Tuesday, April 25, 2006

sing me a love song...

Six. It's down to six. That's half of 12. And they're charged with singing "classic" love songs, whatever that means, with the help of Andrea Bocelli.

It's the last week of single songs, as next week the remaining five will get to double our pleasure with two performances each, but at least we get to double the phone lines this week in the hopes of hearing something besides busy signals and that terribly annoying er Er ER...all circuits are busy...hang up and vote for somebody else business.

It's gonna be tough to top last week's standards, but, considering love songs and standards pretty much cross wires, it's a possibility. But it's easy to figure out early that this ain't last week's show. What was good can be bad again. With some exceptions, of course.

So here they are, subject to review and revision and, as always, from worst to first:

I wish people would stop trying Unchained Melody, if only because it's a long song so the arrangement to 90 seconds really messes it up. But it doesn't mess it up as much as Pickler does. She hits a bad note in the front of the song and seems never to find the right note after that. Randy says the only note on pitch was the high one. Hell, that one was like nails on the proverbial chalkboard. David Foster tells her that the song without passion is the most boring song ever. She had more passion in the pre-song interview, pandering for a boyfriend. Paula says yuck. Simon is so critical the music cuts him off before the Pick can draw tears. That was a disaster beyond even Pickler proportions.

Katharine starts off the show and wallops us over the head with Whitney's I Have Nothing. Her dad is in the audience, crying as usual when his girl sings, and everyone else is just ducking as she appears ready to beat the crap out of anyone crossing her spotlight. The parts of the song she doesn't scream she goes off tune and the parts she doesn't scream or go off tune, she's okay. Randy says ick. Paula says yuck. Simon reminds her that she's no Whitney. But at least she looked pretty.

Taylor is very "interesting" according to Bocelli and the one with the most charisma, according to David Foster. But according to the judges, his version of Just Once is the equivalent to a Holiday Inn lounge act. While it's better than the two-third of the women combined, it doesn't have the flair or the originality of earlier Taylor performances, and, while not bad, not the best song he could have selected, considering the thousands of available titles.

Maybe Paris should have watched the movie The Way We Were before deciding to smile throughout the title song. I'm a little scared right now that I'm going to totally agree with Paula that Paris totally oversang the song. Perhaps these kids need to remember that the people who've done this for a living know what they're talking about when they say less is more, as Foster suggests to her, but, in comparison with the other women, she's a dream. The judges give her a lukewarm reception, and none of them mention how cute her hair is. This week.

Chris once again avoids the rock and wisely shows the love with Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman, delivering with ease one of the two top performances of a dreary night, ending with a mere three minutes until House, giving the judges only enough time to shout "great" and "love" before being shuttled off stage by Ryan. Chris is consistently reminding me why I initially selected him to win this whole thing.

Okay, so today's my birthday. And I told one of my bestest friends that all I wanted was for Elliott to have one of those Idol moments. He takes on Donnie Hathaway's A Song For You, complete with Donnie's daughter on backup. Randy hates the arrangement but thinks Elliott is the bomb. Paula tells him, through tears, that he is an American Idol. Simon calls it a master class in vocals. I just say Happy Birthday. I adore this man.

Okay, I'm going to do a bottom three long before DialIdol can skew my thinking. I'll see if tomorrow my views change.

Who I want: Pickler, Pickler, Pickler
Who should: Pickler, Katharine, Paris
Who will: Paris, Katharine, Pickler

Who will go? Despite a decent performance amid some not so decent ones, I fear Paris will be remembering The Way They Were.

Your turn.


Blogger laura said...

Idol on your birthday? how appropriate! Have a good one!

Oh pickler sucked the big one tonight. my god, that was painful.

9:10 PM, April 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I urge all of you to pick us your phones and vote for Paris...maybe we can knock out Pickler by doing so! I detest her. I'd only switch Elliot and Chris in your order...because Chris is just...yummy! -Jenna

9:11 PM, April 25, 2006  
Blogger Monica said...

This is my first time commenting,but I am here EVERY week. Well, a several times a week actually. :o)

Just wanted to say you have a great AI site.



9:13 PM, April 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, my, oh, my! I'm dying in here!!! I couldn't see (I'm really hating myself right now for being in Brazil!)... Did the judges reaallllyyy loved Elliott's performance???? Did really Paula (crying) say that he's the American Idol???? AAAAHHHHH!!!!! I'm dying in here!!!!

