Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Oops, sorry, wrong number!

And this just in, just as I'm replacing my misplaced comma. Drats.

Need more than two days of Idol? Well you're gonna get it.

Tuesday was such fun, we're just gonna do it all over again!!

Seems there was a foul! A Boo-Boo! (And, yes, the conspiracy theories are running rampant...)

Tonight we will be treated to another one-hour half-live/half-taped performance episode, identical to last night except, perhaps, the intern in charge of phone number graphics will have been FIRED.

Yep, that's right. As anyone who has last night's performance episode taped, or has been haunting the message boards aready knows the last three phone numbers during the end-of-the-show recap were totally screwed up. Mikalah was given Anthony's number; Anwar had Carrie's and Jessica got Scott's.

RANT: This would be semi-understandable for a live, public access show about the local animal shelter's adopt-a-pet program. This is American Idol. I don't wanna hear no "technical glitch" "personal reason" excuse here. What the hell happened?

The bottom line on this mess is that they have invalidated the votes from last night, and now, all of our VCRs, TiVos, and watching schedules get totally thrown out of whack.

Performance do-over is 9-10 tonight, with two hours of voting. Results show is 9 p.m. Thursday.


Blogger Dave said...

It also makes me wonder if they're just trying to get another day's ratings out of American Idol.

10:38 AM, March 23, 2005  

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