Saturday, April 29, 2006

hopes, wishes, videos and songlists...

Five kids, three decades of music. Oh where to begin.

Of course the final five are doubling up on the song selections next week, choosing one currently on the top ten charts and another from waaaaaay back, ahem, a song that hit the airwaves in the year they were born, which leaves us three in the 1970s and two from the 80s.

The spoilers are slowing trickling out about possible song selections from the current charts, and, since I am as familiar with today's music as I am rebuilding an automotive transmission, I'll leave the prognostication of that music to the ones in the know.

I am, however, familiar with songs from as long ago as 1976, because I was, well, alive then. And they've already devoted an entire theme night to the decade of my birth. I'll let you figure it out.

Some great song suggestions have already been offered in the comment threads in the entries below, and I've labored long and hard through the top singles lists from the kids' birthyears. Now of course we don't know what songs are cleared, or clearable, and affordable, but if artists are paying attention and need the boost in sales, they're not going to play hard to get. Just ask Daniel Powter (Bad Day). And if they think a performance of the song won't help record sales, all they need do is check out Donny Hathaway's Greatest Hits, which went from obscurity on to #27 in rank immediately following Elliott Yamin's exquisite offering of A Song For You.

So all we can do is peruse the lists, spend a few moments remembering good old days and come up with a very personal wish list.

And that's what I've done.

Paris Bennett is the youngest, born in 1988, when Whitney Houston was all over the charts. Whitney might be hard to resist, so, if she simply must choose one of her 1988 hits, I would recommend Where Do Broken Hearts Go. But I can also picture Paris grooving to Natalie Cole's Pink Cadillac or Pebbles' Girlfriend. But just for fun, I would throw her a few votes if she selected Straight Up, by none other than Paula Abdul. (Then, of course, I would hope that Simon would tell her by doing Abdul she's coming out telling people she's as good as Abdul and that she's no Paula Abdul, or something along those lines.)

The other 80s youngster is Katharine McPhee, who I would most enjoy watching perform Elton John's I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues or Peabo Bryson's If Ever You're In My Arms Again. But if she insists upon singing a 1984 girl song, how about Strut by Sheena Easton or, better yet, Self Control by Laura Branigan.

I have to admit that I had the most difficulty with Chris, not that 1979 didn't have some great music, but there's only one song that I would love to hear from him, because I [heart] Bad Company. And I [heart] Rock & Roll Fantasy. So that's it. One wish.

Elliott could sing the 1978 phone directory and I would be happy, so trying to limit my wishes for him was a difficult endeavor. Absolutely number one on my Elliott wish list is I Go Crazy by Paul Davis, followed very closely by Meat Loaf's Two Out of Three Ain't Bad. But I would not be offended by Dan Hill's Sometimes When We Touch. And I would probably smile upon hearing How Much I Feel, by Ambrosia.

And then there's the 1976 baby, Taylor Hicks. And one of my absolute favorite 70s artists is Dr. Hook, so there's a little bias here, I admit freely. So Dr. Hook it is. How about Only Sixteen, since Sylvia's Mother is too old. Or, perhaps, A Little Bit More? No? Okay then, why not consider I'd Really Love to See You Tonight by England Dan and John Ford Coley or
You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate. Yeah. How about those? (I know most people are screaming Seger, so I purposely didn't, but I would not object...)

Okay, you have song ideas? Did I skip over any obvious ones? Just want to tell me I'm nuts? The comment lines are now open.

P.S. I actually spent some time this morning on the official site, which, in the past has been, well, worthless. Looks like they're getting the clue over there that we want to see video. I just love the crappy Ford commercials, and they have each of them on streaming video, just in case you're interested in reliving Kevin Covais in the sand.
Here's how to get there.

And, while they've not been formally announced, it appears that the track listing for the compilation CD is in place. We already know a few of these, because the ousted contestants have shared the song they chose to perform, but this listing has some legs, so I pretty much believe it is, at least mostly, correct. No word yet on the lineup, though. So these are listed alphabetically.

Ace = Father Figure.
Bucky = Superstition.
Chris =
Wanted Dead or Alive.
Elliott =
Moody's Mood for Love.
Katharine =
Kellie =
Walkin' After Midnight.
Kevin = When I Fall in Love.
Lisa =
Signed, Sealed, Delivered.
Mandisa =
I'm Every Woman.
Melissa =
What About Love.
Paris =
Midnight Train to Georgia.
Taylor =
Takin' It to the Streets.


Blogger becca said...

I'm somewhat up on new songs so here's my songs for each contestant:
Paris-SOS by Rihanna or Check on It by Beyonce
Katherine-You're Beautiful by James Blunt
Elliot-Run It! by Chris Brown
Taylor-Who Says You Can't go Home by Bon Jovi
Chris-Dirty Little Secret by All American Rejects

3:14 PM, April 29, 2006  
Blogger lorguru said...

becca...those are good suggestions. I love
"You're Beautiful" and think Katherine could do a good job with it.
Jenn...I like your ideas for the birthyear songs too.

4:29 PM, April 29, 2006  
Blogger Sunny said...

HAHA! I would LOVE to hear Chris sing Dirty Little Secret, but I just don't think it will happen. I think his voice is too deep for it. I'm still guessing Staind.

Jenn, I was going to mention You Sexy Thing in my comment, but then I thought maybe that's just me trying to be too funny. I am SO glad you mentioned it, cos now I know it IS a possibility!

p.s.~ Great job on this blog, your suggestions are wonderful!

4:37 PM, April 29, 2006  
Blogger jennifer said...

I think Taylor would do You Sexy Thing great! It's a fun song, and Taylor's a fun guy.

5:20 PM, April 29, 2006  
Blogger Nelle said...

I love your pics for Elliott and would LOVE to hear him do any of those songs.

9:05 AM, April 30, 2006  
Blogger MP said...

The song that I HATED was Ace doing Father Figure..if he sings that on the CD then I'll have to watch him do that in concert..and I don't want that to happen!!

11:51 AM, May 01, 2006  
Blogger laura said...

I love the lineup for the compilation cd except i would have rather had chris singing Hemmorhage instead of Wanted Dead or Alive. I happened last year, too, because i wanted Carrie singing Alone, and we got Independence Day. ugh.

1:48 PM, May 01, 2006  
Blogger jennifer said...

Laura, I thought the same thing. I thought Hemmorhage was his best performance. And I got SO sick of Independence Day and Carrie.

1:59 PM, May 01, 2006  

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