Thursday, March 26, 2009

10 becomes 9: a SIMULBLOG!...

Whoopsie. Almost forgot the 8 p.m. start of the Motown results show. So I'll cut the introductory nonsense and get right to the point.

This is a SIMULBLOG, which means the action is being described as it's happening in the east, so if you want to be surprised where you are, it's time to make a hasty retreat. But come back!

The kids start the show with an inventive and entertaining Motown medley. Lord knows there are enough Motown songs to make a great medley.

Back from commercial, we're treated to another one for Ford that they insist on calling a video. The kids applaud their efforts.

Ruuuuuuben is back. He hasn't changed a bit. And he's singing his new single. Glad to know he's recording. Nice song. Very Ruben-esque.

Time for some results, after we hear all about the kids' private jetted trip to Detroit.

Adam is told to stand. Girls scream. He gets his reviews from last night and is told to sit back down. Girls scream.

Matt is next. Girls don't scream quite so loudly. And SHOCK! Matt is in the bottom three. People boo. Loudly.

Time for Kris. He's safe after another Ryan fake-out.

Lil and Michael get to stand in tandem. Michael is sent to join Matt on the bad stools.

Smokey Robinson and Joss Stone perform. And we're reminded that there are three bad stools and so far only two bad people. (Well one bad person and Matt.)

Time for more results.

Allison stands. She's safe this week.

Anoop is summoned. He's safe too.

Danny's turn. No stool for him.

Scott and Megan stand together. They are reminded how crappy the judges thought they were. Scott is sent to join the stool sitters.

Randy says Matt doesn't belong in the group. Duh. Ryan sends Scott back to the safety of the sofa. _____

Simon mumbles some circular nonsense about the "judges save," before Stevie Wonder takes center stage, bringing people to their feet with a thoroughly-enjoyable medley.

An hour and a half worth of commercials later, we're finally time to execute somebody. Ryan reminds us that over 36 million people voted and most of them didn't vote for Michael Sarver, who then gets to "sing for his life". Yeah, right. Like there's a snowball's chance they'll save him.

Well Michael at least you have a summer job.

Michael's singout is, well, really bad. You'd think they would let the kids sing any of the songs they've performed up to this point. The judges tease him, letting him think they're still deliberating, before Simon calls a halt to the pretense and tells him he's going home.

We get to see Michael's cute kids in his funeral video.

See ya Michael. Good luck to you.

See you next week.

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Anonymous Julie said...

Megan should've gone before Michael, at least he wasn't as irritating as she can be. Oh well her turn will be next week!

9:04 PM, March 26, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a waste.
Could it be any more obvious that Michael was going home?
And even he KNEW there was no Judge's save for him.
I'm glad he left with a smile on his face, and with good reason.
There's good loot to be made on the summer tour.

9:42 PM, March 26, 2009  
Blogger tami said...

Michael's performance tonight was ten times better than his performance last night. For a moment there I really thought the judges might save Michael. And I would have been glad at that. The sooner we get rid of this anchor, the better.

First and most importantly, it would of gotten rid of the awful "one-time-and-one-time-only-for-the-entire-season" save.

Secondly, it would have discounted the "the judge’s favorites" theories.

Thirdly and most important to me, I think if Michael had THIS performance last night he wouldn't be in the bottom three.

9:44 PM, March 26, 2009  
Blogger Dave said...

If the judges didn't save Alexis last week, they certainly weren't going to use it on Michael.

I think they should rename the thing the "Judges's Adam-Danny-Lil-and-maybe-Allison Save".

7:38 AM, March 27, 2009  
Blogger jennifer said...

I'm half-tempted to take Lil off the SAVE list. But I think Allison is and should be on that list.

8:09 AM, March 27, 2009  
Anonymous JJ said...

I'm just happy it wasn't Matt sent home last night! He should NOT have been in the bottom three. I don't get it! My 17yr thinks he's great and so do most of her friends. Of course she never votes and they probably don't either!!

9:01 AM, March 27, 2009  
Blogger Dave said...

Going first hurt Matt the most. I think he's got a lot of fans, but not as many powervoters as some of the others out there, so leading off is not a good spot in the order for him.

Last year, four people were eliminated from the Dead Man's Spot and three others were in the bottom 3 after opening the show.

10:09 AM, March 27, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe Megan wasn't in the bottom three. I think her fan base "VFTW" is keeping her in the running.

I'm so glad Matt didn't leave. I was really upset to see him in the bottom three. I thought he did a good job on Wednesday.

I knew they weren't going to save Michael, but think they made a mistake about Alexis. I would of like to see her on the tour, she is better then Megan.

I really don't like this "save" thing the judges are doing its so unfair to the idols. Like they don't have enough stress.


3:25 PM, March 27, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PS: Ruben looked like a heart attack just waiting. He needs to take better care of himself. I thought he's keel over on stage.


3:30 PM, March 27, 2009  
Blogger Dave said...

Believe it or not, Rueben has lost weight.

Go look at some old pictures of him and he's shed a few pounds. Of course, on Rueben, he could drop a medium-sized Cambodian child and he'd still be a big and tall guy.

7:09 PM, March 27, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had hear he lost weight, but I thought he gain it all back. Well I just hope he keeps losing. He sang one song and looked like he ran a marathon.


10:10 PM, March 27, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

speaking of losing weight, have you all seen Mandisa lately?! She has lost a LOT of weight and looks fantastic!

10:19 PM, March 27, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have seen pictures of her, she looks great. Good for her.

Losing weight is hard, especially the older you get. That's why its best to work on it when your young. I give her a lot of credit.


10:54 AM, March 28, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Am I crazy or were they lip-synching their medley this week? There's no way they were singing that live - the lips and sound didn't match up.

12:13 PM, March 28, 2009  
Blogger Dave said...

They've been lip-syncing the medleys all year.

Click here

12:19 PM, March 28, 2009  

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