Wednesday, March 28, 2007

10 becomes 9: a SIMULBLOG!...

Who is going home, and how will Sanjaya wear his hair?

That's what the world wants to know as Ryan opens the show, where we will whittle the field down to single digits and be forced to hear Gwen Stefani's new song.

And this is a SIMULBLOG! It's live writing as the show is unfolding, so if you don't want to be spoiled, RUN! RUN QUICKLY! But come back later.

Because THIS is American Idol!

And Ryan's been Sanjaya'ed as he introduces the show, before shaking off the dead rodent who had taken up residence on his head.

We get to see the highlights from the night before, including the infamous Ponyhawk, as we're sent to the first commerciall marathon...

The kids are fighting the law in the FORD COMMERCIAL. And the law won.

Ryan is sending the three lowest vote getters to the seal.

Blake Lewis is safe.
LaKisha Jones has Gina hair, and she's safe.
Phil Stacey has no hair, and he's in the bottom three. (Hey! I called that!)
Melinda Doolittle is safe. Shocker.
Chris Richardson looks like a boy scout, and he's told he's safe.
Sanjaya Malakar has regular hair, and he's safe, because I gave him a lifetime pass.
Haley Scarnato is told to go hang out with Phil. (Hey! I've been calling that for weeks.)
Jordin Sparks is safe.
Gina Glocksen and Chris Sligh are left. And they're told they're gonna wait. Chris is looking sooo dead.

It's time for the Idol Challenge, that mind-bending game of smarts that my pup wins every week. Pick B!

Gwen Stefani sings. Yadda, yadda. Woo hoo, Yee hoo.

I'd prefer a group sing.

Phil and Haley are waiting. Chris and Gina are told to stand, each gets reminded of the songs they sang, and Chris is sent to the seal.

YAY ME! Three for Three! That's a first!

Phil is sent back to the sofa as his wife cheers. And other people too.

After a gazillion votes, Ryan tells Haley she's safe and sends Chris back to his home. He gets to watch his journey, and, alas, does not get to make Hasselhoff cry.

That one wasn't right.

But so long Chris Sligh. You shoulda never stopped being funny.

Your thoughts?

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Blogger Dave said...

It's scary that I'm missing the group sings, too.

9:40 PM, March 28, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To me, it almost looked like Gwen was lip syncing her song.

I think that I like her better when she critiques rather than sings.

9:51 PM, March 28, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it was over kill. It was like a Vegas show.
I wonder how the women in NY is doing? I have a feeling she'll be sorry she told anyone. lol Dori

10:39 PM, March 28, 2007  
Blogger Chipperprime said...

Chris stopped joking after he made that stupid comment to Simon. I think he made the right decision. Being "funny" can backfire too often.

On various websites I am not reading a lot of love for Gwen Stefani. That's surprising. I kind of like her. (Of course I haven't been over exposed to her music either.)

11:00 PM, March 28, 2007  
Anonymous gavintiegirl said...

Please leave Gwennie alone. She is fabulous. She was the best guest in terms of hipness. I would rather see her than Diana Ross or Barry Manilow anyday. Oh and BTW, Gwen doesn't lip sync. I heard her catch her breath a few times. She is he real deal honeys.

Now lets get back to more important things like bashing Sanjaya.

12:42 AM, March 29, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wouldn't know Gwen from Christina, and wouldn't ask either to "coach" aspiring artists on "singing". I doubt the "coaching" ability of someone younger than Melinda, who would likely be a better vocal coach than some of the "guests" haha. I can see Gwen teaching how to "perform" more than as a "singing" coach. And while I'm not a Manilow fan, HE seems to be a good coach. Lots of experience, obviously has to be good at things like vocal training and excercise to last so long and still sound good. So I actually like Barry as a "coach", though no reason to force the kids to sing only his songs.

That said, Gwen is ok as a Pop artist, and someone who can help the kids understand the demands for a "Pop" artist, versus say a club singer or such :) the outfit was a little odd, but she seems to sing well enough. I guess I'm just way out of touch since I don't even know her band, though I'm pretty sure I've heard one of their songs.

