...

Jennifer, I hope you came through the storm okay. At last report, they're saying my hometown (in VA) had a tornado last night, so as you might imagine, we had no power. At all. *sigh* At least nobody was hurt badly. It's going to take awhile to clean up, though. Downtown is still pretty rough.

On a lighter note, I can't wait to see your recap! If I can't watch the show, then the recap is the next best thing.

10:55 AM, March 05, 2008  
Blogger jennifer said...

Actually I just watched last night's show again, and it was a live show. I guess with only 8 performers, they could handle it. But it was the first live show of the season, aside from results.

And that stripper story has been making the rounds for over a week. It wasn't until just days ago that it was verified.

11:25 AM, March 05, 2008  
Anonymous Dawn said...

Actually, last night's show WAS live...according to my screen and Ryan. Unfortunately, I deleted it off my DVR already, but I remember him saying LIVE, and seeing LIVE at the bottom of the screen. Anyone else?

11:34 AM, March 05, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

as i said before, the show is live. i'm surprised you all don't know that.

12:24 PM, March 05, 2008  
Blogger jennifer said...

Last night was the first live performance show of the season. The past two weeks were taped live. That's why I had to go back and rewatch the beginning of last night's episode to be certain.

12:28 PM, March 05, 2008  

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