Thursday, February 23, 2006

it's execution night...

Well it took a few hours, but I've finally recovered from boy's night. Last season I yawned through "girls night," spending most of those episodes thinking about the guys. I have a feeling this season is going to be no different. I hope the women give me something to look forward to, but after this week, it's going to have to be good stuff.

The judges can harp all they want about how wonderful the women were. There were a few bright spots, but in comparison with the guys, as a group, they just didn't deliver the goods this round.

My early estimation that the final six ladies will be Paris, Katharine, Mandisa, Lisa, Kellie and a sixth one to be named later stays. I cannot see any of those five not making the cut, even though Kellie was less than stellar in her opening performance. Nerves always take center stage in the first live performance, so I always cut them a little slack, unless they were so pitiful that slack would simply hang them.

On the men's side, my trio of Taylor, Ace and Chris is even more firmly verified, with the addition now of Elliott. So I see a battle for the two remaining slots to be fought in the next two weeks.

So who stays tonight and who books a plane ticket? It's really up in the air. I would never have chosen, for instance, Judd Harris to be a casualty last year and sure enough, it was Judd who got shot straight between the eyes after being made to feel safe. I do hope that the producers learned a lesson from last seasons outcry over the first execution episode: as much as we love blood and guts, we don't want to see a contestant get blindsided and we really don't need or want to watch them fight back tears as they reprise the song that got their butts kicked out of the competition.

On the female side, one can make the case that Stevie should be the first punted from the show. After all, she did turn in the worst performance from either gender, despite the fact that she brags of her classical training. However, I hope that others, like me, see the possibilities of Stevie, give her points for nerves and one more chance in the process. If she survives tonight, though, she needs to realize that one more chance can be one last chance. A repeat of Tuesday, and she's a goner.

It's not fair that Heather and Melissa were given far less airtime than the others, but that's the nature of the beast. It's not like this is a new show or anything. They are probably the most vulnerable, simply because they've been hidden in the closet the past month. Brenna is the wildcard. People will either find her annoying or find her funny, and she is getting the Vote for the Worst support that, at this stage of the game when votes are being split from here to next year, can make a difference.

Becky probably should be shown the door, but, as past seasons have proven, beauty can equal votes. Ayla had momentum before her Boston audition even aired, and she did give an adequate performance, worthy of sticking around for at least another episode.

Unless their fans were sitting on their hands, Katharine, Paris, Lisa, Mandisa and Kellie aren't going anywhere, even though I am sending out a plea to one of them to cut out the poor, poor pitiful me script. We know. We got it. Continue to beat us over the head with it, and we just might forget your phone number. And I'll leave that at that.

The guys are giving me fits. If either Chris, Taylor, Ace or Elliott bite the dust tonight, I'm going to stop watching. That's how certain I am of their futures. (Plus, I wouldn't quit watching even if I swore to, but it sounds good.)

So with four secure, that leaves eight, and it's anybody's guess which two came up short on the dial-o-meter.

Bobby Bennett was, without question, the weakest performer of the night, even though he's possibly the most personable. (And, like Brenna, he's the VFTW poster boy, so it's anybody's guess how much that might advance him.)

The Rat Pack boys didn't meet expectations, but dayum, they're all just too cute to kick to the curb. Hell, even Simon apologized in advance before tearing into little Kevin Covais. All three will, undoubtedly, appeal to the teens and tweens and, as we all know, those voters can dial circles around many of the rest of us.

I am really hoping Patrick gets another chance to get it right. I still hear his Hollywood rendition of "If" in my head. Poor song selection has been known to sink contestants in the past; I hope that, if he survives tonight, he takes the judges' advice and pulls out a ballad next week. Bucky seems to be a wildcard; people either loved or hated him.

So it's just a really tough call. But I have to try, because not trying is no fun. So here goes:


Who I Want (Women): Brenna and Becky
Who Should (Women): Becky and Heather
Who Will (Women): Heather and Stevie

Who I want (Men): Bobby and Sway
Who should (Men): Bobby and David
Who Will (Men): Bobby and Bucky

Remember the one-hour results show starts at 8 p.m.

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Blogger Annie said...

I agree with you about who should be booted this week--both men and women! I just saw the show this morning...what a way to wake up--with those guys!

Annie =)

4:33 PM, February 23, 2006  
Blogger Becky said...

You and I are right in sync with our opinions this season (unlike last season, LOL).

4:39 PM, February 23, 2006  

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