Thursday, March 01, 2007

20 becomes 16: a SIMULBLOG...

Well, if the sidebar poll were the jury, we will be saying so long to Nick, Sanjaya, Alaina and Antonella. If Dial Idol is correct, the ones we won't be saying goodbye to are Sundance, Sanjaya, Melinda and LaKisha. We don't know who's biting the dust tonight, but we do know that the hopes and dreams of four young people will be smashed and scattered into the ground.

I love this show.

Just like always, it's a simulblog, where I'm typing as I'm watching, complete with typos and incoherent thoughts, publishing at every break, so if you're in the West and you want to be surprised, you might want to be elsewhere.

Cause THIS is American Idol. And people are gonna die.

The kids are lined up on the stairs as Ryan does his obligatory chat. After all, we have to fill an hour to totally tank Survivor's ratings. Ryan reminds us that the Pick is in the house and sets up the traditional review of the last two evenings. The kids boogie and sing Joy to the World (no...not the Christmas song). And ... gasp ... it's not that bad! That's just not right to do a passable group sing. Not right at all.

And it's time for a break...


Assassination #1

It's the guys on the sofa, answering Ryan's trite questions.

Phil is told to stand; he is safe.
Chris Sligh stands; he's safe too.
Time for Sundance. He looks scared. He's safe.
Blake's turn. His hair is defying gravity. He's told to sit back down.
Jared is told to come to the stage. I think he just peed his pants. He gets his reviews from last night and he's told to return to the sofa. That was so mean.
Nick is told to stand and he's shot before he even gets a chance to straighten his knees.

He gets to sing the same song. I still don't like it.

So long Nick.

----End Assassination #1----

Random observation: I don't know if I'm smarter than a 5th grader, but I know I'm smarter than those grown-up contestants they keep finding.

----Assassination #2----

Stephanie gets her reviews and is told to sit back down.
Gina's turn. She's reminded what she sang and that she needs edge, and is told she'll be back.
Sabrina is told to stand and told to sit.
It's Melinda next. She's safe. Everyone's shocked. Hee.
Alaina looks pretty, but she's told she's toast.

She shoots off one last snark to Simon, tells the girls she loves them and tries to remember what she sang last night. Somebody please help her. The girls help her out as the background singers just sing the whole song.

That was a sad one. So long Alaina.

----End Assassination #2----

Pickler returns, looking quite, uhhh, curvy. And Ryan can't resist asking her a food question. Some things never do change. And she sings. It's quite, uhhh, country.

Ahh Pickler. Good times. Makes me miss last season.

----Assassination #3----

The guys line up again for the firing squad. And here we go.

Chris Richardson is told to stand. He's told to sit.
Brandon looks like he's going to be sick. He's safe.
Sanjaya and AJ are sent to the stage with Ryan. Both are reminded of their song selections and their reviews. Ryan drags out the bullet in true Ryan dramatic fashion before shooting AJ directly in the heart.

Sanjaya is "shocked." AJ tries to be diplomatic. Paula says tonight's result doesn't reflect that this is a singing competition. Randy concurs. Translation: Sanjaya your butt should be going home.

At least I know I'm going to enjoy a swan song. Shame.

So long AJ.

----End Assassination #3----

----Assassination #4----

LaKisha stands and sits.
Haley is safe
Antonella, Leslie and Jordin are told to stand on the stage. Antonella is safe.
It's between Jordin and Leslie. The girls on the sofa are bawling. Leslie is told she's leaving.

Everybody cries. We get to see the funeral tape for all four as Daughtry sings us - and them - out of town.

So long Leslie.

----End of the Assassinations----


Anonymous gavintiegirl said...

Was it me or did Pickler look like a porn star tonight? I was so embarrassed for my 8 year old.

8:45 PM, March 01, 2007  
Anonymous Robin said...

Pickler looks like she's aged about 30 years ... and in Nashville.

8:50 PM, March 01, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay Nick I ain't sheding a tear for, but Sanjaya over AJ? WTF?

Now to make matter worse, Antoskana will stay and Haley will go...this show just turned my stomach!

8:51 PM, March 01, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sanjaya is still there!! UGGH! How bad can it get?

Atleast they called the girls right.


9:00 PM, March 01, 2007  
Blogger Dave said...

Sanjaya and Antonella both know they should have been whacked tonight. They're both on borrowed time, but thanks to Fox, they've been handed a lot of votes and will probably go a few weeks into the top 12, taking up space from more deserving singers.

9:03 PM, March 01, 2007  
Blogger JR said...

The only way Antonella goes top 12 is for Gina or Jordin to self-destruct. The other positions are pretty well set.

