Saturday, March 31, 2007

the best is yet to come...

Next up on the Idol parade of themes is American Classics/Swing Classics with guest mentor Tony Bennett, my personal and perennial favorite episode. Bennett's current CD, Duets: An American Classic, is here.

But more importantly, how will Sanjaya wear his hair? I see a slick-back look. And how short will Haley's skirt/shorts go?

So, who do you want to hear sing what?

I can't wait.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one who has noticed Haley's new "bare as much leg as possible" look! I guess since her voice doesn't stand out from the crowd she decided to try a new tactic to get votes!

4:43 PM, March 31, 2007  
Anonymous ChrisROCKS said...

Ooooh boy! I can't wait for Tony Bennett to sing! I'm sure he'll be an invaluable resource for the kids. I hope they listen to what he has to say.

This is going to be a challenge for most of them, so I'm ambivalent about what each could or should sing. Oh how I wish Nick were still on! This was his genre. *sigh* Anyway, I think Blake, Melinda, Lakisha and Jordin are going to shine the brightest this week. (As opposed to any other week? lol)

Here are some possible song choices for the gang:

Blake - "I Get a Kick Out of You," or "The Beat of My Heart"

Chris - "Have I Told You," or
"Two by Two"

Gina - "The Good Life," or
"Rags to Riches"

Haley - "Lullaby of Broadway," or "Marry Young"

Jordin - "Once Upon a Time," or
"I'll Be Seeing You"

Lakisha - "Taking a Chance on Love" or "The Best is yet to Come"

Melinda - "Smile" (this would have been a great week to sing "Funny Valentine")

Phil - "Love Letters," or
"I Only Have Eyes for You"

Sanjaya - "I Left My Heart in San Francisco," or "How Do You Keep the Music Playing?"

Should be an interesting week. I can't wait!

9:53 PM, March 31, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has there ever been a Guest on AI who didn't have a new CD out or a tour they wanted to promote? Just curious. Dori

2:34 PM, April 01, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish the theme was Big Band...hmph!

6:41 PM, April 01, 2007  
Anonymous gavintiegirl said...

This is a young show. 50% of the American viewing audience won't even know any of the music from Tony Bennett. It's too old.

I imagined that people are going to start tuning in to see what Sanjaya does and this will only increase his chances of staying and ultimately ruining this show forever.

I CANNOT believe that Sanjaya is going to sit idle and watch the demise of such a huge franchise. Everywhere I go, I hear the same thing, "this show has become a farce that someone like Sanjaya can stay on so long while realy singers are booted off." Then they say, "If he wins, I will never watch the show again."

Why won't FOX do something about this. It's a singing competition - isn't it?

7:55 AM, April 02, 2007  
Blogger Real Idol Fans said...

That last question is the key one: Let's hear people SING. Enough of the Sanjaya nonsense. Let's get the votes out for the right people and end the farce! No more Sanjaya!

10:47 AM, April 02, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll be surprised if Sanjaya wins, but I have a feeling he's going to be there for a few more weeks. He is definitely the weakest link vocally.
I think at this point anyone who leaves before him is getting the shaft. Its a shame, but its not his fault, its the hello kitty group and VFTW that's voting for him. Its the VFTW that really gets to me, they're sick!
I know I'll be really upset if Jordin leaves before he does. Melinda I think is safe, but Blake, Jordin, Gina, etc, you never know.
I think the next to go home will be either Haley, Chris R, or Phil.
This Sanjaya thing is driving people crazy, but that's what AI is all about. Anything can happen. Still a fan. Dori

11:25 AM, April 02, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Real idol fan, your right!!!!!

11:29 AM, April 02, 2007  
Blogger Nelle said...

Have you heard the Howard Stern campaign to have Sanjay win? What crap but he has such devoted fans that would do any idiotic thing he asked them to. At this point I feel if Sanjaya had any self respect he might resign rather than be Howard's laughing stock or the Vote for the Worst poster boy.

11:59 AM, April 02, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


7:26 AM, April 03, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Howard Stern is an A--! I think he is a sick person. I kind of wonder about his fans, but it makes sense that they'd go with VFTW.
We need to vote for the "good ones". A LOT! Dori

10:33 AM, April 03, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:49 AM, April 03, 2007  
Blogger Kristi Mantoni said...