Jennifer, I think you've got what you wanted...


9:22 PM, April 25, 2006  
Anonymous KayMay said...

Personally, I really liked Katherine's performance. I thought it was great. Chris was great as well. Every week I hold out hope for the Pickle to get speared, but maybe this week? I've never heard such a bad Unchained Melody. Taylor wasn't as good as usual either... :(

Great site, love this blog, and happy birthday!

9:31 PM, April 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy B Day! I agree with your comments about tonight's show. Elliot was GREAT and I hope that Kellie goes home tomorrow. Paris picks the wrong song every time. She has a wonderful voice but I didn't feel any passion tonight. Katherine thinks she has it all sewn up...so I hope she doesn't win.
Chris was Chris. I loved the way Taylor sang tonight. I can't wait for tomorrow.

9:32 PM, April 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kellie, Paris, Taylor (or Katharine)

Kellie to go (Like Jenna said- better vote for Paris a lot for that to happen).

I've come to the conclusion that Chris is mesmerized by the camera - but he did seem to remember to force a bit of a smile in there!

Happy Birthday!


9:32 PM, April 25, 2006  
Blogger Sunny said...

Ok, I'm going to be shorter than usual tonight because I have a massive headache ever since Paris sang.

I really hate AI right now; the judges, the producers, and even Chris for getting the last spot which I don't think he deserved. (You don't scream one of the most beautiful songs written!)

Katharine did good tonight. Not one of her best performances but I did watch it over and it was not half as bad as they thought. The crowd was booing when stupid Randy(who I now officially hate) said she did bad. She still gets my votes, especially cos they put her in the DMW spot (insert angry face).

Paris not only gave me a headache but bored me to pieces. I hope she goes home! Ugh, the agony of having to listen to her any more! I would rather see Pickler stay another week longer than her!

The only thing that I did agree on was Elliott. He was wonderful but got the #2 spot. HE should have been last to sing. Happy Birthday Jennifer, Elliott did awesome!

9:36 PM, April 25, 2006  
Anonymous Mary Ann said...

Trenyce sang the crap out of "I Have Nothing" in Season 2, I STILL have the clip in my song files...and nobody will every sing Unchained Melody like Clay did.

Having said all that...just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday!! I read your blog three or four times a week; love it. Keep up the great work. Thanks.

9:36 PM, April 25, 2006  
Blogger purplvr said...

If Pickler doesn't get the boot this week, then it will be completely and utterly clear to me that this is NOT a true singing competition. I know she has a huge fan base (or did, anyway) and that is the only reason she's made it this far. I just hope she gets kicked off tomorrow night because one more week of her is going to have me eating calamari while crying suds in a bucket!!!!

9:39 PM, April 25, 2006  
Blogger JR said...

Wanna borrow my Snot Rag? I don't have a boyfriend. I don't have a pottery mate. I don't have no momma. Daddy's in jail. Can I have your sympathy vote? Simon, don't make me cry.
Just get on the next stinkin' plane and go home!!!

9:46 PM, April 25, 2006  
Blogger JR said...

Oh yeah...Happy Birthday Jennifer.
Great site. I'm here more often than I care to admit.

9:47 PM, April 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pickler should have been gone weeks ago, but as long as you are perky, pretty, and pouty, there must be a built-in vote out there for you! Sad to say, but why else is she surviving? Even Andrea Bocelli knew she was blond...

9:51 PM, April 25, 2006  
Blogger Ravleen said...

I read this blog all the time, and I have to say your comments are spot-on. :) Paris is probably leaving, though there's a change the Pickle might do so.

You know what I'm afraid of? Pickle will be in the bottom three, but she won't leave. Her fans will be sparked - she will get more votes than ever and the pimp spot. :(

Do they do bottom three or two on top 6 night? I hope that it's bottom two and Kellie won't be revealed (so she get a multitude of votes)

9:53 PM, April 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One thing is certain, the boys belong 123 - and the girls 456. From the very beginning it was apparent that the male field was the strongest!

Happy Birthday Jennifer. Thank you - thank you - and thank you!

10:00 PM, April 25, 2006  
Blogger JR said...

Dial Idol has it a Girls only party tomorrow night on the stage of death with Paris going home. However Pickles is second lowest and the margin of error is low enough that she could find herself in the security check point line at LAX tomorrow night. We can only hope.While Katharine is third low, she is comfortably out of reach of the other two. Judges panning her, probably brought out all of her power voters.