As for CS getting the boot, HEY I CALLED THAT !! haha Now, if CR goes next week, after not even being in the bottom 3 (still don't get how some of you find him pleasant to listen to), then I'll really get a big head! haha

If the songs are Bennett songs of old, I would expect CR to sound bad, cause a boy band voice crooning just isn't gonna work. I actually am expecting Haley's best performance, though still expect her to be bottom 3 (I am giving her 2 more weeks). Sanjaya is gonna be horrible, and hopefully within 2 more weeks he'll finally make it into the bottom 3 as we get enough people voting for the remaining kids to undo the VFTW'ers. Though, I am very curious what he'll do with his doo haha he's actaully quite entertaining from that perspective, and since no one is out that had a realistic chance of winning, I don't really care he's still around, as long as he leaves when the time is right :D

Maybe I need to setup a modem for next week and get dial idol running to bump up votes for everyone except Sanjaya. haha. hey, can we petition the DI peeps to NOT dial SJ's line next week? that should save a few hundred thousand votes for him haha


3:05 AM, March 29, 2007  
Anonymous Robin said...

Gwen's in her thirties. And she said it would be interesting because the songs the idols sang this week were more about performing than singing, which is half of the battle anyway. She's been with a very successful band and has a great solo career - she's an ideal coach for them.

8:38 AM, March 29, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't mess with Gwen. By the way, she's 37, much older than Melinda, and has been singing with a successful band (No Doubt, for those of you who didn't know), since the late 1980s. She is a perfect coach for Idolers who want to learn something about success in pop music. She can definitely be style over substance, but she never set out to be a great solo singer. Besides, how many blond white chicks can wear nail tips and bling and still look classy as all get out?

9:00 AM, March 29, 2007  
Blogger angelof_mercy81 said...

Oh, man. America got it SO wrong last night. True, this wasn't Chris S's best week. But be going home before Sanjaya? It doesn't seem fair somehow. But that's how the votes added up, so I guess I have to deal with it. *sigh*

9:06 AM, March 29, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that thinks this season sucks? I'm usually on the phone right away, so far I can't think of one performer that I really want to vote for. I liked Chris S. but when he lost his sense of humor he lost his voice. Don't know what was up with that. I like Melinda, but the deer in the headlights look is getting old. Hope the show gets better, I miss the anticipation of finding just the right person to get behind and vote for.

9:22 AM, March 29, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just read that Chris Richardson and Alaina Alexander are seeing each other. Cupid is everywhere, even on American Idol. Dori

10:32 AM, March 29, 2007  
Blogger Jenna said...

Nope, you're not alone. I'm starting to really like Jordin but not enough to pick up the phone for anyone. Melinda and LaKisha...good singers but what genre will they fill? They'll meet the same fate as Fantasia.

10:59 AM, March 29, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, I'd never have guessed Gwen had been around that long. She doesn't look almost as old as me :) haha

and please don't misinterpret my knock on her. It's not that she can't perform, I would hope her being on the show was about her ability to convey to the kids some of what it takes to "perform", and give encouragement to the lesser singers that while a Melinda or Kiki may have a bigger voice, performing is about entertaining :) I just think these kids need more vocal instruction (except Melinda, being that she is a pro and all), and I would think Idol would have people coming in to teach them about song arrangement, finding their individual vocal niches, help them to learn which keys and ranges work for them and which don't, etc. I assume there are behind the scenes people, but it strikes me as interesting that last year's best overall week was the Barry Manilow week. Is he just that good a teacher? if so, he should be on the payroll!!

I'm with those not completely caught up yet also. It's like 2 years ago I think, maybe 3. Very slow until the top 6 or so. This year feels like that. No real stand outs in all areas, it's like they are feeling each other and the judges and America out while trying to find out who they really are as singers, and hoping to survive long enough to find "it".

And does it really matter that "chubby" is out now, versus the 6th or 7th? Not really. He wasn't going to win, not if his rhythm was so off. If you look at serious potential for what we expect from a winner, you'd have to handicap it as Jordin, Blake, Phil, and Gina as the favorites, with Melinda and Lakisha a little behind. Why? The track record shows America tends to not keep persons of their styles and, well, sizes/looks, around when the Top3/4 comes. I do expect one of these 2 to get to the top 4, and maybe break the barrier for the slightly larger gals the way Ruben did for the boys, but winning will be tough. Neither has shown something outside their current comfort zones of musical styles. If Kiki or Melinda becomes hipper and more modern in the coming weeks, then watch out!! But barring that, Jordin has improved the most since the start, and that always bodes well, just ask Diana Digarmo.

