Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The attack of the original song

So, we have the song list for tonight. How generous of Nigel to give us a sneak peek at what we're going to hear. But, of course, even with the song titles, we still don't know two-thirds of what we're going to hear, because, instead of letting Carrie and Bo perform a couple of familiar tunes, two of the three they'll sing are brand new and customized.

Each of them will reach back into their vaults of proven performances for one reprise. Bo has selected to pull out Vehicle, and Carrie has chosen Independence Day. Vehicle is not really any surprise; it received rave reviews as a breath of fresh air in a night of disco disasters. But one wonders why, of all the songs she has performed this season, Carrie would choose the single currently in the stores as the lead-off song on the compilation CD, when, clearly, the overwhelming fan favorite was her rendition of Alone, which she sang on Billboard #1 night. (Maybe she's just fearing the creativity of the hair staff, although I adored her big 80s hair!)

But after those familiar tunes, it's the revenge of the original songs!

Each of them will perform a number entitled Inside Your Heaven, written specifically for the crowned Idol's first single. Undoubtedly it will be the traditional Tonight is the Night I'm Flying Without Wings cause I Believe I'm having A Moment Like This with dreams and rainbows and puppies and cream-colored ponies and crisp apple streudel song.

I'm getting all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it. Or maybe that's nausea.

But, as if one original song written by the crack writing staff (or is that writing staff on crack) of 19 Entertainment weren't enough, each of them will then present us with either the flip side of the winner's CD or the runner-up's simultaneous single.

Carrie's second original song will be something called Angels Brought Me Here. (And if they fly her down to the stage in some sort of Greek tragedy contraption, I'm gonna take a potty break.)

Bo's selection is entitled Long, Long Road. (Oh, I can just see him approaching the stage from the back of the theatre, adding an actual long walk down the aisle to enhance the symbolism of the lyrics. Oy.)

I'm still holding out hope for a Tuesday duet, although I think that's going to wait until Wednesday. There are so many possibilities out there that would be perfect for these two. Of course, the easiest would be that awful Donny and Marie song about being a little bit country and rock and roll, but I'm hoping for maybe one of those Jennifer Warnes movie duets -- Up Where We Belong (after all, I've wanted Bo to sing Joe Cocker all season, so this might make up for it) or I've Had the Time of My Life, the one from Dirty Dancing, with Bill Medley. But I would be okay with one of the few country songs I actually know and like: You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma.

Wednesday night, the final twelve, it's been announced, will do a super medley. (Let's just hope that this year they do NOT dress in Brady Bunch color-coordinated outfits. Or, if they're going to, Constantine still owes me a burgundy velvet vest with open-collared frilly shirt, so I will count that as payback.) What they're going to medley is a mystery though, considering the themes (or lack, thereof) of this season. Perhaps they will blend #1 hits by Gamble and Huff, which were replaced by Leiber and Stoller country songs from musicals of the 1980s. Or something.

And then, it seems, as if to flip a metaphorical finger at the negative trashy press the show and its people have been given this season, they're planning a scathing skit. (Gee I wonder which of the kids will play Corey...Anthony in Nadia's hair, perhaps!)

It's been a long season. But it's still sad to see it end.

12 hours and counting...


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