10:07 PM, April 25, 2006  
Anonymous Laura said...

I've never left a comment before, but I just wanted to say Happy Birthday!!!! Elliott's performance tonight was definitely an awesome birthday gift!

Every week I love him more and more and I never think it's possible to love him more than I do.

*resumes listening to Unchained Melody over and over to erase Kellie's butchering from my mind*

10:21 PM, April 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Erik's bottom three: Chris, Kellie, Paris.

Erik's pick to go home: Paris.

(ErikJHeels.com is 7/9 in picking the bottom American Idol contestants over the past three weeks.)

10:24 PM, April 25, 2006  
Anonymous Erik J. Heels said...

Erik's bottom three: Chris, Kellie, Paris.

Erik's pick to go home: Paris.

(ErikJHeels.com is 7/9 in picking the bottom American Idol contestants over the past three weeks.)

10:25 PM, April 25, 2006  
Anonymous Beancounter_in_Birmingham said...

Katharine did better than the judges gave her credit for. If she had followed Pickler, she would have received more favorable comments. If for no other reason than the flash she gave us... " I see London, I see France..."


Taylor underperformed, but his following knows it and will once again keep him out of the bottom three.

Chris impressed me the most, followed by Elliot, Katharine, Taylor, Paris, Pickler.

10:57 PM, April 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this blog, I'm almost as anxious to see what you have to say as I am to see who does good and who should go. LOOOOVE Elliot, if he put a CD out tonight, I would be in line first thing in the morning to buy it, plus he seems like a really nice person. I'm really gonna miss this blog after AI is over.

10:59 PM, April 25, 2006  
Anonymous Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday! You do a great job with this site, I really enjoy it!
I hope we all get a present tomorrow and Kellie gets the boot, but I have a feeling it will be Paris.

11:04 PM, April 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really really hope Katherine doesn't go home this week, she had a bad night but she is still better than Kelli by a long shot.

11:13 PM, April 25, 2006  
Blogger tracyintpa said...

Happy Birthday, Jennifer!! Love this blog as much (almost) as I love the show. I predict Paris will go home tomorrow. Pickler is a crappier singer, but she has more charisma. Paris is just odd. And she picked totally the wrong song for herself. Too old for her and you don't smile during that song. Go Taylor!!!!! (not his best night but I still love him!)

11:43 PM, April 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jennifer! Good news, we are disagreeing again! LOL! You will have to read my entry to see how FAR we disagree though. I want PICKLER GONE!!!!

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Glad you got your wish with Elliott tonight. He was AWESOME! :)

11:43 PM, April 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kellie picked a pack of pickled lyrics, how many bag can Pickler pack before she gets pickled?

11:55 PM, April 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmm, Kat definitely wasn't "bad" like the judges made her out. The song was upbeat, she was looking good, but she needs to stop smiling like she's posing for pictures everytime the camera comes in, it messes up here singing (all the girls seem to suffer from this syndrome).

Elliot was good, please stop showing frontal shots of his mouth when he sings a note like near the end, I think it was an Oooooooohhh, where he puckers up. It's disturbing. Chris sang much better tonight for me and my wife than previous weeks, and Taylor was solid, if a little too causious in his movements, I like him best when he does those spastic head throw-backs and hand claps :)

Paris didn't sing bad, but couldn't have been more boring, and Kellie, wow that was just terrible. She's really fallen apart the past two weeks, I would guess nerves are really getting to her, or she got wind of her "fanbase" and decided she was a shoe-in for the top 4 and started mailing it in. Either way, Pickles deserves to go, but my money would be on Paris, since she doesn't have a history of high votes. The one possible saving grace for Paris could be simply the race card. Being the only non white left, you would sort of assume she'll get the minority vote, but I would question how many are still watching with Mandisa's early exit and Paris's overall seeming low vote totals. I'd rather see paris stay at this point, based on the past 2 weeks, but neither has really done enough consistantly to make the top 4. And there has to be a little concern for Kat with the early slot and judge bashing.

Gone: either P, who cares at this point, they both haven't earned top 4 status.


11:58 PM, April 25, 2006  
Anonymous Getting Curious said...


Oh my gosh, what the heck is wrong with her?!?!?! Why in the world did the producers sign her to three more years?? SHE IS A NUTCASE. After Elliot was done and she was crying and blabbering on... oh man, I couldn't even look at the TV, I had to hide my face cos she was just a blithering IDIOT! I did, however, quite enjoy Simon laughing at her. That was great.