I wanted all of you to know that there are people out there that actually like Sanjaya and I'm one of them (and, no, I'm not part of the Hello Kitty Set). I admire the courage he has to get out there every week and give it his all. A lesser person would have thrown in the towel by now. He could go out there and just stand still but he does his best to put on a show. He could just bow out but I’m guessing that his parents didn’t raise a quitter. I think he is setting a great example for all the kids out there. He’s showing them that you don’t give up just because things get tough and people are calling you names, you stay and you fight! You do your best and you don’t give up! If that’s not a great quality of an American Idol, I don’t know what is. Try to remember that everyone on AI is going after their dreams INCLUDING Sanjaya and he’s fighting to stay with everything he has.

Not a sermon...just a thought!

2:34 PM, April 03, 2007  
Blogger Sunny said...

I have to agree with you, Kristi, but only a little bit. I'm not a Sanjaya fan (I thought his sister was better), and I am not voting for him because I think there are better contestants than him. But I do give him the credit for having the guts to not give up even when he keeps getting put down. The judges have succumbed to that fact and now they are putting down Haley, which I also do not believe is right either. I think she's a great singer and a beautiful girl, and even if she does get the boot soon, hopefully the soap opera scouts will pick her up like they did Matthew Metzger in Season 3.

Did anyone know that Melinda has professional vocal coaches and stylists that she keeps with her all the time? Maybe I was mistaken, but this is an amateur contest right? This is for people who don't have all the extra stuff and want to be recognized, right? I'm sorry but as good as she is, I don't believe she belongs in this competition, and enough with the "humble" act, I'm not buying it and I hope others are seeing the same. Lakisha on the other hand is a single mom who works at a bank to support her family. She deserves this. So, getting back to Sanjaya, I would rather see him go farther than Melinda (or Mindy Doo, as her "people" call her) because he is just a kid trying to live his dream...not a back up singer who could have been a front runner from the very beginning (because she is that good) if she had just pushed, not just depended on a show like AI.

4:03 PM, April 03, 2007  
Blogger jennifer said...

I too am getting tired of all of the Sanjaya-bashing. The kid is not a BAD singer, in the sense that we've seen in past seasons (and I could list them here, but I won't), and he doesn't deserve all of what's being hurled at him.

And he's got tons of balls to throw caution to the wind, and he's becoming a performer before our very eyes. I give that a boatload of credit.

But to address the Melinda observation, this is not an amateur competition. The only stipulation is that contestants must not have an active recording contract when they begin the competition. That's all. Previous recordings, contracts, all that, are perfectly fine and kids with professional performing backgrounds (like Carrie Underwood) are not exempt from competing.

4:30 PM, April 03, 2007  
Anonymous Robin said...

I'm not a fan of Sanjaya, but at least he's a little entertaining. Kevin Covais was not. Bucky Covington was not. Scott Savol was definitely not. There have been far worse competitors - he's getting so much press this season because there's no great singer/performer to talk about. They're all just OK. So people talk about the bad instead. That's how it is this year.

4:38 PM, April 03, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sunny - how many top-10 contestants over the years do you think have not had one or more of the following:
1) a professional voice coach
2) their own band
3) a CD out
prior to AI? Especially some of the best youngsters, like Jordin Sparks (who twice toured w/ Michael W. Smith) or Diana DeGarmo...


4:38 PM, April 03, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I'm not voting for Sanjaya, but I do think it has to really hard to be 17 and in the position he's in right now. I don't think I could of dealt with it as well as he is.
I think Melinda's good but as far as I'm concerned there is something missing.
My favorite "at the moment" is Jordin, she's good and she's adorable.
You have to give them all credit. I don't think its easy putting yourself out there each week to be picked apart by the judges. Especially for the younger ones.

7:28 PM, April 03, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Jennifer for this site - I have e-mailed Fox and I refuse to watch AL until certain things change, i.e., the removal of a certain person.........So, I appreciate being able to read the latest as I miss the show.

To Sunny - do you remember AL5 - Kat's mom was a voice coach and was always present for each performance offering her daughter support, etc.......

7:36 PM, April 03, 2007  
Blogger Sunny said...

First off, I'm sorry if I offended anyone on my comments about Melinda. I actually am just sick of her, and got this information from someone at work, so I decided to vent about it. I don't want her to win, just like many people don't want Sanjaya to win. And therefore I have to say that she looks like Francine from Arthur on PBS. (go to and see for yourself) I just think that with a voice as "perfect" as that she should have been picked up a way long time ago, but because she has no versatility in her style of music, she hasn't. If she wins, its Ruben and Fantasia all over again.

Secondly, Dori I think you're absolutely right. And yes, Jordin is definitely the one to vote for. She's so spunky and she can sing just as well as Melinda and LaKisha, if not better considering her age.

Again, sorry to anyone who was hurt by my comments about Melinda. Just vote for someone else (wink wink)!

12:10 AM, April 04, 2007  

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