Wednesday, February 14, 2007

hollywood: don't forget the words...

So Nigel Lythgoe says there wasn't enough "good stuff" from the Hollywood rounds to merit more than one hour. Horse hockey. But whatever.

Reducing Hell Week to one hour doesn't give us much time to get a sense of who might and who won't make it far, but I'll give it a shot. Who do I think are shoo-ins to leave tonight as members of the top 24?

Melinda Doolittle. We didn't get much of a chance to see her last night, but her friend Mandisa (remember her?) has blogged that she "made it far." But even without Mandisa's help, Melinda's got some pipes.

Chris Sligh. I'm telling you, if this guy doesn't move forward, I won't watch. He's unique, he's funny and he's a great singer. Heck, after that group performance, I hope all four of them land in next week's semi-final.

Gina Glocksen. I never understood last year's fanship that Gina received, but I do now. Another year older and wiser, and she's a lock for the semi-finals.

Sanjaya Malakar. The fact that he was sadder for his sister's cut than he was happy for his own advancement just endeared this kid to me and about a thousand other people. Problem is, now I have to learn how to spell his name. And I thought Maroulis was tough.

Antonella Barba. The only survivor of the Barbie triplets. I can't believe that the producers used that much footage for somebody who's not going through.

Rudy Cardenes and Blake Lewis. I wouldn't have given either too much thought until that showstopper group number. And Lewis' beatboxing, I think, is a breath of fresh air that the producers and judges are looking for. If there's one sacrifice from that group of four, it's Tom Lowe.

And one "favorite" who I think is on thin ice is Sundance Head, who survived despite two horrific auditions. And things to be grateful for? The end of Shakira, uhh, I mean Purla, who somehow managed to make Brenna, from last year, seem charming and the bye-bye we got to wave to Matt Sato, his tears, his pimples, his cellphone and his mom. But at least mom's proud of him.

We'll find out tonight who we'll get to hear next week, as each of the remaining forty kids takes that long and loud walk to "the chair."

This game is most definitely on...



Anonymous ChrisROCKS said...

I'm with you, Jennifer. I love Chris Sligh! He's got a great voice AND a great personality! I love a good sense of humor. And what's not to love about Sanjaya? He's beyond adorable! :)

I must say, I was sad to see Matt Sato go. He's got a great voice, especially for one so young. But alas! nerves got the better of him and he forgot his lyrics. That's a no-no of epic proportions! Which is the only reason why Bailey Brown got cut. I hope the two of them come back next year.

As for the women, my money is on Melinda Dolittle. If anyone has just cause to have 'tude, it's her. The girl has amazing pipes! But she's incredibly humble. I can't believe she's been doing back-up for so long and never ventured to the front before now. WOW...she's fantastic!

Anyway, looking forward to the coming months and your witty commentary. You're a hoot!


7:40 AM, February 15, 2007  

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