Wednesday, May 03, 2006

nigel speaks...

Nothing terribly earthshattering coming from Nigel today, except news for next week.

In a nutshell he thinks Taylor was the only one last night who did well on both songs. The others, he says, fell flat on at least one of their selections. [Tell us something we don't know already.]

In fact, Nigel, in honor of Scott Savol night, said he preferred Savol's On Broadway to Elliott's. And while he didn't specifically invoke the Savol name a second time, one can presume he felt the same about Katharine's Against All Odds, remarking snippily "I didn't like it." But there was laughter from Lythgoe, even if there wasn't from Simon, about the "Brokenote Mountain" moment between Ryan and Taylor as both of them lay on the seal. And his fave performance? That would be Kat's second one, the one about the horse and the tree.

Yep. Brokenote. That's what immediately came to my mind too.

There's a big group sing planned for tonight, a song called Together We Are One, which was written for the British Commonwealth Games, and will include a huuuuuge choir. Oh goody. Choir night! That's always a good moment. And then we'll kill one of them. The kids. Not the choir. I think.

And next week it's YES! Elvis night. The kids are heading to Graceland, where they'll be hosted by Priscilla Presley and Tommy Mottola, who will guide the kids through the Elvis catalog for each of them to select - hold on! - TWO Elvis songs to sing.

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