Wednesday, January 17, 2007

minneapolis: other door...

What do you say about a premiere episode of American Idol when the most entertaining character was a locked door? What do you say? How about that was two hours of my life that I will never get back.

One would presume that even a show as iconic as Idol would want to begin its sixth season with a bang. Wimper was more like it. To sum up the show: the bad performers weren't amusing, the good ones weren't memorable, the guest judge (why do we have those?) was worthless and Paula was incoherent.

Let's hope there's a William Hung in Seattle.

But at least they're hitting the "check out these backstories" early, giving us some folks to root for, even if they're one song wonders. Gotta love Denise Jackson, the self-described "crack baby" whose golden ticket to Hollywood gave her cause to explain that she's now the only person in her family to make anything of herself. And who won't cheer for the Jarrod Fowler, the requisite active military man, winner of Reagan Idol (named for the ship), who's singing for all the troops, even if the only thing in his catalog is Rascal Flatts. We met Matt Sato, who, with a little Clearasil, might just become one of this season's traditional heartthrobs for the under 14 set.

Of the golden ticket recipients, only two of the featured ones stood out as potential live competitors. I enjoyed
Sarah Krueger, even if she did sing one of the songs I would like to see permanently retired from the show. Randy Jackson was quoted as liking a "girl with curly hair." Hers fits the bill. But so does Perle Meneses, who seemed to impress the judges with her impromptu Shakira impersonation. I expect to see Hollywood footage of her in a hot tub.

Tonight is Seattle, the city that
Simon ticked off and whose interview with Paula has become an internet sensation. And then we get a few days to recover.


Blogger sarahb14 said...

at least I'm not the only one who noticed Paula's crazy behavior... She usually waits until much later in the season to get this messed up, though! she's starting early this year. What will she be like by the end of the season?!?!

3:24 PM, January 17, 2007  
Blogger Vivian said...

I didn't get to watch the entire show last night. So, I thought since I'm snowbound today I'd watch what I taped. After reading your entry, I won't waste my time :) Maybe if I can't sleep tonight I'll turn it on :) Welcome back Jennifer! It's good to see you Idol-blogging again!

4:00 PM, January 17, 2007  
Anonymous Lisa said...

As I'm sitting here watching AI.. I had to come and find your blog... OH MY GOD.. the door.. that was soooo funny... and very sad... and tonite.... it's a slow start.. especially "pink girl".. I'll be back!!! lisa

11:39 PM, January 17, 2007  
Blogger MP said...

I just hate hate hate this part of the show, I only watch to catch the glimpse of the "good singers", the crack babies, curley hair girl and military boy... let's get to hollywood already!! More singing..less bs!

10:23 AM, January 18, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer, I've watched both shows and I keep asking myself where do they find these people. Its both scary and sad. Last night Paula was better, but she wasn't having a good day on Tuesday for sure!
I love your blog and I'm so glad your back this year. You are doing a great service for all the AI junkies. dk/Dori

10:31 AM, January 18, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi everyone!

yeah, these weren't great shows, I wish they'd show us equal time of all the people who get thru, rather than 2 hours of idiots. I always found it unfair in a popularity contest for some people to have had background stories at this stage, while others only get a quick shot with their ticket. Someone like Elliot has a big uphill battle when there is no connection with the audience because his story wasn't told. I can recall many contestants in the past I thought were better singers but lost in early voting rounds because someone else's backstory had been repeatedly pushed on us. At a minimum, that last 24 we should get bios on so we "feel" for the good stories.

As for the kids this year, I was most impressed with the brother/sister kids. The girl has an exotic look (family from India) and is naturally pretty, no need for much makeup, and the boy has a strong male voice, which I think is harder to find. Both showed good vocal control, the girl sung Summertime, and had excellent control and proper volume. She was soft and smooth and sitting in your lap for the quiet parts, then she had a top of the lungs part that was right on. And as good as she was, they liked the brother more :) Keep an eye on those two :)

As for interesting storylines, the 21 yr old Army Reserve girl, who married 2 months before her hubby went to Iraq in Dec 05 (he's still there), and she works in the family auto body shop. She sings ok, and has a chance to connect with the audience I think.

Another fave of mine, don't recall which city, is a young 16 yr old boy, who was talking to Ryan about how it was sad for him to see all the parents there. His did not support his trying for a singing career, because it had already caused financial hardship trying to pay for trips to national competitions and such he is a part of in school. He has a great voice for a guy, especially a 16 yr old, and they ended him calling home telling mom he'd made it, crying of course, and mom seemed shocked and overjoyed, and he said "she said she's proud of me" and then he bent over crying. I suspect that was the first time his mom had said that in a long time about his singing, and I got a feeling he is going to get a lot of votes if he makes it to the voting rounds.

here's hoping for a good year of Idol,


10:49 AM, January 18, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sorry - and perhaps am just getting too old - but i find their remarks cruel and mean - these poor kids get through three sets of producers and actually believe they can sing but we teach our children to not make fun of people and their appearance and here we have three adults making fun and bullying individuals - I agree with
mp who ways let's just get to Hollywood - and on with the real talent.

4:53 PM, January 18, 2007  
Blogger JR said...

Here's an idea for making the auditions more palatable. It's pretty obvious that Simon (like many of us)really doesn't really want to be there. He would be perfectly happy to start his judging at the final 24. So...have three guest judges listen to the first round and decide who goes to Hollywood. Have 1 of the regulars and 1 of the first round judges along with a new guest judge cut the Hollywood finalists down to the top 24. Now it's time to call Simon and the other regulars and tell them to join the show. Based on some of the links I've seen, we were not allowed to see some really great talent. AI would rather parade a collection of "Hotness" and mildly mentally disabled across the screen for our viewing pleasure. Personally, I probably have finished watching the auditions. I won't tune in again until we get to the final 24.
See ya then. By the way Jen...keep up the great work.
You have my admiration and sympathy if you intend to subject yourself the the remaining auditions for the sake of the blog.


10:22 PM, January 18, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I think you are missing something here. None of the "terrrible" performers thought there were going to win. Some of the ones who fall apart probably were ok during the thinning out process, but the ones like Simon's "bush baby" (i like my wife's thought on him, he looks like Golem :) ) there is no way he got thru the process without being told "hey, if you make a big stink on camera, we'll get you on TV". There's no way, in a "talent" contest, half of those people would ever get past the screeners. So you have to ask yourself, how does a William "She Bang's" Hong get thru the screeners? There's no way that person can win, so why let them thru? 1 reason only. Entertainment value of watching a train wreck :)

AI's options are, show us all 150 auditions that get thru to Hollywood, which might take 180 minutes (or 3 shows). Or, give an hour per city like this year, so we get 7 hours of nuts. This is the Jerry Springer portion of the show haha. I know people who'll only tune in for this part, and don't care about the singing. That's how I started. Season 2 I didn't really watch the singing. But season 3 got me interested in caring about the ones I liked from the tryouts. I like the dumb, bad people, but I do wish they'd give us more of the good ones so there's more of a connection to want to continue watching for those only watching the train wreck portion :)


1:20 PM, January 23, 2007  

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