Wednesday, May 03, 2006

wednesday morning quarterbacking...

Okay, so I watched the show again. And I've taken the time to listen to each of the audio files, which can reveal all kinds of things - both good and bad - that watching a performance may not, and I need to do a little rearranging of my early impressions.

Katharine's Against All Odds should clearly and without compare, rank as the worst performance of the night, even though Paris' Kiss is nipping at its heels. And I am prepared to say that, as of today, I officially hate that song. (Well, actually, I hate both, but I never did like Kiss, so Paris didn't cause my disdain.) Anytime a performance makes me miss Scott Savol, well, let's just say that's not a good sign.

And I must admit that I have been playing Taylor's Something over and over, much in the same way I listened to Elliott last week. If Taylor were to record that song, it might be the first Idol single I've purchased since Bridge over Troubled Water.

And I've been prancing through the blogosphere and the wonderful world of the message boards too. Here's what I have to say.

Quit hating on Taylor's paisley shirt! Of course it was hideous. That was its beauty. Everything we wore in 1976 was hideous. Just look at my high school yearbook! But we were stylin' then. So just quit it.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Taylor figured out a way to sing a 37-year-old song on current hits night. Good for him. If we recall correctly, Crazy Little Thing Called Love was a Big Band song and Vehicle was a 70s Dance Tune. There are always loopholes, and I applaud the kids for exploiting them to their own advantage. Besides, considering Try a Little Tenderness is now not considered a "love song," what works one way must work another.

I'm glad nobody else can figure out why in hell Katharine spent her entire second number on the floor either. Makes me not feel stupid. But I give her props for the bare feet.

And okay, so they got clearance for a Beatles song. (Okay, so it's a George Harrison song, not a Lennon/McCartney one. Whatever.) And Randy made a point of wishing for a Beatles night. Could the proprietors of the Beatles catalog be paying attention to the business side as opposed to the artistic side of things and watching what happens to sales after an Idol performance? Could it possibly signal a thawing in the reluctance to clear rights? Could it be? Let it Be.

And Paula is much more fun when she's looped, isn't she? Cause when she's apparently sober she says smart things like preferring Paris singing "old" songs when the poor girl was forced to sing something from 1988.

So DialIdol has Kat and Paris as the two projected candidates for execution tonight. Hmm. I don't see those two as the bottom two, considering Katharine's massive voting bloc and one really crappy performance. And Elliott and Chris are an eyelash apart, but both potential bottom three dwellers, even though we've passed the point of bottom threeing these folks.

I would fall over dead if Paris weren't on the seal tonight, and a pairing with Chris wouldn't shock me, considering that Clive Davis probably already has Chris' song choice selected, and what better way to rev up voters than a near-miss, but I'm still sticking with the expectation that Paris will get a big hug tonight from Elliott, who will inherit her Houdini hat going into the final four.

And speaking of next week, by all rights that should be the Elvis night we were promised earlier in the season, considering the following week is final three night (also known as the Clive show) where the three remaining kids sing three songs, one chosen by Clive Davis, one selected especially for them by one of the judges (beware the Paula pick) and a third of their own choosing.

I want Elvis night. And I already have Elliott's song picked out. Elliott, have your people (mom) call me.

Here they are:

Who I want: none of them or all of them
Who should: Paris and Katharine. (Paris)
Who will: Paris and Elliott.

And Paris will leave because she sang second, dammit, and the second singer always goes away on final five night. Haven't we learned that by now?

Okay. Quarterback away.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even though Kat's first performance was reminiscent of a Kellie pickler nightmare, her second one was above and beyond all the other singers for the night, her one performance was the best of the night, hands down.


12:37 PM, May 03, 2006  
Blogger laura said...

Props to you for venturing anywhere near the message boards. I can't stand all the teeny-bopper-ness there. Thanks for translating the gossip out of textmessageese (ace = soooo gr8 n hawt i luuuuv him 4eva!) back to english and posting it here!

1:52 PM, May 03, 2006  
Blogger John said...

I don't know about the 2nd singer theory, but I agree Paris will leave tonight. I like her a lot and thought she did well. But someone has to go and she's been flirting with around with the "low votes" for a while. Elliot might be the other low vote person.

2:01 PM, May 03, 2006  
Blogger jennifer said...

LOL Don't give me too many props, cause I wouldn't go to the scary place if you paid me. Yikes. I kinda lurk in the places where the grownups play. Cause I don't care if Chris is kEwL or that Elliott and Taylor are ewww.


2:19 PM, May 03, 2006  
Blogger purplvr said...

Something my music industry/audio expert guy mentioned to me lastnight has been bugging me ever since ...
He knows Chris is my fave (Taylor is his) and he said he wasn't going to vote for Chris lastnight. Why? Because as good as Chris is, he can only see him fronting a band, not going solo. I, of course, argued the point of how other former front men (and women) in bands have gone solo. He pointed out that not many of them have had tons of success. I hope he's not right because ever since he's mentioned it, I can kind of see where he's coming from. Any one of remaining other 4 could easily be solo singers but can anyone see Chris that way? Just throwing it out there. Don't get me wrong, though. I'm backing Chris all the way and he'll get my vote every time! I feel like he's safe for tonight; I'd rather see Kat go. That last number she did while on her knees on the floor was just plain weird. I kept waiting for her to point to the ceiling and shout, "Da plane, da plane"!!! ;-p

5:47 PM, May 03, 2006  
Blogger jennifer said...

I agree about Chris, but I said the same about Bo.

And I spit all over the screen a da plane. :D I hope somebody explains the message behind the sit-in.

5:50 PM, May 03, 2006  
Anonymous Big Easy said...

I really wish Fox would release the actual voting numbers, or percentages! But anyway...

My Top 5 of this week

1. Taylor
2. Paris
3. Chris
4. Katherine
5. Elliot

Based on performance, of course it won't end up in this order, but in my opinion that's the way it should go. Taylor was great, weird shirt or not, he was what you would expect from a great singer like him.

Paris if she is anything, is consistent. Too bad she can't seem to get a solid enough voting block to keep her out of the bottom 3 every week, I don't think she is bottom 3 talent.
Chris sounded like his voice has just about had for the week. Hopefully he can rest up and have a good week next week. Even though I don't especially like the kind of music he is into, he's talented.

Katherine, along with Taylor is who I think should be in the final on merit, had a bad song, and we all know what 1 bad song will get you. Don't we Tamyra? She deserves to be in the bottom 2 or 3 tonight, but survive it.

Elliot gave 2 mediocre performances of great songs and should go.

7:54 PM, May 03, 2006  

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