Wednesday, May 16, 2007

nigel speaks...

And he's talking to our favorite interviewer, Chuck Ross at TV Week.

A summary of Nigel's thoughts, even though he has the flu:

* He thinks this was the best final three in the history of the show. (May the Claymates find his home address) and that it was the most talent on one stage in a long time (may the Soul Patrol and the ETrain find his home phone number.)

* He thinks Blake was the best overall last night, but that both of the girls outweigh him vocally.

* He says Simon's full of it about the whole "that song is too old," that it's about the singing, not about the age of the song. But he thinks Melinda's personal choice was "too old-fashioned." (Color me confused.)

* Blake had to call Maroon 5 to get his song cleared.

* He's concerned that one of the divas may fall victim to girl vote-splitting (like he doesn't know the result already.)

* He's tired of all this talk of "age" and that, if he were voting (you mean he doesn't??) Jordin is the ideal person to become the next American Idol.

Take a listen. (I had trouble with the streaming, so you may have to download.)

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