Wednesday, April 26, 2006

a hodgepodge of random thoughts...

It's always fun to gather information, opinions, suggestions and observations on the morning after performance nights. When one is watching, or trying to, writing, or trying to and constantly fighting off a pup who wants to take your socks off like now, I always seem to miss something. Heck, it wouldn't matter if I was watching without writing or defending my feet from the four-legged sock bandit - I always miss something that somebody else catches. That's why I tape.

I rewatched last night's episode in full this morning. And first things first: no way am I changing my prediction that tonight will be ladies night on the seal.

But I did see the Katharine flash that has so many people excited, mostly men. Unfortunately, that means I also saw the panty line too, the one that has so many people aghast, mostly women. Looked to me like she lost a button just as she was hitting the power notes and, unfortunately for her, not standing like a Grecian statue at the mic. Oopsie! Remember folks, always wear clean underwear, cause you never know when you're gonna pop a button in front of zillions of people.

And so okay, I did kinda re-evaluate my assessment of Kat's performance. Kinda. She remains fifth out of six though. I still think she oversang the most oversung song in Idol history. I think that's why I detested it last night. It wasn't so much her as it was the song, sung by Trenyce in season 2, Jennifer Hudson and Leah LaBelle in season 3, Vonzell in season 4 and now again. Holy Mother of Whitney, would somebody put a ban on that song already.

But I could help but picture poor little Lisa Tucker sitting at home in the OC just mumbling "that coulda been me..."

And I have now officially added Barbra to my list of forbidden artists.

Seems the opinion du jour is pretty universal: Paris is roadkill after tonight.

And the
DialIdol results are quite intriguing, placing Paris and Pickler as the projected bottom feeders, but putting everyone else in pretty much a statistical dead heat. So, technically, if the vote is anywhere close to the dialidol predictions, the P sisters could be joined by Elliott, who gave the performance of the night and his seminal performance of the finals.

This is where the cynic in me starts boiling up, because, while I do believe that the bootee is determined by votes, because no matter who gets kicked in the shins, this show is not going to ever run the risk of imploding under a voting scandal, I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't play a little bit with the others. And we all know they have their favorites. And I don't blame them for that either, cause whoever survives this game is gonna cost a fortune, so why not do all that's within the boundaries to hedge their bets.

Maybe it's me, but it seems that Pickler, once the darling of the show, is starting to be cast aside either in favor of Katharine, the superior vocalist, or the three remaining men. If the women are, in fact, the three bottom dwellers and Paris is the dead teen walking, will they want Pickler standing in the two, a sure bet to light a fire under her remaining fans, or might they want Katharine standing there at the end, to give her the voting boost that normally comes from a bottom two appearance? Wouldn't surprise me a bit.

But, of course, the show relishes those gaping mouth moments. Watching Paris sing over the credits while Pickler sits on the sofa with her snotrag, might just spark the Thursday morning watercooler outrage that has been sorely missing this season, much like last year's sixth-place ejection of fan fave Constantine while Scott Savol grinned from ear to ear.

Whatever the scenerio, for the first time this year, Pickler's future with the show appears genuinely in doubt.

I know people are blasting [again] Paula on her behavior last night, but she really did make some astute observations, even though most of them were extensions on Randy's remarks. She nailed Kellie precisely, telling her she hasn't raised, or even attempted to raise, the bar of excellence, even though we're at the final six. I like it when Paula gets critical, because otherwise, her fashion reviews or the ever-popular "You will be a star who will go far" rubbish is worthless. Plus her erratic behavior, as long as it's not a complete slap in the face to the kids as it was during the semi-final boot night disaster earlier this year, does make for some entertaining television.

And I know people are saying she was over the top with Elliott, and maybe she was, but I have to admit, I was dabbing a tissue to my eyes as well. It wasn't the song, or the power of the song, that I found emotionally grabbing; it was the performance, the switch, the blooming of the performer Elliott, right before my eyes, as opposed to simply the vocalist Elliott that I've adored since Moody's Mood for Love. He's been lauded for his pipes but blasted for his stiff stage persona, but finally he became a package. Full circle, some might say. Like I just did. Had a tear on the repeat too, but I still laughed at Simon laughing at Paula.

I don't know what's up with Taylor. Luckily his fan base is tenacious enough to keep him afloat, but it almost appears as though he's grown weary and even possibly bored. So many long-term contestants have complained of the fatigue factor as the weeks drone on. I hope that's all it is. After all, I've had weeks like that too.

So next week is when the contestants double up on their performances. No word yet on theme(s). Of course, last season there were double-themed nights, the first song of one genre, the second of another. We do know that Elvis is coming up, and I'm already coming up with my wish list for that night.

So that pretty much wraps up those random thoughts that swirl through my brain whilst I await another execution.

Got thoughts?


Blogger Dave said...

I think Kellie still has too many fans to be voted off. Although everyone else has tired of her act, all the votes Fox/19TV handed to her early in the competition are still there.

It's my opinion that Paris is the next to go because I think she hasn't really found an audience. She sings songs that are too old for her, plus some people can't stand the way she talks and others think that she's taking up a spot for someone else who might need the show, whereas she should have just had her grandmother get her an audition.

