Monday, May 19, 2008

finale memories...

Spoilers for Wednesday night's annual finale extravaganza are trickling in. Some things have been verified; others are rumors.

What we do know is that the top five - David, David, Syesha, Jason and Brooke - will be paired, like the past two seasons, in an individual performance with a celebrity artist. We also know that the Jonas Brothers will be appearing.

And we know that two contestants from each of the previous six seasons will be on stage. But that's nothing new. It's become a tradition to welcome back past and the reigning idol, and it's always a highlight of the finale production.

Which brings us to today's memory, and the first time a past Idol joined the two remaining contestants. It was also the first final featuring two guys. And it was the last until now. It was the closest vote in the history of the show. Until now.

Tomorrow: my favorite finale moment ever.


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