Oh yeah, and then her whole, "We love you Taylor!!!" I was wondering if she was gonna throw her panties at him or something... She is such a freak.

Ok, this is what I thought of them all:

Katharine: For the very first time, I thought she was great. I was really shocked by what the judges said. But the thing is, if you do a Whitney Houston song, you have to expect them to say these things to you. It's season 5 for goodness' sake, have the contestants not learned what songs they need to stay away from?? And has she been taking wardrobe advice from Paula?? PLEASE PUT YOUR BOOBS AWAY.

Elliot - Unbelievable - the kid is amazing. I love him. Excellent performance and great reviews. NICE.

Who was next.... Pickler??? She sucked. Bit the big one. She looked horrible, that hairdo was UGLY.

Paris - I think she was just as bad as Pickler... at least almost. I want one of those 2 to go home, I don't care which. Actually, I would prefer Pickler. A little.

Taylor... I can't even decide how I felt about it. I think it was way better than the judges said, but not great. I love when he goes nuts dancing.

Chris - I was afraid of him singing Bryan Adams... I LOVE Bryan Adams. But he did really well... I wasn't into the little screamy part he did in the middle, but he did better in the beginning and the end and I think it was the 2nd best of the night.

Bottom 3: The girls

Going Home: Paris or Kellie. Or hopefully BOTH.

12:49 AM, April 26, 2006  
Blogger John said...

OK, Paula HAD TO be drunk tonight! Whoa!!! The crying thing for Elliot and her weird interruption of Simon when she basically agreed about Taylor but started shouting over Simon - "But we LOVE Taylor" or whatever.

OK, here's what I think will happen (and this is not necessarily how I think they did, just what will happen):

Bottom 3 - Paris, Pickler, Elliot

I don't know why Paris struggles in this competition because she is one of the two best singer/performers remaining. But she does.

Pickler has to go - PLEASE (but she won't. I even hesitate to place her in the bottom)

Elliot - did damn good tonight. And will go home.

I know a lot of people think Kat did really bad and it certainly wasn't close to as good as last week, but I think she has become incredibly popular.

3:02 AM, April 26, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bye Pickler. I think I'm one of the few who liked you, but it's time for you to leave my TV. Did any of you notice that Chris was looking right at ME when he sang?

Too old for this....

7:55 AM, April 26, 2006  
Anonymous the suz said...

Note to Paula: HORMONE THERAPY - NOW!! Dialed for Elliott for 1 1/2
hrs last nite, got thru only 10
times. Hope that's a good sign.
I do love Taylor and Chris, but
Elliott is by far the best singer
this season. Kat is beautiful and
a great singer, but BORING!!!
Paris is very talented, but I think
her talented family has turned her
into a little old lady way before her time. She needs some fun, youthful songs! Kellie can sing
country like nobody's business, but
that's all she can sing. She's out of her element and needs to go
back home this week.
Re: the judges. I have a lot of respect for Randy. I think he knows
his stuff and is never rude, unlike
spoiled little Simon who has gotten
just plain cruel and enjoys it.
Paula would still be ok if she were
coherent. Hormone therapy and rehab
might save her.

8:36 AM, April 26, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FIrst off, Happy Birthday...

Now, why wasn't Kat allowed to sing that song and sound like KAT? Is there some law that if you sing a whitney song ya gotta sound like her? I mean, nobody else sounded like the artists they were covering, either....total bull.

I think Taylor Paris and Kellie should be in the bottom three, with Kellie going home...but of course that won't happen.

Chris was amazing, like DVR'd and watched 5 times over amazing. He even gave my Dad goosebumps...and Dad has offically dropped Kellie. Finally, he sees the light!


8:37 AM, April 26, 2006  
Blogger angelof_mercy81 said...

Happy (late) birthday, Jennifer! I hope it was a good one.

I must say that Elliott blew me away last night. I loved the song, I loved the performance, and was I the only one who thought he looked REALLY nice in that suit? :-)

For me, it was definitely a guys' night last night. You already know how I feel about Elliott's performance, and I thought Chris and Taylor did well too. I admit that I like to see Taylor perform up-tempo songs, but I still liked the one last night. And yeah, the part in the middle was a little "screamy", but for me, that's just a "Chris" thing.

