Tuesday, February 28, 2006

one last try...

Tuesdays are not Tuesdays and won't be until the end of May. The day after Monday is Idol night.

So happy Idol night. Day.

So we've plucked four stragglers out of the mix, got ourselves down to 20 kids, half of whom will hit the eyeball tonight in hopes of surviving another week. The ones with facial hair (or who will have it once puberty hits) will get their chance tomorrow.

Seems they're not giving us live performances. Guess I must have missed the absence of the "LIVE" notice last week. I'm hearing that the women taped yesterday; the men have or will tape today.

No matter, even though knowing it's live does add to the enormous appeal of the show. This week's performance episodes are slotted for 90 minutes, according to the FOX website, with Thursday's results show still planned for an hour. (Obviously they're plotting another enormous group sing, undoubtedly one which will give the women more lyrics than the "Oooooo" and "Easy" burden they had to carry last time.)

Some of the kids simply have to show up, not fall down and stay somewhere near pitch to stay in the game. I find it impossible to imagine that Katharine, Paris or Mandisa will be leaving anytime soon. Ditto Chris, Ace and Taylor. Others are in relatively safe standing, which leaves a few of them needing to pull out a Whipping Post to stay with us.

So, in keeping with the tradition of predicting the doomed before they've even opened their mouths, who's going to stay and, more importantly, who's gonna bite the big one?

The most endangered females this week are Brenna, Melissa, Kinnik and Heather, none of whom, with the possible exception of Melissa, made any sort of huge impression in the first go-round. Aside from Brenna and her memorable antics, the other three are the most forgettable of the women, and all three need a break-out performance to compensate for their lack of pimpage and many of the others' excessive airtime. It hurts, after all, when the viewer/voter can recite the status/whereabouts of Kellie's parents but has to struggle to remember Heather Cox's name.

On the guys' side, the ones at the end of the plank are Gedeon and his smile, Sway, Bucky and one of the vote-splitting teens, most probably David. Gedeon, David and Sway simply must rebound from performances last week that were widely panned. Bucky's first effort seemed to get mixed reviews, probably because, while it wasn't close to the best one, it was far from the Copacabana. Gedeon and David need to lay off the cheese. Sway needs to use his real voice. Bucky needs to show us that "tone" the judges keep saying exists but no one but them has ever heard. With five guys building bigger fan bases with every note and one just so adorably cute he gets votes just for being, a poor performance on top of a poor performance is going to equal a plane ticket home.

My guesses?

Barring unexpected cleavage, tight leather pants, waterworks or Ace-like loving the camera, I predict we say goodbye to Heather, Kinnik, Gedeon and David.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last night during Skating With Celebrities and 24 they were plugging Idol as being 2 hours, so just to be sure, everyone may want to set the TiVos an extra 30 mins.

2:52 PM, February 28, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me just tell you Jennifer, I could not have said it better my self, down to the four who you think will be next to go for both the guys and girls, and with the 4 who will ge gone thursday! I really enjoy reading your "blog/review" and reading what others think as well...Right On Jennifer!

2:26 AM, March 01, 2006  

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