Katharine will probably be in the bottom 3 simply because she was in the Dead Man's Spot and the judges were undeservedly harsh with her last night.

4:51 PM, April 26, 2006  
Blogger jennifer said...

I would bet money that Pickler is safe this week; I have no doubt. But I still think next week might just do her in, especially if she gets sent back to safety over Kat, leaving Kat in the B2, which will so tick off her fans and Paris fans will go somewhere, so we just may have an end to this run of hers.

4:56 PM, April 26, 2006  
Anonymous friedrice said...

If Elvis is next week, there is no doubt that Taylor will be in the final 3. He'll tear up the stage and ride the King wave for at least the next two weeks.

5:21 PM, April 26, 2006  
Blogger tracyintpa said...

I predict the girls will go down, one, two, three tonight and the next two weeks. It will be an all boys club for the final three with nary a slacker in the bunch. Any of the three guys left are worthy. Some thoughts from last night, Kellie should have sung Dolly Parton's version of "I will always love you", I think that would have been an opportunity for her to knock it out of the park. Taylor should have sung Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight", it would have been so sexy and dreamy. And Katherine should have sung Norah Jones, "Come Away With Me", again, a chance to have a classic Idol moment. Paris... I don't know what she could have sung, but this season goes down in the hall of shame for kids picking songs. They have done horrible for the most part. Who is helping them pick? Apparently nobody.

6:02 PM, April 26, 2006  
Blogger jennifer said...

I thought a good song for Paris would have been Where the Boys Are, which would have been a very teenagery time of girlie song for her. And I was crossing my toes that Taylor would do some Otis Redding.

And if we get an all-male F3, I will do cartwheels nekkid down my street!

6:10 PM, April 26, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My eyes teared up after Elliott's performance. (O.K., I cried!)
This was what I was waiting for
all season.
I was so happy for him!
Paula can be ditzy and erratic, but I genuinely beleive she has a soft spot in her heart for Elliott.

6:44 PM, April 26, 2006  
Blogger Nelle said...

I sat in awe watching Elliott. I have always felt he had it in him and I felt he did his fans proud. I loved Chris' performance also. Was not thrilled with any of the girls and I missed most of Katherine's. I think Paula felt like I did. Elliott finally had the confidence to cross the line into a real competitor. She was like a proud Mama. I think the competition may come down to just the guys and I would be torn.

7:32 PM, April 26, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't think Katherine was that bad, if they didn't have such awful camera angles on the singers no one would have noticed the button popping open. I love Elliot, could listen to him all night, I wish his fan base was bigger because I think he's much better than the competition. Can't believe people are still fooled by Picklers phonyness. I would have like to hear Paris sing "Where the Boys are" too, or some Etta James.
Don't know what everyone sees in Taylor, boring. Chris is ok, if he was homely, he wouldn't be up in the top all the time. Who ever thought to get David Foster to give them tips??? he was the pitts. Look forward to your next blog.

7:54 PM, April 26, 2006  
Anonymous qtkat said...

Why in the world doesnt TAYLOR stick to songs WE fans want him to do? He knows what goes over in his off-the-show performances,,,why is there no Seger, Cocker, Leon Russell, Percy, etc..etc... Btw, I like Elliot, but was not impressed w/his rendition of A SONG FOR YOU,,Leon Russell does it best,,,and his wasn't even close.

8:10 PM, April 26, 2006  
Blogger Dave said...


Remember that what we want to hear is tempered by what American Idol is able to get the rights to.

The Beatles are off-limits, as are several artists. Whoever owns the rights to "Wonderful Tonight" or whatever else the fans are clamouring to hear from Taylor might not want to be associated with American Idol.

8:42 PM, April 26, 2006  
Blogger jennifer said...

Good point, Dave. Same is true with I Will Always Love You. Dolly Parton refuses to release that song. Thankfully.

8:50 PM, April 26, 2006  
Anonymous Johanna said...

What's up with Taylor? At least for this week, I think I have the answer.

I've been looking at his performance on Tuesday and I honestly believe that he was sick on Tuesday night. First, he sounded way better in the rehersal tapes. Second, his voice kept breaking when in his softer and/or lower register, but sounded good when he was belting it out - which is how it works when you're hoarse and powering through a sore throat... Third, unlike most of the other contestants, he didn't really speak all night, except for a couple of weak "soul patrols", and even those he mouthed half of. Fourth, he looked pale and sick. Fifth, if you look at his friend's reaction after the performance, it was more sympathetic than supportive.

I don't think the producers want to let it be known when anyone isn't feeling well... I read somewhere that during last year's finale, Bo had the stomach flu and was throwing up when he wasn't on stage...

10:30 AM, April 27, 2006  
Blogger jennifer said...

Excellent point Johanna. And last year both Bo and Carrie were sick going into the finale, and nobody ever said a word. That's happened consistently in this show, so maybe that might explain it. Nigel was certainly defending Taylor in yesterday's interview, so it would make sense.

10:48 AM, April 27, 2006  
Blogger angelof_mercy81 said...

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who got a little teary from Elliott's performance...and the long overdue praise afterward. I agree with Jennifer: Elliott has come a long way. I've seen a confidence in him the last two weeks that I haven't seen before. And I think America is finally starting to see how great he is, too.

11:41 AM, April 27, 2006  

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