Thursday, February 12, 2009

forget what you saw...

On Tuesday she forgot her words and pretty much fell to pieces. And she was allowed to survive. And on the non-elevator but fancy chair show, she was put through to the top 36. But WAIT!

We have our first pre-competition casualty. Joanna Pacitti, the stage and recording veteran, has been canned "to avoid the appearance of impropriety." She has been replaced by Felicia Barton.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no clue who either of these two women are. I did watch last night, but only a few are memorable as of now.

6:19 AM, February 12, 2009  
Blogger DrillerAA said...

That's interesting.
I don't have a problem with elimination JP since she seems to have a severe case of forgetfulness on stage.

8:04 AM, February 12, 2009  
Blogger Kristi Mantoni said...

Due to her lack of remembering words, I felt she had been given a free ride into the top 36 so I'm VERY happy to have her gone. It didn't seem fair to me. I would have preferred they brought back that little spit-fire Frankie!

9:40 AM, February 12, 2009  
Blogger Kristi Mantoni said...

HEY! I just thought of something! Shouldn't they have brought back one of the ones that had to do a sing-off since they were "soooo close" to making it? I smell something fishy! Oh wait, that's how Idol always smells!

9:44 AM, February 12, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

they probably had to replace her with someone of her 'category' - you know like, "rocker" "country guy" "flamboyantly gay guy" - in this case it was the "pretty brunette girl"

3:07 PM, February 12, 2009  
Anonymous Julie said...

Do you think Tatianna will be booted for something, please, please, please!! Anything, boy she is the most annoying EVER!!

9:14 PM, February 12, 2009  
Anonymous chrisROCKS said...

Tatiana will be the first contestant in the history of AI to get the boot because of her laugh.

heee heee heee
heeeee heeee heee
hee heeeee heeeeeeeeeee
heeee heee heeee

ARRRGGGHHH!!! Makes me want to shove #2 pencils into my ears.

4:40 AM, February 13, 2009  
Anonymous chrisROCKS said...

Oh, and here are my top 12 faves:

Anne Marie Boskovich
Jackie Tohn
Lil Rounds
Taylor Vaifanua
Kristen McNamara
Arianna Afsar

Favorite of the gals: Jackie Tohn

Danny Gokey
Matt Giraud
Anoop Desai
Adam Lambert
Kai Kalama
Stephen Fowler

Favorite of the guys: Danny Gokey (my pick to be our next American Idol)

Honorable mentions:
Jasmine Murray
Michael Sarver

Favorite court jester:
Nick/Norman lol

4:49 AM, February 13, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

kay, I don't completely understand how all this three nights of 12 with three and a wildcard blah blah blah, but here's who I think will somehow end up being the top 12 finalists (6 boys/6 girls)

Alexis Grace
Casey Carlson
Jackie Tohn
Jasmine Murray
Jeanine Vailes
Lil Rounds

Danny Gokey
Brent Keith
Kris Allen (from Conway!)
Ju'Not Joyner
Matt Giraud
Ricky Braddy

~ betsy

12:16 PM, February 13, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i just read that Felicia Barton WAS part of a sing-off, they just didn't show it on the air. It says she was in a sing off with a 16-year-old contestant, so it's not clear which girl she went against since there are a few 16 year olds in the group...


7:43 PM, February 14, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Except for a few of the contestants, the rest are a blur to me. Its way too soon for me to pick who will end up the top 12.

So far the only thing I know is I DON'T want Tatiana, that girls a mental case! The only reason shes there is for the drama. I know she can sing but she not that good! I wonder if its an act or if shes just nuts. She makes ya want to turn off the TV.


10:14 AM, February 15, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

she makes me want to stop watching, too. UGH. She can sing, but there were a lot of people who could sing better and got kicked off.

10:20 AM, February 15, 2009  

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