Tuesday, April 22, 2008

CAUTION: song spoilers...

It's Andrew Lloyd Webber's night on Idol, so there better not be any "better suited for Broadway" cracks from the panel of picky ones.

The song spoilers are below, so if you don't wanna know, don't read any further.

Syesha: One Rock & Roll Too Many (Starlight Express). And reports say that she's leading off, which has been deadly this season.

David Cook: Music of the Night (Phantom of the Opera). And he's wearing a "special jacket."

Carly: Jesus Christ Superstar. We're either gonna love it or, well, not.

Brooke: You Must Love Me (Evita). We just may not, Brooke.

Castro: Memory (Cats). No ukulele required. Please.

Archuleta: Think of Me (Phantom of the Opera).

So there they are.

See you tonight.



Anonymous i'm a jennifer junkie said...

Yikes... I just don't know about this!! These song choices just don't seem to match the performers at all!!!
Hope it's not a train wreck!!

6:02 PM, April 22, 2008  
Blogger jennifer said...

Well, evidentially ALW told Carly to sing Superstar. And I can actually hear Castro doing a soft version of Memory. Brooke's choice is a bit frightening. And I will probably love whatever Cook does, because, well...


6:07 PM, April 22, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Think of Me" be Archuletta hmmm
I wish just once he would find something "fun" to sing or he will end up on broadway. What a shame.

6:13 PM, April 22, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


These are terrible choices across the board.

6:17 PM, April 22, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My predictions:

Syesha will surprise everyone and the best of the night, because she's picked the only song with any personality and she'll do well with it.

David Cook will be great BUT he'll sound just like he ALWAYS does. The song is very slow and boring, but he'll rock it out, which will actually get a big fat ho-hum from the judges because it won't be anything different from his usual.

Carly will horrify everyone and will be the one to leave tomorrow night.

Brooke will just do all right - she'll start to cry halfway through. It's an emotional song. She and Carly will be in the bottom two.

Jason - as an aside, I read somewhere that three people picked the same song and he got it - it's a decent song that everyone knows, so he's got that going for him. But it's a snooooozer. Everyone will start to nod off...

Then David A will finish off by sounding very Broadway-like, moreso than any of them, the judges will praise him tremendously, and everyone watching at home will gag a little just before they fall completely asleep.

All in all, it's going to be a disappointing night. Why couldn't they have picked better songs?

6:31 PM, April 22, 2008  
Blogger jennifer said...

Reports are saying that Carly will close the show. I think Archuleta's song is the biggest snoozer. And something just tells me that David Cook will sing this one straight. (Unless somebody knows of an unknown alternative arrangement out there.) I think he'd be foolish to mess with that song.

LOL @ Brooke falling to pieces midway through.

I'm bummed about the lack of JCS songs. So many of them would have been perfect for DC.

At least we have Neil Diamond to look forward to next week. But who knows; this could be as surprisingly good as the first Beatles week was.

6:54 PM, April 22, 2008  
Anonymous Chris(Daughtry)ROCKS said...

"Brooke will just do all right - she'll start to cry halfway through."


I'm telling you, the girl is going to have a complete nervous breakdown before this competition is over. It seems every week she's saying, "It was an emotional song..." And then do that quirky crooked smile thing and nod her head while wiping copious tears away. Blech!

I expect the boys to shine tonight as they have throughout this competition. The two Davids will do great, and I think Jason will too. I may have to mute Carly. I hate that song.

See you later on tonight!

7:42 PM, April 22, 2008  

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