the one person I can't figure out, is C.R. Why does anyone find his voice pleasing? Not only is he only a boy band wanna be, he sings thru his nose, he has a very nasal quality to his voice, that simply only works for a limited type of song. I have yet to hear a song from him that was even remotely pleasing to the ear, even compared to Sanjaya. He's at most boring, at best he'd only be good in a boy band, which isn't saying much. I guess I skipped that era and never attained a taste for that brand of singing :) (this makes me wonder also. I listen watch in HD with Dobly Digital 5.1 sound, subwoofer, etc., so I get a very full sound. Do people who like CR listen on TV speakers? If so, that would actually explain why they don't realize he doesn't sound good haha. heck, that might even explain Sanjaya!! haha)

I always feel sorta bad for Phil. He's a decent singer, but just doesn't seem to connect with the viewers. For him to keep making the bottom 3, he's just not gonna last much longer unless he picks up CS's voters or something. It'd be a shame for him to go b4 Sanjaya for sure, and I'm getting nervous he might go and CR might stay a bit longer than I expected. And that would be sad for my ears.


11:42 AM, March 29, 2007  
Blogger Dave said...

Phil's problem is that he doesn't have the right shape to his head to carry off the shaved look. It just makes him look creepy. Not as creepy as Brian on DWTS but not too far behind either.

I don't like Phil's voice and his early problems staying in tune for a whole song haven't made me like him any more.

12:32 PM, March 29, 2007  
Blogger jennifer said...

LOL Dave. Ain't nobody creepier than Brian on DWTS.

2:22 PM, March 29, 2007  
Anonymous ChrisROCKS said...

What's DWTS? Doing Without Tasty Snacks?

Hey JJ, I think the reason why Chris R. has stuck around as long as he has is for the same reason Haley has: The cute factor. He's getting all the votes from girls who love those boy bands. I agree; he has a nasally voice. But it's probably the most pleasant nasally voice I've ever heard! Or maybe it's those blue eyes. ;)

As for Barry Manilow...yes, he's really that good! He's been around for so long. He is a Julliard School of Music graduate, so he has the entire foundation for music and performance art. At 18, he wrote an entire original score for a musical that ran for 8 years. He was the music director for a CBS show. He was the music director, arranger and pianist for Bette Midler. It was she who persuaded him to continue with her, and that's where he got his break as a singer. He opened the 2nd half of a show of hers, and the rest is history. He's the genuine article.

"Based on industry charts, he is the undisputed Number One Adult Contemporary Artist of all time, and his record sales exceed 75 million worldwide."

In 1978, "five of Barry's albums were on the charts at the same time, a record equaled only by Frank Sinatra and Johnny Mathis."

Yes, I'm a Fanilow. lol

It sure would be nice if the other guest artists on AI brought the same level of expertise and professionalism as Barry did. The kids aren't professionals yet. They need help in honing their craft. That's why Barry was so great; he understood that, and really worked with them instead of tooting his own horn. I think Diana Ross came closest...she too was trying to get the kids to think about the songs they sang, and to communicate the words and emotions of the song. Do that and you don't even have to worry about the performance. It just comes naturally.

P.S. Yeah, it's crazy that Gwen is 37, huh? She looks like she's 25!

7:59 PM, March 29, 2007  
Anonymous Sanjaya said... guys didn't like my hair OR my singing? Any suggestions on what I should do next week?

8:00 PM, March 29, 2007  
Blogger Real Idol Fan said...

lol at the Sanjaya comment above mine.
But isn't it getting a little nerve-wracking that Mr Sanjaya is still around? The votefortheworst people are making themselves a name.
I love Haley, but I know she has no shot. She's what I think of when I think "idol", like they had in the 50's

poor Sligh

12:19 AM, March 30, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is probably the most negative comments i have ever seen on this sight in one season - I am sure it is because of the lack of talent - I find it sad that so few of us can find an idol to get attached to. Let's hope it gets better
Thanks for all you do Jennifer -
Not enjoying this season.

3:43 PM, March 30, 2007  
Blogger jennifer said...

LOL You must not have been here the night McPhee outlasted Daughtry.


5:31 PM, March 30, 2007  

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