Thursday, February 09, 2006

It's Hollywood, Baby! Round one...

There are always a few things we can count on in the Hollywood "Hell Week" episodes: we will see catfights, we will see attitudes, we will see crappy group numbers and we will see who's being groomed for the final festivities.

On opening day, the kids are given a list of songs and given full use of the stage. Groups come next. One hundred seventy-five got whittled to 99 on the way to 44 on the way to the 24 who will begin live competition on Feb. 21.

And if Wednesday night is any indication, we have a pretty good idea who will take several of those 24 spots.


Kellie Pickler, whose daddy is in jail, is shellshocked by the enormity of it all, but is Hopelessly Devoted to her performance. Lisa Tucker, the former Star Search kiddo, is also Hopelessly Devoted and I am officially hopelessly sick of all songs from Grease. Paris Bennett is lovely, as expected, and Mandisa "Just Mandisa" Hundley is hanging on.

We get our first look and listen to
Patrick Hall. I'm not sure, but I think I'm in love again. Chris Daughtry ignites The First Cut is the Deepest well enough to all but secure the rocker slot. And if Taylor Hicks doesn't wind up on live television, somebody's going to get hurt.

And then there was Garret "The Cowboy" Johnson. Well, okay, he didn't sing all that well, but his sheer joy at everything made for some of the best television in a long time.


Every now and then the bad is good, especially when it comes at the expense of two arrogant jerks. Watching RJ "I'm too sexy for this show" Norman break down in tears and Steven "I'm sexier than RJ" David being told "congratulations, you're now finished" was one of the brightest moments I've ever spent on American Idol.

Thank you.

And the excuses for sounding like nails on a chalkboard were priceless. It's sinuses, it's a vocal cord, it's the microphone, it's the pianist, it's global warming. Well, at least nobody's grandma died.


The Brittenum twits. Luckily I know these two middle school rejects won't be on much longer, considering they're expected on a judicial stage rather than on the musical one. To think they had the gall to diss on Carrie Underwood. Look here, Tom and Jerry, you have no right to do that. That's our job.

We have seen the last of Crazy Dave Hoover, the human cyclone, who proved that not all comic relief is, in fact, comedic.

Next week: group numbers! Who will fight? Who will collapse? Who will remember song lyrics?

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Blogger Nelle said...

OMG Chris Daughtry....that was amazing. Rob stared at me like I was looneytunes because I carried on so.'s not like I'm gonna call him...not even if he wins. I happen to love that song too. Bonus. :)

12:26 PM, February 09, 2006  
Blogger AlbGlinka said...

Hi Jennifer! Blog-jogged over here just because I need my Am. Idol fix... I thought Patrick Hall was To Die For-- had to listen to that auditon a few times, so dreamy. And I also love Taylor Hicks, oh did I mention that before?

As for those horrible twins, I cannot believe they got through, when the other nicer twins were clearly so much better. I guess the producers wanted some drama, which from the coming attractions, they are going to get. Ugh!

12:54 PM, February 10, 2006  

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