9:48 PM, March 01, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do You really think Sanjaya and Antonella will make it to the top 12?
That kind of makes me feel sick! I don't know who's voting for them except the Hello Kitty group and a bunch of dirty old men. Dori

10:18 PM, March 01, 2007  
Blogger Chipperprime said...

AJ Nick, Leslie, and Alaina had to go some time before the end.

Might as well be sooner than later.

Antonella and Sanjaya are still in because they're interesting enough to have gained a following.

10:40 PM, March 01, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sanjaya and Antonella should have ate the dust tonight!!! this just makes me mad. what the H is going on???

10:46 PM, March 01, 2007  
Blogger JR said...

Antonella may be interesting, but she can't sing and her "J-Hudd" remark may be the chink in her armor. It revealed a bit of arrogance that most of the viewers will not tolerate. I think she is gone next week.
Lakisha, Melinda, Stephanie, and Sabrina are locks for the finals. If Gina and Jordin bring their "A" game next week, Antonella and Haley will be singing next Thursday night.

10:48 PM, March 01, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your right about Antonella being interesting, in a yucky kind of way, but Sanjaya is boring. At least this week he was. Dori

10:50 PM, March 01, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Antonella really does think she is "all that" I can't wait for her to go! Hopefully we won't have to wait much longer. Dori

11:06 PM, March 01, 2007  
Anonymous spaceytracy said...

Poor AJ, and he sounded great tonight. It was a mortal sin that AJ left before Sunjaya. Sunjaya knows he should be in the car ride home already. Antonella is getting all the skanks who like skanks who pose and show their boobs in appropriate places votes, other than that, I really don't get it at all. And Chris Sligh wanted to make Hasselhoff cry? He should check out Sundance tonight... he was doing a great Hasselhoff imitation. Whats up with all those tears? Guilt maybe?

Oh well, where else but American Idol?

11:49 PM, March 01, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought the Pick has aged badly in just one year. And I certainly don't remember her being exactly THAT well-endowed last year.

Yes, Sanjaya and Antonella should definitely have been gone tonight, but as was noted earlier, they have their followers, such as they are. There are always a couple who everyone on God's green earth KNOWS should go, but week after week, they take a spot from another deserving singer. But, it's good for ratings and THAT'S the bottom line because THIS is American Idol! GrannieV

1:23 AM, March 02, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved Leslie's modified lyrics: "why did I try to scat?" (or something close to that). Did anyone make out what she sang immediately after that?


1:58 AM, March 02, 2007  
Anonymous ChrisROCKS said...

LEN, it was, "Why did I decide to scat?" Sorry to correct you in public...just a little payback, darling. ;)

As for Pickler, I don't mean this in a bad way, but she's put on maybe 10 lbs. since she was on the show, which would account for the "miracle bra" look. (Maybe all that sushi and calamari she's been eating?) The hairdo is horrendous and makes her look 30+ years old, and her stylist should be fired. She looked awful! On the positive side, she sounded great! I wish she had sounded this good when she was competing.

Now about those who were eliminated. I'm getting fair-pissed at those VFTW people who are messing with my top 12! If only I had mad computer skillz to hack in and disable their website, what a wonderful world this would be!

We all agree that Sanjaya and Antonella should go. However, let's not confuse notoriety with being "interesting." Sanjaya is adorable and sweet. Antonella comment. If I can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all, right?

As for Leslie, I didn't expect her in the top 12 anyway. But I certainly think she's more deserving of the extra air time in terms of TALENT than either Antonella or Alaina. At least America got one of the girls right.

AJ was robbed. Pure and simple. He suffered from lack of early air time and a compelling "tugged on my heart strings" story. But he WAY outperformed Sanjaya the other night. It's so wrong.

And as much as I like Brandon, I felt he should've gone this week rather than Nick. Even if you don't like the song "Fever," you have to admit that Nick's performance of it was far and away better than Brandon's.

Anyway, I'm gonna go drown my sorrows in some chocolate. I'm not happy.

2:12 AM, March 02, 2007  
Blogger Dave said...

I don't think it was VFTW that kept Antonella and Sanjaya around.

Two words, folks: Face Time.

Both of them were shown a lot in the audition rounds and in Hollywood, Sanjaya with his sister and Antonella in all the drama surrounding her friend (and in a bikini, too).

There is a direct correlation between the amount of time people get in the early rounds and how long they stick around. How else do you explain the longevity of Anthony Fedorov, John Stevens, Kellie Pickler and Scott Savol?

It's my prediction that both Sanjay and Antonella will make the top 12 because of the amount of air time they have had.

