Monday, July 10, 2006

monday news & notes...

The tour is getting great reviews, despite the generic aluminum foil set and is stopping next in Albany, NY (July 11) and in Hershey, PA (July 12). Of course most venues sold out of tickets within minutes of opening them up for distribution, so the only way to get tickets at this point is to go through those generous third-party vendors.

So I was curious (and evidentially bored, but that's a different story) so I decided to do some window (monitor?) shopping. The best seat ticket for Elliott's hometown, Richmond, VA on July 29 would set me back $585 per ticket. But if I wanted to go just down the road, so to speak, the night before in Washington, D.C., the best seat would cost me $1,535. If I wanted to wait until July 30 when the kids arrive in Greensboro, N.C., well, I would be waiting awhile, as no tickets are available. Best available in Birmingham, AL, Taylor's stomping grounds, are going for $825, the same price that tickets in Los Angeles, presuming Katharine has recovered by August 26, are selling for. Hmm. The $385 price tag for my own state fair is looking a bit more like a bargain.

Chris Daughtry to the 19/Arista stable of musicians, as he now joins Taylor and Katharine as a new labelmate.

American Idol, Season 5 picked up eight Emmy nominations, including best reality show. But we all know The Amazing Race will win. Again.

Poptarts, the official sponsor of the AI Tour is featuring
behind-the-scenes videos of the kids as they go from stage to stage. Of course the catch is that you have to actually buy the Poptarts to get the codes that you need to unlock the videos. It helps to have grandkids who will actually eat the Poptarts, but I'm sure neighbor kids would be willing to make the sacrifice. Just be sure to buy the boxes that actually say "Webicodes." The one with American Idol Celebration splashed all over the front of the box contains nothing. Except the Poptarts, of course.

By all accounts Katharine McPhee is still on total voice rest, so her return (debut?) with the tour is still undetermined.

Got any news? Leave a link in the comments.

And happy summer!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was interested to see how much tickets would be in my area and I could get a seat for a total of $80 and it was a pretty good seat, but that is in Rochester, NY not sure what the prices are anywhere else!!!

4:19 PM, July 10, 2006  
Blogger j_snow said...

Not sure how common this is..... Local girl Ayla Brown is getting plenty of work. She had an appearance at a local mall, sang at the New England Revolution soccer team game and is appearing at the Theo Epstein (Red Sox GM) "Hot Stove & Cool Music" fundraiser. That's just the ones I remember. Do other "not quite ready for primetime" contestants get so much more than their alloted 15 minutes?

7:16 AM, July 11, 2006  
Blogger VTMolly said...

I was at the Albany, NY concert last night. VERY good. Katherine McPhee wasn't there but everyone did a great job. Elliott's mom was in the audience. He said it was the first time she'd seen him in concert. The audience members kept getting their pictures taken with her - it was too cute. When it was Elliott's turn on stage they let her come right up to the front and stand to watch (why she didn't have front row seats I'm not quite sure...).

It kind of felt like I was right at a taping of the show - just more songs being sung.

11:27 AM, July 12, 2006  
Blogger VTMolly said...

I just want to update my above posting about last night's tour stop in Albany.

I read the paper reviews and they were less than kind.. Specifically to Taylor who even I have to agree didn't do an A+ job. I enjoyed the show but Taylor's portion kind of did a nose dive in the audience energy area. His quirky moves were present and great though! You can read the review for yourself at the following Link:

2:24 PM, July 12, 2006  
Blogger laura said...

Auditions for season 6 have been announced!

Los Angeles
Tues. Aug. 8, 2006

San Antonio
Fri. Aug. 11, 2006

New York
Continental Air. Arena
Mon. Aug. 14, 2006

Mon. Aug. 21, 2006

Sun. Sep. 3, 2006

Target Center
Fri. Sep. 8, 2006

Tue. Sep. 19, 2006

3:56 PM, July 12, 2006  

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