Of the girls, Katharine probably did best. She still "wasn't Whitney", but she was far better than either Kellie or Paris. I felt Paris' song was too old for her, and for that matter, DON'T TAKE ON BARBRA STREISAND! For me, that's even worse than taking on Whitney.

My prediction: Ladies' night on the seal. And Paris just might sing her swan song tonight.

9:16 AM, April 26, 2006  
Blogger jennifer said...

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. It was a great day.

I am definitely adding Barbra to my list of "please don't touch these" songs. I just never thought anybody but Mikalah would be foolish enough to try.

And on a purely superficial note, didn't all three guys just look FAB in their jackets?? What a good looking group of men we have this year. What I wouldn't give for an all-male final 3. (Even though I still adore Kat.)

9:30 AM, April 26, 2006  
Anonymous Maggie said...

Happy Birthday Jennifer! Indeed you did get a splendid gift. I was a little worried when I heard Elliott was going to sing A song for you, since it was just recorded by Christina Aguilera on Herbie Hancock's cd. (performed at the Grammys) I was just as blown away as Paula and I certainly am not in need of hormone therapy. That was just great! I dialed!
I agree an all male final 3 is looking better and better. Let's hope fox/19 agrees!

10:21 AM, April 26, 2006  
Blogger John said...

The Suz said: "Paris is very talented, but I think
her talented family has turned her
into a little old lady way before her time. She needs some fun"

You hear this a LOT about Paris. Simon has said some version of it about a half dozen times this season. But part of it isn't her fault. What is she supposed to do with "Rod Stewart and American Standards"? Or even a show like last night - Great Love Songs? Anything she does, people will say - "that's too old for her". So I just judge her on her singing and stage presence and I think they are both extraordinary.

10:47 AM, April 26, 2006  
Anonymous Bonnie said...

Overall I thought it was a pretty good night.

I didn't like Elliot from the start, now as each week goes by, I'm pulling for him more and more! It'll be upsetting if he goes tonight.

Paris is my pick for gone tonight. I can't stand Pickler, but I can't stand Paris even more. I kinda want Pickler around next week so I can watch her butcher another song.

Any ideas of what next week theme is? and they each sing two songs, is that right?

1:06 PM, April 26, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Katherine was way better than the judges gave her credit for.....I think Pickler was the worst, but she has a lot more personality than Paris. I think Paris is a goner.

2:31 PM, April 26, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paula is NUTZ!! why did they have to re-up her? ack! she could be the downfall of the show! haha. I wouldn't mind seeing Randy go, mostly because of all his dawg this and dawg that. He's also a little confusing for me, as only about 50% of the time are we in agreement. I tend to agree with Simon 80 to 90% to the time.

Anyone else think that producer fella, David, would make a good judge? He reminded me a little of Simon. I could imagine those two going at it to see who could come up with the worst thing to say each week :) hahaha

Is there anyone else with no career now who could take over for Paula? Someone with talent? Hey, what about someone like Gloria Estafan? But she might actually be touring still. Anyone who isn't such a sap would be nice :)

though you do have to wonder how much of those comments are discussed during the singing, and the 3 decide who'll say what to keep of thinking a certain way of each of them? And I too loved it when Simon was cracking up at Paula, then Randy asks him why he's laughing, and Simon says "I'm not laughing" hahahaha that was the highlight of the past 3 weeks :)


2:44 PM, April 26, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Favorite AI Blog, Jennifer. Love Your Commentary -- Thank You Your Time & Effort Here!

Elliot the Underdog All the Way, Foax -- Keep Dialin', Keep Smilin'

2:44 PM, April 26, 2006  
Anonymous Niki said...

Pickler, Pickler, Pickler, Kellie, Kellie, Kellie, Kellie Pickler will go.

2:48 PM, April 26, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sooo glad that I am reading that others are not fans of Paris. I have disliked her from the beginning, not because of her voice (she sings great,..no talking please) but her mother, grandmother and who knows who else could get her a record contract, so why does she need idol...just annoying...GO ELLIOT

4:18 PM, April 26, 2006  
Blogger AlbGlinka said...

It's probably in Paula Abdul's contract to act completely drunk and insane, just like it's in Simon's to be mean.

Happy Birthday, Jennifer!

I can't belive others like Elliott too-- he's the type of guy I'd usually like who'd be sent home early. He just gets me in the heart, big time.

There were times last night when his phrasing reminded me of the late, great Peter Allen-- if anyone's ever heard his recordings.

7:06 PM, April 26, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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