5:51 AM, March 02, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leslie Hunt threw a little hissy-fit while singing her goodbye song. Her first singing barb was "Why did I scat" and the 2nd, just before they cut away, was "America don't like jazz." Girl, America INVENTED jazz. Shut up & show some class. The director was smart enough to cut away at that point, who knows what would have come out next. I'd love to know what happened. In a general sense I'm waiting for someone to do a complete meltdown when they're eliminated. It's bound to happen someday. At least AJ & Nick kept it together.

6:32 AM, March 02, 2007  
Blogger jennifer said...

I gotta agree with Dave. That's why I put both Antonella and Sanjaya in my predicted top 12, even before Sanjaya's first missed note or any nekkid pictures ever surfaced.

6:46 AM, March 02, 2007  
Anonymous Getting Curious said...

It's kinda weird, while I think that the really good gals are better singers than even the really good guys, I'm gonna have a harder time parting with some of the guys that inevitably be going home early.

I really wouldn't mind seing all the white girls leave, and the only guy I'd like to see go from here on out is Sanjaya. And maybe Sundance. I can't make up my mind about him yet. That tribute to his little baby was pretty cute, so that won some points for me.

But Jennifer and Dave, as always, you are right - face time equals top 12.

I really hope I never see Leslie Hunt anywhere again. Aside from her awful "I'm not taking any responsibilty for me losing, it's everyone else's fault" attitude - she was HORRIBLE on Wednesday night, IMO. I mean, so bad that I had to leave the room out of embarassment. That was the absolute worst scatting I've EVER heard. I think I could do better and I've never even tried. I think, by a very small margin, even Antonella was better than her that night. VERY small.

And I thought Lakisha looked cute Wednesday night. =)

my hopes for top 12:

guys: Blake, Brandon, Chris, Chris, Jared, Phil

Gals: Stephanie, Sabrina, Melinda, Lakisha, Jordin, Haley

Probable top 12:

guys: Blake, Brandon, Chris, Chris, Sundance, Sanjaya

gals: Stephanie, Sabrina, Melinda, Lakisha, Gina, Antonella

10:04 AM, March 02, 2007  
Blogger Chipperprime said...

AJ was competing with Sanjaya for votes. They are bith kind of "girlish" young men. AJ just comes off as being a lot more "gay" than Sanjaya (who is merely effeminate).

Gayish types usually don't last long on Idol.

I think Kellie Pickler's problem was that dress of hers. She would have looked nicer in something non-blue and non skin-tight.

10:06 AM, March 02, 2007  
Anonymous doby said...

Bugga. I liked Leslie and AJ. I knew they were probably not going to make the top 12, but I was bummed anway.

After five seasons you'd expect the heart to learn not to bleed so early in the competition. Mine has the memory of a goldfish.

10:52 AM, March 02, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was sorry to see AJ go, I thought he did a good job on Tuesday. I also liked the fact that he didn't give up trying for AI. I don't think I'd have tried out 5 times.

I really hope Sanjaya doesn't make it into the top 12. I couldn't even watch him this week, it was too strange.

I like Kelly, I think she is just trying too hard ,and that dress was too tight, looked like she couldn't move in it. I liked her hair better after she cut it the first time. The style was too old for her. She still looked better then Fantasia with her pot belly. Dori

10:57 AM, March 02, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After five seasons you'd expect the heart to learn not to bleed so early in the competition. Mine has the memory of a goldfish.

Should we call you Doby Gills, then? :-)

ChrisROCKS and Anonymous: thanks! I liked Leslie's first new line better before I learned what the 2nd was. Initially it came off more as an apology to me. An apology would have been entirely appropriate!

All: See my comment at the end of Jennefer's post from Wednesday concerning Leslie.


11:30 AM, March 02, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you catch the exchange between Ryan and Pickler about her purchases with her AI money? As she straighten her dress and stuck out her chest....

Ryan: "So what did you buy with your tour money?"

Kelly, looks at her feet, "Shoes!"

Ryan: "Is that all?"

4:53 PM, March 02, 2007  
Anonymous Renee said...

anonymous, you took the words right out of my mouth about Pickler! I can't believe no one else picked up on that spending money bit. Tour money = boob job. I'm pretty sad about how she looks now. The whole package: hair, boobs, dress. She doesn't look like herself at all and she looks 40. Sad.... Not that 40 is sad, but you know, it kinda is when your like 23 or whatever she is.

10:59 PM, March 02, 2007  
Anonymous Achey Blakey Heart said...

I don't think she got a boob job, I think it's the dress.

GAAAAAH! It bugs me so much that AJ left, and I can't get over it. And after that extremely emotional elimination (3 e's!), now I'm going to get all depressed whenever people get eliminated (yes, I know I'm weak). :( This seriously bugs me. I'll probably end up voting for everyone (except Antonella and Sanjaya) a bunch now! Sigh. I wish I weren't such a sucker for tears.

12:19 AM, March 06, 2007  

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